‘He Didn’t Ask Any Questions, He Just Pulled the Trigger’

In this #RealTalkTho flashback, an audience member talks about a life-changing experience.

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26 thoughts on “‘He Didn’t Ask Any Questions, He Just Pulled the Trigger’

  1. My youngest son had a gun drawn on him and was robbed. He was what is considered the good part of town – a predominantly white neighborhood. He didn't acquire a negative personality from this act. Yet he has adhered to being more aware of his surroundings and how he chooses to travel. He learned the hard way what I had always told my children. I have always made a point of explaining to them that it doesn't matter where you go – there are good and bad people of all races to found (or find you). So-called good areas have crime too – and it CAN NOT be said it comes from only outside those areas.

  2. Wow that was powerful!! I have been victimized twice in the city once with a guy came out of the dark fog he had his gun out so he wanted to Rob me he allowed me to reach into my own pocket to get what he thought.was money but their was no money in THAT pocket. The second I was stabbed had to go to shock trauma but these incidents didn't change me perhaps because I had been in the military I know the damage a weapon can do to the human body and I have not had the desire to take nothing from another being

  3. You people I swear need some intervention. Put a number of guns in a room and see who gets killed, No one. It is not gun violence its human violence and guns just happen to be the tool of choice until it does not exist anymore. Guns have always been here even in the early 90s when kaos in the hood was crazy but we never heard anyone talk about gun violence but we had guns back then in schools. Keep following whatever people say and the day they take your guns is the day the gang in blue really start beating you. You cry everytime they catch and mistreat a new random minority and you sit here like a blind rabbit and champion anothers hell. Your hell begins with the senceless shooting in your hood. Wake the hell up already when did this become a problem when black and brown neighborhoods have been loosing kids for years do to violence,stress,ptsd and on. Add cell phones, online bulling, unpresidented materialists with fake everything and what do you have? But the same people ignor these signs and blame it on a gun. Is America the only place guns exist?

  4. I learned that much of our government is corrupt.
    My dad was not being cared for in a nursing home. I had to step in and do the job. I didn't get paid but they did, that = fraud. My dad started being abused by staff. I complained, and it continued. Went to LOTS OF AUTHORITIES (MARS, Health Department, Adult Protection, Ombudsman, Attorney general, local police,…) NO ONE HELPED. NO ONE. EXCEPT the x military Director of Nurses, Psychopath came after me with everything she had… Lying, stalking, public humiliation, threats, smear campaign, Flying Monkeys, … Finally 2 back to back No Tresspassing notices. This pretty much took me from my dad to his end. They drugged him with psychotropic, brain damaging drugs, taunted, mocked, … abandoned him…. Between my No Trespasses I went in to see him… They drugged him into a non-responsive, comalike state before my eyes! Two minutes later, two cops were before me issuing me my second No Trespassing…. I looked back at my dad thinking it would be the last I'd see him alive…. I missed a chance to talk to him… But they had drugged him up so that I couldn't, and then whisked me away from him so that I couldn't talk to him. This was cruel, punishment, and downright EVIL!!!
    I could go on and on with all the crap they did their…. My dad told me on the phone one day in sobs. "This place is Hell, like One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest." (Old Jack Nicholson movie). I cried too.
    These ….people …. where so cruel, sadistic, and evil!!!
    My dad died without me. I wanted to hold his hand, tell him to talk to God, to let him know everything would be okay, and that I Loved him…. That didn't happen.
    I now have the memory of what these EVIL PEOPLE did to my dad and I.
    I didn't know what a Psychopath was, but I sure do now! That Director of Nurses can wear a cross around her neck all day and night long, look me in the eyes and smear my reputation in front of the entire world….. But God knows who she is. GOD sees EVERYTHING!!!
    R I P dad. 💔 12.21.18
    And to all those who suffer trauma…. may God watch over you, bless you, protect you, and keep you safe in his Loving hands.🙏♥️

  5. This is goofy as shit. You did that silly shit because you wanted to, period. This victim culture is nutty as hell. I've been at gun point three times as a youngster and summed it up as being what it is. I don't use that weak excuse to be a damn tyrant. This video was totally unnecessary.

  6. This country was founded on mass gun violence. This is the world in which we live. They've craved for a race war for most half a century. The only language violent people speak is violence. Democracy is the store front "label", but inside that store you'll see bloodshed, violence, and dispair. Kill or be killed is the way this society and many others operate. I wish that I were wrong about history, but I'm not. Every life is precious, at least everyone should feel that way. Violence is used as a tool, as a weapon, and as policy to invoke fear or retaliation to a mechanism of selfish needs or a larger sinister narrative. Be watchful, be vigilant.

  7. Everyone in Detroit has a gun story, but this is different, at least from mine. To not just feel like someone would kill you, to know that someone actively tried and was stopped not by anything under your control but by blind luck. I can only imagine how helpless and worthless that could make someone feel.

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