Illinois House Rep Promotes Climate Change Using Fergie Song

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Author: phillyfinest369


27 thoughts on “Illinois House Rep Promotes Climate Change Using Fergie Song

  1. He may as well just have played her national anthem performance at the 2019 NBA all-star game in the background. It was just as awful as that house floor presentation but at least it would've made a bit more sense….

  2. That's f*** up, he only held up a picture of will I am and Fergie… What about taboo and ?????????? Their members of the Black eyed peas too… (SNL reference)

  3. This wasn't Donkey of the Day worthy. Charlamagne, you used to always say it's good to put the medicine in the candy, and that's what he simply tried to do here.

  4. Chalra is reaching on this one. Nothing wrong with what he did. He is just trying to get the attention of the youth. It might be for SOME corny but I cant knock the Casten hustle!

  5. Even though I'm embarrassed for him he shouldn't get donkey of the day. Atleast he's bringing attention to it. most politicians are doing nothing.

  6. What’s wrong with his approach? I think he’s being creative. Give him credit in taking a stance. He’s being very serious about the topic.

  7. This posted comment of what seems to be a manifesto is for people that want to actually learn a different or better perspective on the country they currently reside in now; in today’s time. A country such as this one:


    😩 Ugh, 😔 Sigh
    I am so glad I’m not a republican.
    The meaning of Republican that is WELL KNOWN to the world:
    Incompetent, Racist, Bigot, Xenophobic, Conservative, Hatred – “Born Into Hatred”, Fascist, Authoritarian, Neo-Nazi, Cultist, Terrorist, Supremacist, Prejudice, Anti-American, Anti-Democracy, Anti-freedom and any other horrendous word you can think of republicans being WELL KNOWN as to the world.
    Imagine being a stuck on stupid and stuck in the past republican and being fed nothing but hatred culture 247. I would imagine being a racist bigot or Karen is a ridiculous waste of time; which has to be exhausting. You have to be a incompetent racist xenophobic bigot, EVERYDAY!; that sounds so exhausting.
    Where do these homeless looking misinformed “Adults”; that worship a 75 year old talking orange with drug test pee hair; get there corrupted information from:
    FoxNews, OANN, Newsmax, Right Wing Media, Conservative Podcasts, Social Media, etc…
    Who in the world is getting there news from Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok? Those aren’t credible news outlets. Those are just platforms to post ANYTHING on its platform and uneducated people will eat it up. FoxNews is a propaganda outlet; not a credible news outlet; and yet, you still have people watching b****made f***boys like T#cker C@rls0n. Who only spew hatred talking points and nothing about policies that can help ALL Americans. I understand that it’s hard to suddenly change what you’ve been watching for probably decades. But, FoxNews and most other right-wing media outlets doesn’t have a credible journalist that will report facts. They only report culture war, fear monger, B***S***, because they don’t have any thing of factual substance and worth to bring to there constituents or viewers.
    Just sad, ridiculous, and pathetic – Period.


