Georgia’s new voter suppression law is rooted in Jim Crow racism

Georgia Rep. Park Cannon was arrested last week as Georgia became the latest state to implement laws that restrict Black voters’ rights. In response to alleged voter fraud, dozens of new voting laws have been introduced in states across the country, even though GOP officials and former President Trump’s own attorney have acknowledged they have no evidence to support said allegations. While the Democrats have majority control of Congress, they won’t be able to pass legislation to protect voting rights unless they abolish the filibuster, a Jim Crow-era relic that was previously used to block civil rights legislation.

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “Georgia’s new voter suppression law is rooted in Jim Crow racism

  1. Well I guess we should ask the bank to stop asking for I'd when we get money out better and the pharmacy to the list to cause they card you for your medicine oh so those poor people can't buy alcohol, we should stop carding for that to. Anyone starting to see these poor people are getting screwed every and we only vote every few years. Stop carding people for everything let's just go wild with it…

  2. I think you need to give the receipts instead of just telling us it's "bad" Give the details of the bill and describe what they mean.
    From what I've seen, there's a lot in this bill that nearly everyone would agree is for the better, and nothing that I've seen that would re-instate "Jim Crow" Unless you do these things, you are just repeating media talking points and deserve to be ignored.

  3. How is it racist to make people show I.D. or prove their identity to vote?? And I’m not supporting either side, I think both party’s are beyond terrible and hypocritical, but I have to keep it real … when you say “there’s no evidence of voter fraud” do you mean that you actually believe that Joe Biden really got the most votes in American history?? Or that he got 8 million more votes than than Obama??
    More people showed out for the old half racist white guy that tried to prevent school integration from happening literally saying “I don’t want my kids to go to school in a racial jungle” has actually been recorded saying the “N” word (I can prove it), and is on numerous videos groping little girls, more people, including minority’s, showed out for this guy, 8 million times more than the actually African American man that won the election??
    I was born at night, but not last night…..if you really believe there wasn’t anything fishy going on, ur ignorant assss fuk!

  4. Did any of you actually read it…You need ID to travel, go see a game, get alcohol open a bank account. Are you people under the impression that black people arnt smart enough to go get the free I'd Georgia offers? Why are there so many white people now talking about the opinions and feelings of black people. Y'all don't know me man. Go read it again and point out what's ethnist about it ( since "racist" is…racist, we all one race you damn ethnists). New York has laws as strict and I don't see y'all coming out with this B.S. Delta also who require I'd to buy tickets needs to stfu and stfd as well. Man this woke, virtue signalling bullllshit is getting on my nerves. All these chealsea handlers telling black people what to think. Smdh

  5. you my dear are a liar… You have to show your ID to pick up tickets for A concert a baseball game to buy a pack of cigarettes to cash a check. you're insulting insinuating that people of Color would not have the money or the education to get a driver's license or state ID card I'm Native American and I'm insulted with your statements it's people like you that do to your education and racial background people trust you and you steal a trust with your show , Lies and statements like this you ma'am are the kind of rhetoric that needs to be banned from the internet if anybody is, but I don't think anybody should Banned . Not even your LIES and Hate . FREE SPEECH ! Sue me I you like as Then TRUTH will be told …

  6. Interesting considering 69% of blacks support voter ID. A very long list of things that require an ID those who use critical thinking skills see through the BS

  7. Has anyone @TheRealNewsNetwork actually read the law that was passed. Many lies have come from the White House witch have been proven completely false. Get a copy of the law and read it. Then evaluate for yourself. The one thing the left doesn't like is the requirement of a ID to verify the voter. What legal person in the US doesn't have some type of an ID. The idea that disadvantage people don't have IDs or know how the use the internet for example is the pure definition of racism.

  8. The USA must have one of the most chaotic and unmanagable voting systems in the western world. Here in Australia, you cannot vote if your name isn't on an electoral roll. When you go to a polling site to vote, first you will have your name checked on the electoral roll and if it's on the roll, it will be crossed off and then you will be handed your ballot papers and directed to a voting booth.
    If you are not in your electorate on a voting day, you can go to a special voting site to cast an absentee ballot. In rare cases of not being able to get to a polling station and this is common on remote mine sites, you can apply for a postal ballot. If you know well beforehand that you can't get to a polling station on voting day, you can also apply to cast a pre-ballot before the actual election day. Whichever type of voting option you use, your name will always be checked against the electoral roll and is all is well, will be crossed off.
    This pretty much ensures that nobody can cast a ballot in your name.

    Back in the late 90's, I was living in Townsville in north Queensland. There are two electorates in that district – Townsville and Thuringowa. I was visiting family in Perth when there was a federal election on, so I went off to an absentee polling station. I told the bloke running the station that I was there to cast an absentee ballot. He looked at me for a moment and then asked, "Townsville or Thuringowa?"
    I thought to myself, "How good is this bloke – he just has to look at people and he knows which electorate they come from!"
    I asked him how he knew to ask me what he did and, pointing at my chest, he said, "Well, it's pretty bloody obvious, mate."

    I looked down and realised I was wearing a North Queensland Cowboys rugby league team jersey!
    ( The Cowboys are based in Townsville. )

  9. I have travelled extensively in the US from my home in Scotland, I love the country and would move there tomorrow, but that means I woul be living in America no thanks.

  10. The bill is out there for everybody to read so you must know we would know you were lying about some things. The law prohibits political groups and political activists from handing out water and food and other comforts to those waiting in lines to vote. Independent poll watchers can still pass out those things, stop lying to the viewers. Was it Jim Crow when Obama praised the filibuster as a defense from the majority? Was it Jim Crow when Mumble Mouth Joe used it when he was in the Senate? How about when the Democrats filibustered Tim Scott's crime bill? Keep it real and honest for the people. Tell the facts and we can make up our minds.

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