Israel can never be a democracy while occupying Palestine | The Marc Steiner Show

As Israelis march en masse against Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial coup, many around the world are questioning why these protests did not materialize in defense of Palestinian land and life. For a special Passover installment of the “Not in Our Name” series, Rabbi Arik Ascherman joins The Marc Steiner Show to talk about the current protest movement in Israel and why democracy there cannot be attained without Palestinian liberation.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman is a Reform rabbi and executive director of the Israeli human rights organization Torat Tzedek-Torah of Justice. He is a recipient of the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Rabbi David J. Forman Memorial Committee’s Human Rights Award.

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25 thoughts on “Israel can never be a democracy while occupying Palestine | The Marc Steiner Show

  1. What a waste of time. Know what I don’t hear? Compromise on either side- there has never been compromise and never will be. What you do hear is the same tired slogans that you have heard for decades.

    Truth be told, Palestinian actions have caused a Ben Gvir to be in government.

  2. The most moral army in the world cannot be the Israeli army which commits daily atrocities in the Occupied Territories. I used to delude myself that the majority of the population in Israel were ignorant of the human-right violations; then I remembered that every citizen is and always has had a duty to serve in the IDF.

  3. Palestine is Israeli territory, though. Palestine is literally the Roman name for Hebrew territory and they have lived there for thousands of years. The so-called "Palestinians" are arab invaders who conquered the land from the Israelis and when they were defeated and pushed out, the British and other nations forced Israel to let those arabs have that Israeli land. None of these people are native there except the Israelis. People in favor of these "Palestinians" are in favor of kicking out or the arabs committing genocide on the indigenous people of that territory. Most of the people who support this are the same people who cry about non-existent genocide on Native Americans or other indigenous groups in the west. TL;DR, the Israelis are the Palestinians, the people calling themselves Palestinians are simply arab conquerers. if I call myself a Seminole, does that mean I can go around murdering Seminoles and seizing their land?

  4. CHRIST JESUS is coming back to rule the earth from Jerusalem. All the Jews will look on HIM whom they have pierced and wail bitterly. And in that day all of Israel will be saved. JESUS will not rule the earth from Jerusalem with democracy but with an Iron Rod

  5. End the occupation and Integrate palestina to one society.
    Isrrael and Palestine might create a secular nation with freedom of religion.
    Rebuilt all the temples destroyed, repare the damage to the palestineans who lost their houses and family members.
    Give their houses back or pay them and help them to build new houses with all the grass and water that you would like for yourself.
    Hag them and ask for forgiveness and learn together to live in respect and harmony,
    No segregation by race, religion, or sexual orientation. Mutual respect and solidarity.
    God will bless and honor every act of kindness.
    Built together your constitution and a social democracy with a common goal, make a new country the best country on the planet and the pride of Israelitas and Palestinians.

  6. It is always something new can be born.
    Listen to God of all . Because God doesn’t have their favorites.
    God is with the oppressed, God is with the once who suffered, God is with the needy. God is on the hands of the once that make good and spread love.
    God is on the hands of the compasioned..

  7. WTF is wrong with these American progressive channels that spend all their time pleading for the Palestinians?
    This is why I don't care much for the RNN … you are complete phonies. The Palestinians bring on themselves
    the pain they must endure – thanks to their government which is most closely related to the Taliban. Palestinians
    are not democratic, Palestinians are not Liberal, Palestinians are not socialists, they will do or say anything to
    destroy Israel … and then take it over and drag it down like they drag their own people down.

    Virtually every serious reaction Israel has taken against the Palestinians has been provoked and justified. If
    the Palestinians actually wanted peace the details could be ratified in under a week – but they do not. It's been
    in their charter for 50+ years … do not disarm, do not press for statehood, do not build a country … the Palestinians
    are just all about destroying Israel for religious hatred purposes. Get a clue RNN

  8. The USA is a Constitutional Republic hijacked by democracy, the Israelis should reconsider their self-destructive path for the Holy Land to find their way.

  9. BLAH BLAH BLAH… As usual, The deep state in "Israel" just need a false flag "attack" and all those "democrats seeker" will run back into their "colonialist comfort". My view: Right of Return and REPARATION for ALL Palestinians, One country called PALESTINE and Equal Rights for it's citizen: Arabs (christians and muslims) and Jews.

  10. So important for Jews to speak against Israel/Zionism–good work. Because as the Jewish State, and because it's oppressive, belligerent and evil (literally), it's very easy to combine them, which is a very bad thing for Judaism.

  11. Thanks, Marc, this is just what we need. some critical conversation. MSM fails us on this front. We must remember, though, that the Israeli Supreme Court was never a friend of the Palestinians.

  12. Great program "Not in my name" makes me think of Rabbi David Weis and many like him in NY who says according the Torah, Israel should not exist.
    I found your guest a bit contradictory
    (1) Which God can you believe in with the violence and expulsion of Palestinians in their homeland and you still choose to live on stolen land
    (2) Why would Palestinians think to share their land with you at this point when you've already taken 90% of their country at huge cost to them.
    (3) I don't understand why Palestinians would want to vote with Jews in or on what? They're entitled to vote for their own leaders.
    (4) What in the world is decent about a person when he knows he lives in a stolen home, taken from it's rightful owners where some family members were murdered for it. How is that a decent new owner. It baffles.
    (5) I believe 99% of the settlers are of European descent and have no real link to Palestine or the Middle East.
    (6) Should Britain be held responsible
    (7)According Roald Dahl's book "Going Solo" when he as a British fighter pilot turned famous author landed in Palestine in 1941 and met with German Jewish refugees seeking safety in Palestine who were generously helped by Palestinians. He was told by a German Jew that they'll take anything they get for free.
    ((8) How do you foresee peace even when the aggression stops, when Palestinians have lost so much. Look at the backlash today of once colonialised countries and South Africa. Eventually many return to Europe, because there is never any real peace.🤦‍♀️.

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