Looking For Lomita Sheriff

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Author: rafael.nieves


10 thoughts on “Looking For Lomita Sheriff

  1. my employee [ Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. ] [ your pompous, presumptuous title ] [ as President n commander in chief ] [ will become mostly useless ] if u do NOT IMMEDIATELY BEGIN REDUCING SPENDING n cutting the operating costs of my criminally corrupt n UNLAWFUL [ GOVT ] IMMEDIATELY;

    1) social secuirty is in fact an UNLAWFUL CRMINALLY CORRUPT [ bankrupt, ponzi scheme ];
    3) so bankrupt my PRESUMPTUOUS employees in the JOB CLASSIFICATION [ senator ] have already threatened me TWICE with [ OFFICIAL, BANKRUPTCY ] and i do not like

    [ that ]

    3.1) instability
    3.2) repeated THREAT
    3.3) [ my employee's ] IGNORING that VERY SPECIFIC THREAT [ when parading round ADDITIONAL ( various, numerous ) ] but very specific [ wasteful behaviors ];

    3.3.1) devoid of cost cutting [ simultaneously ] [ spending my resources wastefully ] where { every additional dollar SPENT is UNLAWFUL ] FAILURE to mitigate [ the unlawful combined sum of all my employees actions ] [ including nearly EVERY former employee's ] similarly UNLAWFUL n thus CRIMINAL [ actions ];

    ALL of u bttr get busy;

    with these (2) [ very specific ] DUTIES;

    80 percent of ( the time ) [ I OWN ] while u remain my employees;

    Lawrence Wilson Foy dob 2.10.1954 Chateauroux France [ signature valid in any court ] [ signed LWF ] 5.2.2021 in Terlingua Tx;

  2. * important announcement *

    re: audit of Maricopa's vote , my speculation is [ prior to voteing, a group of republicans, feared their votes would be singled out and thown away, in large boxes where statiticians had pre determined, the results would b biased [ for the entire poll or vote in specific areas ] known to be biased toward republicans, where in fact if a single box of thousands of votes, most of them voting republican, could of been removed, and thus never counted, so my theory is a huge group of repblicans used invisible ink [ stamps ] the stamped their ballots with [ which contained an incremental number ], and these invisible ink will appear clerarly photographicable, within the correct specturn of light, black or ultra-violet is in fact such a specturm, so if this is correct, then the audit is looking for the votes with those special invisible ink [ like a water mark ] n in fact if these water marks r individually numbered n many thousands of those votes,

    photgraphed as the [ individual ] voters, applied their numbered invisible water marks to their paper ballots;

    if those votes are FOUND TO B MISSING ( from the votes ) [ being examined ] with a special color spectrum light tool, which is NOT counting the votes, it's taking a photograph of each vote? idunno but that's both MY SPECULATION n some of the details i have viewed on videos, where the news media, has interviewed ppl who claim not to have any idea why these VOTE AUDITORS r in fact shining some special light tool, on every vote, then thas as far as i've been ablle to speculate on the possible reality of [ the past n the present ] BUT i have speculated bout the FUTURE, if alot of votes R missing, it will be sufficient cause, to claim every politician, in every political job, got there via vote FRAUD, without having to prove anything ( outside ) of the very FIRST TIME these people, get caught JUST ONCE, [ ANYWHERE ] ,

    the first step, would prolly b skipped, that would b fire'ing all politicians, [ EVERYWHERE ] n replacing them with qualifed ( skilled ) people hired from classified advertising, meaning there wud never again b ANY elections or politicians EVER AGAIN but the 2nd step [ which is in fact the bttr choice ] is to COMPLETELY DISOLVE this bankrupt ponzi scheme ( sociial security ) ALONE in fact already PROVES that much is already known

    plus everyone already knows, MONOPOLIES r HARMFUL this has already been proven many times n our Laws already recognize this fact; plus everyone already knows, our united states [ government ] is in fact a monopoly, and we don't have not even a single other choice to choose from; And our government has in fact already become a business which provides products n services , same as any [ private busniness ] which could in fact IMMEDIATELY replace our entire government [ with millions ] of private businesses, all competing for our loyalty [ as new prospective ] CONSUMERS [ these big n small ] thriving profitable, many new businesses would love to have our business; They would be grateful n treat us consumers [ of their products n services ] with respect, by providing

    1) timely services;
    2) bttr quality services;
    3) lower prices;

    there isn't anything a private business can't do bttr than govt; If vote fraud is not found, but [ individual [ employees such as Joe Biden ] become AWARE of this fact that private industry can save taxpayers money, n service our needs as [ CONSUMERS ] bttr than government, and they FAIL to switch [ every dept. ] to all private [ service providers ] immediately they will be under citizens arrest for treason, and i will in fact settle this once and for all, properly, inside a real court, where all the old less than optimal ( one by one ) old nonsense will be challenged [ and none of it's defendable ] [ it only exists ] [ because government is an unlawful monopoly ]; As [ consumers ] of products n services [ it is treason ] we only have once choice we don't have any competing [ private service providers ] who would love to treat us to bttr [ products n services ]; They could create [ without this ongoing crime ] of crazy insane spending on useless [ products n services ] [ and the high cost of government expenses ] which bankrupted our united states [ government ];

    Lawrence Wilson Foy dob 2.10.1954 Chateauroux France [ signature valid in any court ] [ signed LWF ] 5.1.2021 in Terlingua Tx;

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