Las Cruces Vehicle Stop Turns Deadly – Complete Body Camera Footage, Part 1

[The primary action in this video takes place in the first few minutes.]

On July 17, 2017 Las Cruces Police Officer Kenneth Davis responded to the 1700 block of Rio Grand Street after a caller said a suspicious person who may be armed with a knife was in the area.

Davis saw the man, later identified as Ernesto Sedillo, entering the back of a black Honda sedan parked on Arizona Avenue. As Davis approached the vehicle Sedillo pointed a handgun at the officer, who responded by firing eight rounds, four of which struck Sedillo.

At the time, however, it was unknown to the police whether any of the shots had hit and officers were unable to see into the vehicle. For all they knew, the offender was hiding there waiting for his next opportunity to open fire.

As you will see in a subsequent video, the Las Cruces Police Department SWAT team was called in to make contact with the man. Ultimately they were unable to do so — for reasons suspected, and later confirmed when upon officers’ ultimate approach to the vehicle found Sedillo unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head. A 9mm handgun and a knife were found with Sedillo in the backseat.





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37 thoughts on “Las Cruces Vehicle Stop Turns Deadly – Complete Body Camera Footage, Part 1

  1. First of all by no means am I saying that the person holding a gun no matter what race they are should just be like firing at cops what I have an issue with is the second cop who came up on scene and just said that the guy was barricaded in the car how would you even know that you knew that shots were fired you knew that your partner stated that he doesn't know if he hit him or not so why would you then just say alright well since we don't know that he got struck but we do know that my partner shot off multiple shots maybe it's safe to say that he's injured by the bullets rather than say he's barricaded in the car that's fabricated. 😂

  2. So to all reading this including real world police! This officer approaches the vehicle looks through the back window sees a gun and then just open fires on the person in the car who apparently did not brandish the gun but a gun was only observed!? If the subject died from these gun shots then he can not tell his side of the story right!? I did not see any body camera footage or any evidence of this victim brandishing a gun!!!! This is exactly why civilians are starting to hate cops and are killing them! You best get the training you need and learn real life policing skills because of this was my love one who was killed who was innocent and lawfully carrying a weapon in his vehicle this is going to end up very bad for the trigger happy cop who murdered a family member! Post more training videos and more community policing rather then trigger happy young no life skilled cops!!!!!! This cop has a cool demeanor because there was no threat to him he only observed a gun in the back seat and open fired on the subject! We all aren’t young naive idiots with no law enforcement knowledge! Let the truth be told! This could have been anybody who carries who may have had a gun exposed!

  3. Look how long it took other cops to come back up cops. You aren’t safe. Defend yourself people. The cops don’t come in until after the fact. Could have been a hostage in that car hit or anything.

  4. He never announce Las Cruces Police department or police officer or anyting what is that man feared for his life and had his gun on him and this man just shot or murdered this man protecting himself walking up on you

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