20 thoughts on “In Whittier At The chp Depart To Support ISAAC COTA

  1. Helli laura. You can hit me up anytime for a second camera in whittier. Info on my youtube homepage or you can get my numbet from Tom Z for faster response. I didnt even know whittier had CHP

  2. this seems like a go fund me set-up.just sayin……lets see the vehicles dash cam ,plus wheres the bike helmut..crazy

  3. the bike hit the car going 3 miles an hour.the bike was going faster..its sad but wears the bike helmet ..from available video.

  4. Holy shit if this happened in New Zealand the shit would literally hit the fan immediately, our country is small no1 here would get away with such a crime!!! Fark how can this be ok, you guy's deserve to be outraged, the pain, his Mother, my God, how do you live after such tragedy? I would not want to live, my love & my heart goes out to all who suffer at the hands of your paid "protectors"🤏👮‍♂️🤏👮🏽‍♂️🤏👮‍♀️🤏👮🏾‍♀️

  5. Respect Laura Shark🦈, I hope for all the American public, all those victimized by their paid in full "protectors", hope to be free of bullying & b.s treatment by the egomaniacs🤏👮‍♂️!!

  6. But definitely what I would probably do is contact I believe the woman is possibly native or Hispanic contact delegations in her area that can help her with the situation that's what they're there for so that way when somebody who doesn't have money or clout has a problem they go to these delegations and it gets handled all they're gonna do is give her some money that's all they're going to do

  7. Well I couldn't be honest and I can speak from experience they don't A bunch of black or Hispanic people with money and businesses well then it would be viewed differently the police do just like anybody else they assess you for who and what you are if you come at them and they see you have money and clout I mean in cloud they will treat you accordingly if they see that you're broke and you're dummy they will treat you accordingly accordingly not trying to say anybody is a dummy buit's a dummy but if they shut you down then they shut you down and only a dummy would allow somebody to shut them down after they ran over your goddamn child or I'm child or hit your child with a police car you don't have to have money to be able to speak on something or to know the right moves to make to get something accomplished you don't need money to do that but you do need brain power

  8. And thank you so much Laura shark for posting the video I watched earlier the girl said the police tackled me I Can't breathe my nigga Simply amazing everybody's up and on everybody's up in arms about how white people treat black people but yet if you live in the hood you get a free pass to call everybody including yourself NIGGA

  9. I really hope somebody starts a channel that goes out and tries to educate people and a lot of these communities that a lot of the things that they're doing selling solemn dope penton hose whatever the case may be not to believe the hype I'm I mean how do you hear some music how do you see a video and then base your whole life on it it's just not real just not real it just isn't reality

  10. It just kills me when I see people trying to live the gangster lifestyle it was all to make money it was all about white people with companies utilizing black people and other minorities to make up something that was never even Rio there are no gangsters there are no thugs there's just people in the music industry that want your money I just I think it's amazing that I see dudes that are like in their fifties rock and Jordan's pants fucking Jordan's pants saga my God you lived your whole life based on a fucking lie

  11. Furthermore please please people don't live your life predicated on a lie it just kills me when I see people that you could borrow that really thinks somehow if they want something bad enough it can become reality

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