How to tell me you’re profiling without telling me – cop spotlighting traffic to see occupants

Emails: Mayor, city manager, and interim police chief- almost all of their officers do this. I’ve already asked them to stop.,,

Mayor and officials,

Please end this spotlighting of traffic, it solves no purpose and is a violation of Florida Statute to shine spotlights into any portion of a vehicle while in use. It blinds drivers temporarily. As you can see in this em video at the end it’s been going on for years and a long time resident has tried to speak out against it.


316.233 Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps.—
(1) SPOT LAMPS.—Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not to exceed two spot lamps and every lighted spot lamp shall be so aimed and used that no part of the high intensity portion of the beam will strike the windshield, or any windows, mirror, or occupant of another vehicle in use.

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37 thoughts on “How to tell me you’re profiling without telling me – cop spotlighting traffic to see occupants

  1. I hope u honestly try and help this elder woman. She seems very sweet and probably doesnt put up a stink like most would and thats why cops keep doing it . They dont care about its citizens not too mention the elder ones.

  2. That same cop would have ticketed anybody else shining a spot light on moving vehicles. And he didn't get a call, he just stormed off pissed as hell that he got threatened with a complaint for his illegal activity.

  3. I'm not profiling I'm just profiling circle talk famous cop Circle talk but I'm more worried about this little old lady there they've sit there and shine their lights and a residence home what did she say two or three years only because she's old and she ain't going to say nothing because she's scared of you she might not say it but we know she is cuz everybody else has a level of fear of you it's just I don't I don't care I know that you are a high-powered coward and I am not I exist in this life without a bulletproof vest without backup without an AR-15 without a freaking Glock without the freaking a utility belt without a I don't even have a metal baton nor a portable electric chair in holy crap I'm 45 years old and lived in the hood all the way to nice neighborhoods I'm alive and well citizen safety the only time citizens are unsafe is when you people are around and quite frankly let's be honest with ourselves and everybody else and every great City metropolitan area you get what one neighborhood that's bad that needs policing you got all these pork chops on the payroll you'd figured that one neighborhood be the most pristine neighborhood in the City by now but it's the damn opposite the community that would be the problem the neighborhood that would be the problem has spread its tentacles all over the place and the cops do nothing did she find it amazing that this crime rampant all over the damn country right now but yet you see cops arresting people for cell phones you see cops arresting people for driving unless you are being a crazy reckless driver and your car is falling apart on the highway who gives a rat's a SS really is the highway of victim of my taillight is the highway the victim of my exhaust is the highway of victim of anything that you've got because there needs to be a damn victim to have a crime tired of these this crap none of this stuff makes any damn sense

  4. Maybe someone should sit outside the pd with their lights shinning on them and see how quick the law you quoted! Karma to dirty cops

  5. If I get hit with a spotlight then I'm crashing…subtle tho. Where I survive but my backs gonna hurt for the rest of life 😉 ….gotta get paid…….💰 💵💲

  6. Profiling has nothing to do with ethnicity. That's the political definition of it. 100%. They even change definitions of words nowadays to promote political agenda's. All the time.

  7. Several years back there was an ex-cop that would utilize stereo typical minorities to highlight profiling and abuse. This cop wants you to believe that he can ascertain criminal activity of drivers/passengers in a 2 second flash as they drive through a spot light.

  8. This can be dangerous and cause an accident or death by temporary blinding drivers . This cop should be drug out of the car and taken to jail.

  9. That asshole was in the driveway of a private business and doing that. If it were my driveway, My lawyer would be billing Port Orange $1000 a minute and my business insurance carrier would be in their face too! Good job exposing this nonsense.

  10. 0:58 dude flipping off that asshole shining bright lights into traffic. Seriously if that assholes blinds people and they get in a wreck because of it. He should be held responsible. I'd like to see you go in and talk to the cheif about this!

  11. BS. No way you can see people's behavior for the fraction of a second they pass that light. You can't even tell if they're wearing a seatbelt from a side view. Only thing he's doing is creating a hazard by temporarily blinding people.

  12. lol fking morons.
    Folks, this is where idiots and morons with IQs 80 and below
    Go to get work.
    A college degree USED to be required for a job as a public servant in law enforcement,
    All that is required now is a GED which any stupid that is breathing can get for free.
    THATS the reason cops are morons and assholes these days, cops used to be educated, reasonable and professional.
    Now they are no different than any moron that can join the Army to get out of a prison sentence .
    Same type of idiot.
    So the next time you see a cop?
    Remember that a shoe salesman has a higher IQ, a fry cook at McDonald’s has more training, and a plumber has more common sense then the slob you see in that blue, green or brown clown uniform.
    Think about that the next time you pay your property, state or federal taxes.

  13. Yes, because we all know that in the 0.25 seconds he can see into the car he can easily discern what the occupants are doing. I expect no less from a professional liar. I loved how all the sudden at the end he "got a call".

  14. Funny (not "ha-ha funny…) how these people break the law with impunity, bully and harass members of the public and violate citizens' rights.
    If I didn't know better, I would think these were the criminals.

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