Is it Cynical to Believe the System is Corrupt?

While a new poll shows most US citizens believe the political and economic system is rigged against them, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren also echo this sentiment. Some conservatives are now pushing back. But what says the evidence? Bill Black analyzes the situation

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25 thoughts on “Is it Cynical to Believe the System is Corrupt?

  1. No. It isn’t cynical to believe the whole system is corrupt. Especially when reality and common sense have both dictated as much on a daily basis for the betterment of seven decades now. All people have to do is look at what American society has become under the governance of that corrupt system too see the rot and ruin caused by it.
    Almost all aspects of American life within citizenry, country, and constitution have been thoroughly stained in bureaucratic shit, governed by the finest one-side laws of ignorances and infringements corruption can buy.
    It’s down right delusional to believe the whole system is anything, but thoroughly corrupt. When the system itself has repeatedly proven as much.
    The US Government has long been one of the largest criminal enterprises on the planet. Those that believe the whole system is corrupt have not abandoned all reality, hindsight, and common goddamned sense in the name of feeding their own addictions to dollars, denials, and delusions like a very large portion of the populace has done.
    The system has progressively usurped too much power from citizen and thoroughly trampled the constitution.
    The system will be the cause of death to America in the end, if not rectified.
    Creating more institutions of the system will only further the corruption within the system itself.
    Power, is the father and fuel of corruption within any system. Taking that power away is the only real cure.
    The only way to cure the corruption within a system is to strip the powers which father, feed, and fuel it.

  2. Well, why would I believe the system is corrupt? Perhaps because it would be foolish to believe it is not. History has proven, beyond any doubt, that EVERY form of government ever known to man since the Mesopotamians has been corrupt. You would have to be an idiot to say, "Every one except this one."

  3. What a cynical account of cynicism. Even Warren admitted that the primaries were rigged for Hillary. Now she and Hillary are close friends. Same third way playbook. Warren will get the nomination and lose. Who wants Hillary 2.0?

  4. Warren is not really against corruption – she wants to keep our corrupt PRIVATIZED system of healthcare, and our privatized war companies, etc. And which Dems spoke out about our PRIVATIZED detention centers when Obama allowed them – only Bernie? Warren is FAUXgressive, lying to dupe as many people as possible. She sides with Israel, defended them shelling schools and hospitals, votes for more war money, and is NOT for actual healthcare for all. So many things bad about her record – but she certainly knows how to grandstand and do performance theater on behalf of the corrupt establishment.

  5. The ( some k-ke wants to play 'debate'……so insipid boring obvious …] Corruption is become a " sector " of American economics….nevermind if you thing things are corrupt, or not, that thinking is way below the reality. All construction business operate on Kickbacks……..Corruption is available for your examination , its in your sight and its hysterical. Here's one example : As you drive along on your way shopping-going to work take notice of the thingamajigs attached to the ends of the guard rails at highway entrances. ( galvanized-galvanization is huge poullutor, and administrations have backed the companys up against a wall w regulations. …) The thing looks like a huge bow tie with one end cut off…..Its a steel must weigh 100 lbs… it has an empty box the size of a suitcase, which look like some component is to go it. (…ever seen one w / component in it ? ) BUt, that's not all …It has a suspension bridge sized hunk of cable attached to it which leads to a 'special' concrete "footing" …and this hunk of bridge cable has been dunked into the galvanization tank in 'piece work '…………..Wat is this fukin thing for.?……Its written into national huighway building code descriptions …that's where corruption is born; In 'legal' descriptions, which commities approve ……………..which politicians head…….How much cost and cost of installation was involved in each GALVANISED BOW TIE BRIDGE CABLE UNIT.

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