Joe Biden Was Instrumental in Launching the Iraq War

A new documentary detailing Joe Biden’s pivotal role in launching the Iraq War exposes just how far he’s trying to distance himself from his war vote. We speak to the film’s director, Mark Weisbrot.

WORTH THE PRICE? Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War:

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27 thoughts on “Joe Biden Was Instrumental in Launching the Iraq War

  1. Look at the mess under him. The Ukraine conflict and now Isreal possible. war and now his rhetoric for war against China and Iran. The guy is dangerous and a demented nut job. Biden is the worst war mongering President after Bush that I have ever seen.

  2. i think it's horrible i was looking on youtube for info like this and EVERYTHING was pro Biden… you have to dig dig dig to find this type stuf… CENSORSHIP

  3. wow 6000 americans killed vs 1m Iraqis! Americans must feel that that has got to be a win? Surely yes? You killed 166 of them and they only killed 1 of your own. That is some BS odds that you cannot even get in a rigged Vegas joint! All for what?

  4. Criminal Biden. I will soon punished you. Don't you ever set your foots in my country. You will faced the end of your life. You war criminal Biden killed hundreds of civilians in middle east war.

  5. I wonder what the actions would be if US would be judged in similar manner as china is because uighur training camps. No economic sanctions hold to US for the atrocities they have done and still do.

  6. You can see that Joe Biden said these things, but he most certainly did not think of them himself. He reads and recites everything that comes out of his mouth. There is actually a string on the back of him that if you pull it will recite a number of different propaganda slogans aimed at the American peoples stupidity.

  7. Peace and security or peace and prosperity is a line right out of the New World order handbook. All of these people are the enemy of America. Trump tried but he surrounded himself with criminals and he is a secret society member. He did nothing. He proved himself worthless. He was not willing to make the sacrifice necessary to catch the American people up to speed. The truth is, the military controls the media and military intelligence has a stranglehold on the people of this country.

  8. And all of my moron "liberal" friends and family are celebrating our returning to Iraq and Syria, because they are brainless hipsters who just want to be on the side of the cool kids and they never had any principles. They opposed Bush because he was "square" but once a cool hip guy life Obama gave them the same policies they were fawning over him.

    Sorry guys but most "liberals" in this country are morons.

  9. This should have 20 million views. The big actions of these war criminal politicians get swept under the rug while insignificant things like tweets and press conferences are put in the spotlight. Appearances are everything. That’s why Biden is called a “racial unifier” and a “healer” despite him killing millions of brown skinned women and children overseas based on a pack of lies.

  10. Fact Checked: The Iraq War was a protracted armed conflict that began in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein. The conflict continued for much of the next decade as an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the post-invasion Iraqi government. In 2003 it was George W Bush that was President at that time. This veteran is wrong about Biden. I too am a veteran from the Viet Nam era. I got the information from Wikipedia!

  11. " Failure from any point of view " Are you kidding corporations made billions from Iraq war .. Bechtel ( water , sewage ) , JP Morgan , Halliburton , and other countries took over their telecom industry but nobody wants to talk about war profiteering in detail

  12. They knew Iraq had no wmd and was a busted country after Iran and Gulf war . Their military was in shambles and poised no threat especially to U.S. , a super power , get real .

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