34 thoughts on “Here’s The REAL reason why a cop touches your car 😮 Fingerprint

  1. thought it ws because of they might be people in the trunk, so they used to touch it to make sure it was closed, very old practice that shouldnt be used today

  2. I enjoy the video but the audio should have been edited because one minute I'm blasted out of the room and the pointer trying to drive across about why he touched the trunk when the officers spoke I couldn't even hear what he said…. I really enjoy your videos but everybody seems to think you edit things in and out of it like taking the core out of an apple and some audio suppressions understandable however to blast people out of their chair one minute and make them hug the TV to hear what's being said the next is just not acceptable and I know you can do better work….

  3. Just shows the ignorance of young cops, some of the worst educated people on the planet. As BC BALLER said, it was a practice in the old days to ensure that the trunk was latched.

  4. That is the most honest answer ever. I used to teach my recruits to do so as to prove after the fact that they were in contact with the car if something happened. Well, and to push down on the trunk lid.

  5. My guess is a cop's finger prints have been collected and used as evidence zero times since this practice was implemented. Someone please provide evidence to the contrary if I am mistaken.

  6. Every penny they get with their welfare cheque is from other people's work, so they don't own anything, so, kind of a obsessive compulsive thing, coveting others belongings.
    Touching what isn't theirs.

    When you see a cop do it, carry some scotch tape, and as he goes back to his car, jump out and put the tape over it, capturing a copy of his fingerprint, which is on file, to plant at the next job you pull.
    Or, just start a collection.

  7. Sorry James, but that's a Dog marking his territory if I ever saw one!
    The 'Officer Safety' copsplain (to expound the mete-fore) is the guilty look your dog gives you when he realizes his human thinks he did something disgusting!

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