8 thoughts on “Is it legal to carry like this? #firstamendmentaudits #cops

  1. You're beyond stupid. You might think this is funny but…. You look/seem like a weirdo that needs mental help. In no way was this funny, proving a point or anything. A ginger like yourself, needs to stay out of the sunlight, be reclusive, drive your Tesla (with windows tinted), because….. It seems you are losing brain cells posting such a stupid video. You've gone WAYYYY downhill. Jesus

  2. True enough. MOST of the people who would complain about someone OC'ing are just like the rest of Americans these days – LOOKING for ANY reason to use the police as a way to harm and damage the lives of fellow citizens.

  3. Concealed carry puts doubt in the mind of nefarious opportunists.
    Open carry should dispel that doubt but is perceived not as protection but as a threat, especially by cops.

    Concealed facilitates Terry and allows cops to put everyone under blanket suspicion. That's why they prefer it.

  4. I think it’s a legitimate question. You can flex your 2A rights just the same with a realistic CO2 training pistol. I know if things went south I would rather have a BB gun seized over my $1300 P226.

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