Leading Israeli Journalists Launch Racist Rants about Palestinians

Israeli columnist Gideon Levy confronts the journalists, the depth of racism in Israeli society, and asks which is the murderous society

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47 thoughts on “Leading Israeli Journalists Launch Racist Rants about Palestinians

  1. I have an adult student is my ESL class who's an Ashkanazi Jew from Azerbaijan. He (as a child) and his family first moved to Israel after the breakup of the Soviet Union back in the 1990's. They stayed for 2 years and got so fed up with the racism and mistreatment of Arab Israelis that they moved here to Vienna, AUSTRIA in order to escape the sick society and culture of today's Israel. Being Jewish doesn't automatically make a person a Zionist and/or supporter of Israel's illegal and criminal behavior.

  2. I sincerely pray for God to give Israel and all its children the reward they have earned by their own hands and mouths. All of them. Their elders. Their children. Their beneficiaries and associates. And considering that they perceive themselves as greater than other humans, give them a multiplied reward by a thousand each. At least. Amen. Amen. Amen. Let them all die proud and unrepentant.

  3. Israel the culture which ascribes to "Rise and Kill First" .. Jesus Taught "Rise and Love First" .. Benjamin Netanyahu is on a video proclaiming that "Rise and Kill First" is a "National Motto" .. I am sure Cain who Rose and Killed his brother Abel was just protecting his right to murder his brother out of Jealousy .. It is important to remind everyone ALL of ABRAHAM's ISHMAELITE SON's ARE Semitic People .. Let me remind everyone who are Semitic People .. Noah had 3 Sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth .. The sons of Shem are Shemites .. They are the Semitic Peoples .. The Sons of Japheth are not Semitic and have NO Blood Right Claim to Palestine .. The Grandson of Japheth was Ashkenaz .. Ashkenaz was the progenitor of the Ashkenazi People .. Their are many towns in Norther Turkey that Venerate the Name of Ashkenaz and his people .. Again, Ashkenaz and his people were not Semites .. Therefore all Ashkenazi People have no blood right claim to the lands of Palestine .. What we are witness to is a people who have claimed Palestine by virtue of a Religion not by Race .. The Ashkenazi people have not blood claim on the lands of Palestine ..

  4. Israeli hatred for Palestinians comes from a national desire to occupy ALL of Palestine. Once they’ve killed ALL the remaining Palestinians and occupied THEIR land,who will they go after next? There doesn’t seem to be any satisfying Israel.😡😡😡

  5. He sound like what the Nazi thought of the Jews. This F***ing idiots. He sound exactly like a Nazi. In addition, this MF was born after WWII, so he doesn't know shit. I like to put him in a room with a Nazi and let them have some fun.

  6. The nerve of these hillbillies
    Imposters. Fake people .
    See the word of YAH don't lie.
    Who ever troubles that land will be a burden unto them.
    Since 1948 yew white European gentiles. Are the worse
    But lo and behold your time is near .

  7. There is racism and classism among Jews in Israel. Ashkenazi (European) Jews deem themselves "white" by comparison with Jewish settlers from Morocco, Yemen, etc whom they have treated as inferiors. This Jewish underclass is comparable to poor whites in the US, and reacts in a similar fashion when offered a powerless target.

  8. racist is another course they learned in kindergarten, every day they hear, preach racism It's mandatory, its for the survival of the people. Talk to any person there they want them all gone cuz they are the chosen ones. Just another form of pussys hiding behind walls

  9. I don't see why ppl just sympathies with Palestinians just because they are the underdog. Do you see how they treat blacks in the ghettoes wherever you find them. Not to mention, they could have equality in Israel if they wanted it. They don't. They want all Jews gone period not for there to be a Israel at all. They are ungovernable and unwilling to accept compromise.

  10. their comments are despicable. I dont think Ive ever heard such hateful and vile intolerance. "racism became politically correct" how sad, forgetful and tired.
    I really appreciate this journalists honesty and perspective.

  11. No Marc, the best way to overcome racism is to have an environment where the holder of racist views is the one who is made to suffer, not the innocent people who the racist hates. Simple

  12. notorious in privilegues – and eugenic obsessed from beginning…
    a bastard volk like we here – destroing all Populations identeties all over the place…
    a folg coming together –
    of superrich –

    yes – the real racists…. now even replacing the fony technocrathy big oil foundet technocrathy sudo elite – with a Priestclass…


  13. The citizens have been conditioned to believe in their superiority. Being told you belong to God's chosen people must affect their world view. Combine this with the European sense of superiority and you get a potent combination. The ancient Semites who lived.in Caanan were not Rabbinical Jews. Judaism is a religion that developed after the second destruction of the temple. How.many previous occupants took up Christianity? The Samaritans also lived there. To identify as a distinct race, instead of a religion is a falsehood. This claim that God gave them the area of Palestine in perpetuity is such a falsehood. Rothschild banking family have been behind the state of Israel as a useful tool for controlling events in the middle East. The naive ardent followers of Judaism are just pawns in a global political power game.

  14. You need to have Gideon Levy on TRNN much more often. I subscribe to HaAretz only for his voice. I don't know anyone who is as poignantly, and heart-breakingly more truthful. He is correct – the train left the station long ago, Israelis never intended to share anything with Palestinians – ever. It's all been one of the biggest hoaxes of modern history from the very beginning. Historical documents that prove this fact are being hidden or discarded by the Israeli government all the time. The true history of what actually happened is obtainable because the IDF documented their murderous activities. Gideon is correct that Israelis need to pay a price before they will ever even think to evaluate the crimes they have, as a nation, committed. Their collective world view – that the entire world is against them – makes self righteous thieves and slaughterers out of every Israeli who agrees to this psychopathy because "survival" is their religion – not Judaism. What a crazy crazy joke! If there are any anti-Semites in this world the biggest group among them are the Israelis themselves. They, according to my own traditional Jewish upbringing, are not even Jewish anymore. (Maybe they never were? ) Protective Edge was, for myself and many American Jews, the nightmarish awakening to the true aims of the state of Israel – genocide. My Jewish heart, whatever is left of it, will never forgive Israelis for that barbarism. They refer to it as "mowing the lawn." No, I don't think they're Jewish over there.

  15. This is surprising or unexpected?

    Israel is the most racist, bigoted, and apartheid state since South Africa before Nelson Mandela & the ANC.

    There are reasonable voices in Israel and you invited one, a truth teller about the brainwashing and continuing propagandizing of Jews globally.

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