41 thoughts on “How do you explain this to boss? Cop nails the back of cop car πŸ˜‚

  1. Don’t worry, folks. They’ll find a way to put the blame on the guy being arrested for the prang.
    Maybe something like this: β€œIf we didn’t get a call to respond to such and such’s address, then we never would have wiped out two cruisers, so you see, totally not our fault!”

  2. β€œWhile responding to an immediate call for assistance for aggravated jaywalking, I was the fourth car in pursuit when we noticed an unarmed civilian. While Car 1 was pulled to the side detaining the civilian, car 2 performed emergency vehicular operations to the right side of the road whilst stopping to assist in the detainment. Car 3 came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the road. Since I was following my GPS (I’m a new hire and do not know the city) I emergency braked whilst going 70 in a residential neighborhood and made slight contact. Upon my arrival, the suspect was detained in restraints and the city was safe from all crime.

  3. If that lady had been holding her cell phone…horizontal, then she would have recorded a better video of the crash.
    I bet the Police department did not drug test that Officer after his F-Up. Please post if you know if it is policy to drug test after all accidents.

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