    😩 Ugh, 😔 Sigh
    This is the reason why we need to pressure government legislators to NOT just defund the police, well, let me use a better term for that phrasing; because it really doesn’t matter what the phrasing is, what matters is the understanding of the meaning behind the message. And so, we’ll just call it, “Police Reconstruction” to reimagine it, transform it, completely rewrite what it means to be a police officer and the duties that come along with the badge. To be honest. If we don’t put pressure on Biden to abolish the filibuster, abolish the electoral college, bring the Supreme Court to 13 seats, etc… nothing will get passed and everything will be blocked by all republicans and some corporate Democrats like J0e M@nch|n and K/rsten S|nem@. I think every law enforcement from the Top General all the way down to mall cops should be terminated or resign. Afterwards, Americans should be able to watch the hiring and training of officers.
    * Officer training should be available for the people who pay for their wages and protection, but most Americans don’t get the protection part of the deal, right.
    * Qualified immunity for officers should be abolished – Period.
    * Background and history checks on the new officers (meaning, if they ever had any write ups or similar actions; at any point as being an officer, they don’t qualify).
    * Officer’s cannot have any affiliation’s with any anti-American extremists groups such as white supremacy, QAnon, Proudboys, Oath keepers, Neo-Nazism, etc… Otherwise, they don’t qualify to be a officer. (Oh, and for anybody who doesn’t know what Antifa means. It means Anti-Fascist, if the right wing didn’t know. Oh, and Antifa isn’t real. Just Incase misinformed low information people out there thought it was real).
    tRumpf has created a lot of lies and made issues that wasn’t a problem; into a problem. Like making BLM a gang mob. When In reality, they’re just a protest movement for PEACE and JUSTICE. They’re not a hatred group(s) that only want to cause CHAOS and DESTRUCTION to only fear monger. Just like tRumpf saying that the election was stolen; which sounds dumb as hell anyway; because he thought that it would help him politically and to keep him from going to prison. Especially, Owing COUNTRIES back money. Stuck on stupid and stuck in the past.
    * Officers that join or start cannot be 36 years old or over. They must be 35 and younger and must be fit and in good health.
    * Officers should rotate (6 months on the streets and 6 months behind the desks). That way they don’t just only see nothing but the worst of humanity. In which, that would level their sanity.
    * Officers can only be assigned to the district they personally reside in.
    * Each precinct MUST be multiracial (That’ll throw a wrench in police “One racial group only precinct”).
    * Officers shouldn’t get paid by trying to make a quota. Which means, police only pull more people over (mainly minorities) to make their quota, so they could start getting paid bonuses and such.
    * Officers shouldn’t get paid, while being suspended – Period.
    * Officers cannot deploy military weapons, equipment, and tactics on civilians, if it’s NOT a prominent threat like some right wing groups are (Let me add that BLM is a peaceful protest that only gets violent, when police show up and not only start a riot, but also escalate violence for no reason, but only because of hatred towards minorities). That’s right. Justice is made up of racist bigot hateful regular Joes that did a 6 week training program on how to brutalize communities. It’s literally rooted in the founding of the justice system. Law Enforcement was only created to keep minorities in line. Those are the historic facts. There needs to be different outlets and first responders instead of dialing 911 and only police show up.
    The police doesn’t know how to handle every situation; only the extreme situations. Other responders like someone that deals with a person having a trauma from something like schizophrenia or needs to be hospitalized for mental help. You don’t call the police for these examples of situations, because they’re not trained to deal with those situations.

    Major corporations are invested into the prisons. Which means, the people on the outside of prisons will do the corporation’s work for $14.00 or more, as opposed to prisoners inside the prisons will do the corporation’s work for $4.00 or less.
    That’s why we’re the only country with the largest prison population; because it’s a lucrative business for corporations. The more people you lock up, the more money you’ll make off prisoners.
    We need that George Floyd Act signed, immediately; but you have All of republicans and some corporate Democrats block it from being signed, because it’ll hurt there donors who they themselves are prisoners too
    (Donors – Corporations that help fund politician campaigns and such to rig the government in their favor, so they won’t have to pay any taxes or bare minimum taxes; which is ridiculous. How does a regular worker from Walmart or McDonalds pay more taxes than J#ff Bez0s; the richest man on earth. Now you tell me how does that make any sense?).

    Basically, the way how I see it is that Cops is nothing but a legal gang mob, protected by the government; they get paid by the people who they brutalize and ki||; filled with racism, bigotry, xenophobic, fascist, born into hatred, regular Joes with a gun in a holster – period. (Justice? 😆, What Justice? 😡. Not all cops my @ss).

    I’ll say this one more time. If we don’t pressure Biden to abolish the filibuster, nothing will get passed and everything will be blocked by Republicans and corporate Democrats like
    J0e M@nch|n and K/rsten S|nem@. Thus, making Joe Biden’s presidency a waste of time. There’s more to add, but I wouldn’t have the reader’s attention for that long. So, Thank you for reading and hopefully agreeing with this comment.


    I’m not a Republican or Democrat.
    I’m not a Conservative or Liberal.
    I’m only a humble progressive
    (Progressive Movement – Peace, Prosperity, Justice, and Equality).
    A Quote-like thought that I had: “The Truth Hurts Those Who Believe In All For One And Not One For All”.
    Those who understand my quote; will understand my meaning about supporters.

    L@uren B0ebert vs AOC, How is this a topic?

    B0ebert; A wannabe that doesn’t think for herself and rehearses her own awful performances; just to appease whichever way the wind blows. L@uren B0ebert; Bad Acting Country H00ker B** with dishwater brown hair; trying to be “So Fetched”, like a bubblegum chewing s|ut high schooler. Ugh, RIDUNKULOUS.
    AOC; The future President of the United States of America; and will have other progressives standing tall with her. Progressives, such as Stacey Abrams, Nina Turner, Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley, India Walton, Jamaal Bowman, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, Bernie Sanders, and other progressives. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; An Extraordinary Realist.

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