Livestream: Is the US headed for a national rail strike?

On Thursday, Sept. 1, from 5-6PM ET, TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez and TRNN contributor and journalist Mel Buer will co-host a livestream panel with current/former railroad workers and members of Railroad Workers United to discuss the looming possibility of a massive national rail strike.

The rail industry is experiencing a self-induced crisis as a result of decades of cost-cutting, profit-maximizing executive decisions that have driven rail workers and the supply chain into the ground. In an attempt to mediate between the major freight rail companies and unions representing over 100,000 railroad workers, President Biden appointed a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) to offer recommendations for resolving the ongoing contract disputes. But an overwhelming number of surveyed workers seem prepared to reject the PEB’s recommendations, and if the current contract dispute isn’t resolved the US could be headed towards its largest rail strike in decades.
Tune in live on the TRNN YouTube channel. Viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions for the panel during the livestream.

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26 thoughts on “Livestream: Is the US headed for a national rail strike?

  1. Here is the link to the Federal Railroad Administration page with information about "Train Crew Size Safety Requirements" and how to file public comment:

    As a nonprofit news network, we cannot advocate one way or another regarding this proposed rule, but we are posting the link above as it was referenced during the discussion and viewers have asked for it.

  2. Your union is not a union if you dont have the right to strike without the government stepping in. It's none of the governments business and if you allow them to force you back to work then you are essentially a slave. That means you only have the right to quit and be unemployed with no chance of even receiving unemployment checks. So, this is a test to see if you guys are going to put up with this. I can tell you that unions in the early 1900s wouldn't put up with this and they would literally be fighting in the streets with guns and bombs. In fact, it was that kind of fighting that started the whole union movement which was very powerful and very effective back then. There wouldn't be any unions today if they failed back then. There were lots of good people brutally murdered in the streets on both sides of the fence and it appears that the people in this country have not been taught any of that American history and taught instead to obey their leaders always. This possible strike is very important for all unions because of how it can shut down all aspects of our economy. And if you fold for these companies, you will have set a precedent for all other unions to follow. The whole idea of a union is for them to be able to strike to get that employer to act fairly with them. If you are not allowed to strike then you dont have any bargaining power at all. This is why these companies have offered you nothing and have only taken away benefits. Why wouldn't they? You dont have any power at all. I dont know why any employee would even consider paying any union dues because they are not offering anything of value for that money. It's just a complete waste of time and money for the union members to have anything to do with your union. Railroad employees should be furious and willing to fight till the end. If that means they will be carrying guns and firing back at the people shooting at them and trying to force them back to work, then so be it. I'm sorry that it falls into the railroad workers laps but that is just the way the cookie crumbles. It's physical fighting in the streets against the Railroad bosses and the Union leaders because they are obviously not on your side of things either or you can just quit because nobody cares about the fact that you are being screwed royally but the workers being screwed. If you believe that you are being turned into slaves then you should fight back and not let anyone physically prevent you from striking. That means that you dont let the railroads move without you at all costs. You could very easily take out some rails all over the country and derail these trains. Its not your problem if anyone gets hurt because this is an actual war. You need to do what ever you have to do to stop those trains from moving for as long as it takes to win. It wont be easy but when you win, it will be a win for all unions and the workers in them across the country. If you fold for them then you have just screwed over all the other Unions in this country and you need to never complain out loud again because you lost that right when you accepted these draconian rules. There are many people watching this closely to see what you guys are going to do. Are you a bunch of pussies willing to accept unfair work conditions or are you a man that is willing to do whats right for all other union employees that will be getting screwed like you if you accept these terms. There is no way for you to win this battle legally. That is just absolutely impossible and will never happen. Not even in your dreams will you win this war under these current laws that prevent you from actually striking. So you know that you are not just striking against your employer but you will be striking against the government too. Are you really going to let the government tell you that you have to go back to work or else. What the government is doing is criminal. Would you allow the government to come to your home and rape your mother and your daughter and not fight back against them just because its the government doing that to you? If the government can do this then they can do whatever the hell else they want to you too. And they will only fuck you harder and harder till you fight back. Why wouldn't they if you are only going to obey them. They will only listen to you when you force them to. It's how this country was able to establish a middle class. It took workers having to stage a bloody war in the streets before they listened to employees and help create things like Social Security and Medicare. Did you think they just decided to do that for us out of the kindness of their hearts? Hell No. It took for them to start an effective war that they were prepared to die for to win their rights to be treated like humans, not slaves. I know you just want to be treated fairly without having to fight but thats not an option for you since you decided to become a railroad worker. So shit or get off the pot. Fight or get the hell lost because nobody gives a shit about your complaints unless you make them give a shit which means you have to fight.


