Keep Booger Hooks away from bang hole! Poor firearm safety skills

The business end of a firearm is to never be treated at a safe place to play. I am
Excited to share a compilation of this officers interaction. He doesn’t play games he says. No games.

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32 thoughts on “Keep Booger Hooks away from bang hole! Poor firearm safety skills

  1. Yes that’s not too bright of that cop but honestly most cops I’ve met had poor firearm safety skills. If you watch video of them on the news they are sweeping each other with the muzzles during whatever response that’s being covered. The number one rule of safe gun handling is always point the gun in a safe direction. The key to that statement is “gun handling”. If it’s loaded hanging on your wall then chances are the muzzle will be pointed toward someone somewhere. You’re not handling it though so you’re good. If a gun is in a pocket holster located in your front pocket and you sit at a booth to eat with your wife. Guess what? Your firearm is pointed directly across from you toward your wife. No matter what anyone says a firearm in your holster won’t discharge a round by themselves. You need to pull the trigger. If a handgun is in your pocket it should be the only thing in your pocket located in the pocket holster. No keys, no wallet, no change, no mints along in the same pocket. Just the gun. Don’t pull the trigger and I assure you that gun won’t automatically discharge a round. If someone says it went off by itself you know that guy is not only a liar but he’s unsafe and dangerous. Shoot safe and shoot straight all. ✌️

  2. Anyone see the video of the murder of the cashier (who pulled a pistol, yes, sorry for your idiocy). They essentially had half a dozen pigs surround a man in a cage and one of the pigs emptied his clip. Explain that to me when one of the first shots was from 3 feet away with a shotgun. The police have no training with weapons. They can't hit the broad side of a barn, and their first instinct is one at the head.

  3. It could be nervous energy. He needs to do something to dissipate tense that is building. I used to chew gum a lot to help with this. I will admit he could do something else, but I understand why its happening.

  4. love how many times they shoot themselves with the ridiculus glock trigger safety, then the cops that think they are good shots get a trigger job to lighten the trigger. Good video on here where cop holsters his glock and shoots his leg because he got his jacket caught up in the trigger.

  5. Just as Captain Queeg's fingering his 'balls' as a substitute for masterbation, Officer Oink is getting aroused at the thought of using his firearm on some law abiding citizen.
    And visible proof that these low IQ individuals are taught that the use of their firearms on citizens IS an acceptable method of "stress-relief", but also teaches them that the display of the firearm IMMEDIATELY upon encountering an individual, is a sure means of "gaining compliance".
    These badge wearing terrorists get their 'training' from watching cop shows, both past and present, that appear on TV.

  6. The Department issued weapon is a Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun (model 22). All Patrol Officers are issued a Colt AR-15 .223 caliber semi-automatic rifle and a Remington 12 gauge shotgun. Officers are provided up to 50 rounds of practice ammunition per month.

  7. i think this shows the lack of respect police have for what their guns are pointing at. Rule number 1: never point your gun at anything you don't intend to destroy

  8. It’s called fidgeting. Complete ANTICIPATION to be able to kill a citizen.
    Just think on this;
    Years back (prior to the thin blue line gang in my opinion) if you asked a 20yr career cop if he ever shot anyone, they most commonly replied “No, THANKFULLY I haven’t even had to fire it.”
    Now ask todays rookie cop the same question, their likely reply is, “No, REGRETTABLY I haven’t had the Opportunity- YET!!!” (Or, yes they already have shot a citizen.)

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