Juneteenth Event Banner Features White Couple

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41 thoughts on “Juneteenth Event Banner Features White Couple

  1. Is it disrespectful for a white person to wish my black co-workers “Happy Juneteenth”? I want them to know that they are loved, & appreciated, but it’s a touchy subject.

  2. that holiday was just something for us. there is no point in making it a national holiday because you already know companies not gonna give us the day off. so whats the point? it was better how it was

  3. I think any holiday separating someone due to their race is racist. If we had White day that would be racist lol. The government is playing all of you.

  4. No shade to Amanda Seales but aint her people from the islands? She mentioned the holiday be both black and american. But ummm her family tree says shes only one of those things.

  5. If white people got a national holiday for being white , and told black people they couldn't participate. People would start rioting and blaming racists. What kind of convoluted shit is this?

  6. Man cut this BS. Let’s be real here. Most of these people complaining didn’t even know what Juneteenth was a few years ago. The only reason they know about it is because a Caucasian president made it a holiday. Most of us in our community had no idea the holiday existed.

  7. Well deserved, Donkey of the Day!!! I am sick of the white fragility of thinking that everything that is not involving white people is a threat to them and their families!!!!

  8. When you've got the majority of blacks saying white ppl are black because of being someone's bf or gf or there clothes or choice of hair style wtf is black….now black is a choice and or something you can identify with. Facts

  9. The pan African flag MUST not be included for anything Juneteenth!! Juneteenth is NOT a African diaspora holiday 🥴, it’s a specific holiday for black Americans (descendants of USA chattel slavery)

  10. Come on MAN? That was "elementary" MARKETING 101 and it "WORKED". What OTHER creative way than THIS to get people talking about "a" Juneteenth? January 1st, 1863 was the date of the EMANCIPATION. Why FOCUS on the "LAST" "UNKNOWN" "ACTUAL" "DATE" of emancipation that got to "TEXAS" and "NOT" say "ANYTHING" about January 1st 1863? Plus, "theoretically" and FACTUALLY the Confederate States of America ""COULD HAVE POSSIBLY"" "STILL" won that WAR. And looking at the STATE of the United States of America TODAY in 2023 and for the SEVERAL LAST FEW YEARS and even over a HUNDRED YEARS; the Confederate States of America "DID" "WIN" that war, the War of 1861. Anyway, I have NEVER celebrated a Juneteenth. HECK, the 4th of JULY (America's LIBERATION) is nothing more than an opportunity to SELL some goods to the People/Americans with 4th of July "SALES". The country almost shuts down for Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter. But, for the 4th of JULY, the U. S. MAIL "probably" runs in some places. I would greatly GUESS that postal workers WORK on the 4th of JULY. I LOVE the 4th of JULY! My FAVORITE holiday, more important to "ME" than my own birthday.

  11. I don't understand the problem with having white representation for Juneteenth. Did the slaves become emancipated by spontaneous combustion or were there white abolitionists who were in step with the movement ( risking their safety )? What about the union soldiers in the civil war? It is to the detriment of the advancement of black people in this country to be so exclusive and elitist as to foster a monolithic ethos.

  12. It's called advertising. I don't agree with it but I work in a field where I have to understand. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! July 4 is suppose be a white holiday but does that mean you're not going to celebrate. No it doesn't! I completely understand. I dont agree but I understand

  13. You can not like what they did but it definitely doesn’t deserve Donkey of the day. You might be a donkey if you didn’t realize a group that happen to majority Caucasian made it a national holiday. People want separation and unification at the same time in 2023😂😂😂. Even worse, still going to an American Christian church on Sunday👀. Choose a side and stay on that side 😂.

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