  4. the union will make an agreement with the government Red double contract and the members will be screwed the union will say tough tough tough and the members will be screwed now are the members going to defy their Union and walk out? or are they going to be good little boys and girls and obey the corrupt Union which took a huge monetary kickback from the government from the railroad to get them to go back to work this is what unions do this is what the United Auto workers Union does especially local 1250 corrupt liars and thieves conspiring with the company to cheat workers

  5. Atlas Unshrugged the movie predicted this meltdown of the infrastructure, it was a glimpse into our near future! STAND UP AMERICA FOR EVERY AMERICANS RIGHTS. STAND WITH YOUR LOCAL RAILROADS, THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT FOR FARE TREATMENT AND PAY AS WELL AS SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENTS. THINK ABOUT HOW SMOOTHLY THEY RUN WITH DISPICABLE POLICIES! Shame on you Warren BUFFET. This pos gets touted as a business and investment genius while he gets rich on the labor and backs of millions. Stop investing with these tyrants. Vote with every purchase you make! Bye Felicia, 👋 Walmart, Amazon, Dupont, Monsanto, Microsoft, Pfizer, Blackrock, IBM, Moderna, Tesla and Fox are wolves in sheep's clothing, the list goes on and on. Buy Local, Grown Your Own

  6. When the strike comes it will be a timely byproduct of Late Stage Capitalism. The Profits over People model is flawed and too many American workers are being exploited.

  7. A strike only happens when executives want one. They do this by offering trash for incentives to sign a contract with them. They will get the workers back to work only when they are good and ready. They will use this as a way of driving up inflation even higher.

  8. Oh my god. If they dont want an economic catastrophe — the solution isnt to "appoint a PEB to hear out both sides" — it's to GIVE THE WORKERS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DEMAND OR ELSE. IF THE RAILROADS REFUSE – NATIONALIZE THEM AND THEN GIVE THE WORKERS WHAT THEY DEMAND, IMMEDIATELY.

    We live in a country which sends BILLIONS of dollars over to Ukraine EVERY WEEK to wage war against people we don't even know or have anything against. Since March the US goverment has committed over $110 Billion dollars to Ukraines Fascist armies which then use the weapons we give them to carry out mass killings and indiscriminate shelling of major cities populated by people who declared independence from Ukraine.

    Our country hands over trillions to the banks and trillions to the Pentagon but you mean to tell me it can't pay for WHATEVER these workers are asking for? They aren't even asking for much. IT CANT EVEN DO THE MOST MODEST AND MEAGER DEMANDS?

    They INSIST on literally fucking people over past the point of Insult. They will pay. Hopefully the economic crisis triggered by the strike will trigger a wave of uncontrollable decisive workers uprisings that transform this country politically and economically permanently for the better.
    May the Democratic Party and Unions who falsely presented themselves as allies of workers ROT IN HELL.

    Shame on this channel for Covering up the existence of the Railroad workers Rank and File committee and spending unnecessary time talking about the myriad of Corporatist unions who are all conspiring against the interests of workers. ALL of the unions are bankrupt, hostile, bought off organizations that are irredeemable. Workers are abandoning them in droves and forming Rank and File committees. Unions are a Dead Note of the past With Rank and File Committees workers will take the commanding heights of the State into their own hands, Expropriate the means of production and Transform the economic system into one molded in their own image for their own interests.

    Long live the Railroad Workers rank and file committee, ALL power to the workers everywhere.
    Down with all class enemies and traitors, liars and corporate criminals who conspire against them.

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