How to stop a coup

Trump has refused to say if he’ll concede and made false claims of a rigged election, while encouraging his armed followers to “stand by.” Are Americans prepared to fight back?

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “How to stop a coup

  1. Time to promote the heck out of this, please! Mike Pompeo is denying the results, all major Republican players are denying the results, and Trump is replacing people at the Pentagon with people who will use military force against the civilian population. They are going for it.

  2. Aligning with centrists would mean moving towards the right. That is contrary to what you represent. Would you abandon the centrists when their numbers are no longer needed? Discard them because they would now be your unneeded useful idiots? At what point would you denounce your few violent peaceful protestors? If you are aligning with BLM, you should see that many of their mostly peaceful protests are reverting to violence in the streets now. Rioting, arson, looting, shooting, physical attacks, and blocking public access to roadways and commercial buildings are not acts of peace. If you align with climate activists, they have used all these tactics, also.
    One question begs asking of you, will your movement and the Democratic Party concede the election results after ALL the votes are counted, and it is not in your favor?

  3. We have advantages lmfao. We are already the furthest right and most corporate western country. And please tell me: which other country has 1.5 guns per capita and 50 billion bullets in civilian hands? You think unarmed blm ppl taking to streets are going to deter heavily armed Trump supporters? That's exactly what they would love to happen: get all the targets together in the open. Luckily no one is watching this show but you are putting dangerous ideas in the heads of the five or ten who do

  4. Awaken population will not help you against paramilitaries or military especially in early stages of taking over country ruler will not give fuck about protests and will suppress them

  5. Who is starting a coup? From what I am seeing it's not Trump, from what News pieces you flash is taken out of content. You are pushing Propaganda for who and why? tells us the truth.

  6. Actually what tRump is attempting is not a coup but a putsch. It's a coup when the military does it.

    If tRump succeeds in his putsch our Armed Forces will need to stage a coup to reverse it.

  7. The vast majority of the military and our veterans are conservative. Half the country or more think like me and even most of the liberal Americans will not put up with the nonsense you propose. If you think you can change the election by violence if you lose there will be a bloodbath and you will all be dead or in hiding.

  8. I thought this was the patriot Solomo's channel. I see that this is a channel for propagandist , a radical leftist corrupt marxist channel.

  9. So you know before it happens that he will make false claims of a rigged election. There are plenty of known cases of harvesting ballots. dumping ballots. Adresses geting many more ballots than residents. Getting ballots with unkown names. Ballots dumped by the thousands in a river.
    First it is not over yet. Its is not november 3rd.
    All the predictions of what Trump is going to do did not come true. You project your charicature of Trump is unhinged from reality.
    You are spinning in circles of paranoia.
    Precedents with ballot fraud. There is no country I know that uses such a shitty voting system.
    There are people who will vote Trump but say to the pollsters to vote Biden because they are afraid it will not be anonymous and their name will be on a list.
    And they will lose their job or worse when they get doxxed. Many people with MAGA hats have been attacked without provocation. Old folks in an elevator for example.

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