shooter is at 37:45
there’s no words that can describe this quality footage. this is the stuff you dont see on the news or some AUDITORS CHANNEL.

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34 thoughts on “LIAR LIAR

  1. 37:45 Ricky caught the shooter. He caught the cop who murdered an innocent unarmed person. They immediately lied on the radios claiming officer down. How did we know they were being dishonest? It was obvious. But also one of our LASD informants called us and confirmed what we already knew as fact. The main stream media will be all over this story by morning telling the lies about another hero deputy that saved the day. It is the murdering coward you see limping in this video. I suggest they move his punk ass away from my neighborhood and not bring him back. Or better yet can we quit being fake ass bitches?

  2. I've changed my channel name prob 5 times but yall 3 and cat and poetic are the kings and queen of this shit. Been watching about 10or 12 years long enough that its hard to remember. Ricky got me hooked when I saw that first vid of his. I think first. Where his name was NOT NESSACERY. Good looking out you guys.

  3. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana they have made it so there police scanners are encrypted now also. Man I wish you guys could make an appearance in my city and witness what I'm talkin about because now that we've had all these shootings on our Southside so whenever someone is pulled over they come up with the b***** excuse to claim that it's probable cause get you out of the car and without your consent trying to invade people's privacy and assault and overstep their Authority and there's no way to prove it, like catching them in the act one officer broke the only GoPro I had and another during a traffic stop took my phone from me once he realized I was recording trying to tell me that Indiana laws were different I keep getting tricked so it feels impossible to make a difference. I wish there was people like y'all in our town because the police in this town are crooked as f**. An also especially in all of these other smaller counties like DeKalb, Steuben, an Columbia City. I go to Indianapolis and I never get f**** with but here in Fort Wayne I've been pulled over no bulshit about 15 times since I've gotten my license and I got my license when I was 22 and I'm 30 now and all these I have basically been from them stopping me while I've been parked in a park or at a gas station or pulled me over saying that I ran a stop sign when I didn't just ran in excuses that they can use to create probable cause to try to get me out of my vehicle which unfortunately has gone me caught up for possession. And this has happened a lot in my past I mean f*** recently now I'm out on bail in DeKalb County and I was trying to get a better plea and ended up having to take that to the point to where I had to schedule a pre-trial and I got arrested in Fort Wayne while I'm still out on bail in DeKalb County for possession these assholes were so desperate they got on their f**** knees and we're scraping and testing ashes that were on receipt paper that had fallen between my Center Council and my seat and claim that they had found some piece of paper that had tested positive for having Fentanyl so now I'm out on bail in Fort Wayne where I live for possession of cocaine or narcotic and possession of marijuana I've always just faced it and tried to go in and hope for the best but expect the worst but in this case I know that there is no best and I don't know what to expect that's worst kind of freaking out right now don't know if I should go on the run or not I don't want to I want to be able to stay here and continue to go to the methadone clinic like I finally got insurance to be able to do and now they're trying to threaten me with jail in the halfway house in another County where I won't have transportation to get to the clinic all because they want their f**** money that's the only reason why I didn't accept the one plea deal

  4. People if you think this can't happen to you…..Your are totally wrong!! cops are pirates and tyrants! and liars! There job is just catching people that breaks the law Their biggest job is to generate as much revenue as they can!! And believe me they will ( lie )( make laws ) just to screw you out of money! People believe me if a cops stops you please please >>> KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! If you break the law still KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!! If you are stop for a traffic infraction, Give the cop your info like drivers license and insurance If they stop you for no reason ask for there supervisor!! Then NO matter what they ask or say >>>>> KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!?

  5. Blue isis, …..ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS!!( They are not your friend!! ….all cops are sworn to rob you of your money! lie about everything they do and screw you like a dog! President Trump talks about gangs, and cops are gangs and there as dangerous as ms13!! and isis>>>> DO NOT EVER TRUST a cop and ALWAYS video them! to protect yourself! always remember cops are pirates and tyrants and Liars! DO NOT, carry on a conversation! that is what they call fishing! they will rap you up and makeup charges on you!! So keep your mouth shut!!!

  6. aint it the truth though. most people would rather stay oblivious too the overuse of power and highly opinionated, right or wrong, stand law enforcement is taking. they dont want to be held accountable but they want their opinion on how the cow chews the grass in the left pasture to trump your opinion. i said this before shame on their pathetic behavior. god bless you daniel, laura, and ricky! thank you for yalls dillegence.

  7. Don't understand yinz were at the SCENE already & why did you leave it..FCKN cop almost hit you with vehicle couldn't of gotten any closer ..I think yinz are full of shit ..already standing 30 ft away from 🐷s and now your trying to get back in ..BULLSHIT Ain't worth my minutes 👎👆👆👆

  8. Lying tyrant pig's trying to cover shit up, that is how these Cop's are they are just a bunch of bullies good job guy's on figuring this one out and exposing them,you guy's are the people's real media on the frontlines, unlike the Copsucking fake media out thier and thier fake news.

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