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Between former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo being removed from office and Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right supporters in Brazil storming the halls of government in a January 6-style coup attempt, the pitched battle for political power in Latin American states is intensifying more with each passing day. What is driving these insurgent rightwing movements across the continent? What international forces are connecting them, and how are they learning from and feeding each other? What must the response from the left, within and beyond government, be? This week on The Marc Steiner Show, as part of our ongoing collaboration with the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), we bring you a new installment of our special series on “The Rise of the Right.” With a special focus on the latest political upheaval in Brazil and Peru, Marc speaks with Latin America-based journalists Camila Escalante and Michael Fox.

Camila Escalante is the co-founder and editor of Kawsachun News. She co-hosts the English-language weekly podcast Latin America Review on Kawsachun News and is the Latin America correspondent for PressTV. Michael Fox is a freelance multimedia journalist, filmmaker, radio reporter, and former editor of NACLA. He is the host of the podcast Brazil on Fire, a joint production of NACLA and The Real News Network.

Studio/Post-Production: Cameron Granadino

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32 thoughts on “From Brazil to Peru, the far right is on the move in Latin America | The Marc Steiner Show

  1. Whatever they said …always against we the people never real accountability to the traitors of the world …justices everywhere needs to be cleanse first …then the corporate governance sugar daddies off social causes and their simultaneous government influences …just breadcrumbs of truths …not we the people news …like never just the shaking of the jars …so …when when real transparency will be shown ?

  2. Funny how anyone who stands up for freedom or does not want the jabs all 10 of them is called far Wright 🤔. Remember never ever trust the WEF and the global elites 😈

  3. Jan 6 was Peaceful FBI/CIA feds hired to raise💩
    Same for Brazil
    If the people rise up ITS NOT COR NOTHING! We have a lot better things to do!
    Those machines are FRAUDULAN

  4. Why is it always, the "far right"? Why do they NEVER just say, the "right"? Because they are lying to you, that's why. They have a clear agenda and it is world communism.

  5. It is of utter importance that the situation in Brazil be looked at not just through the lens of what happened in the US, but also through the lens of the growing international fascist movement. It is global and remarkably royalty from Germany were in Brazil when CPAC was and as was Trump Jr.

    National theocratic fascism is sweeping the globe. As Europe lies in ruins due to Ukraine, national capitalism will be on the rise with nation states competing.

    The remarkable growth opf the international fascist movement has been played down by the likes of Glenn Greenwald who lives in luxury in Brazil.

    He claimed it was unjustified to tie what happened in Brazil and Bannon.

    I saw elsewhere where he stated Tucker Carlson and Steve Bannon were socialists.

    There is a growing fascist movement, international but of course national as well.

    As George Jackson wrote some five decades ago while in prison:

    "After the German SS agents or Italian Black Shirts kick

    in the doors and herd Jews and Communist partisans to

    death camps, after Peg-Leg White’s Black Legion terror and

    the Guardians of the Republic* and their offspring legitimize

    the in other words, after the fascists have succeeded

    in crushing the vanguard elements and the threat they pose

    is removed, the ruling class goes on about the business of

    making profits as usual. The significance of the “new fascist

    arrangement" lies in the fact that this busincss-as-usual is

    accompanied by concessions to the degenerate segment of

    the working class, with the aim of creating a buffer zotie

    between the ruling class and the still potentially revolution-

    ary segments of the lower classes."

    George Jackson

    ——–Bood in my Eye

  6. This entire video relies on voting machines being infallible, if a voting machine can be hacked, every criticism of theirs about Trump and Bolsenaro falls flat on their face. So can voting machines be hacked or rigged? They have been multiple times before and its been demonstrated.

  7. The title is a little misleading: "the far right is on the move in Latin America." Because she said the far right was on the move in response to burgeoning leftist movements. And that the leftist movements are having that much success as to scare the rightwing, is not something that should be ignored for a headline.

  8. Real Statist News Network. Here's some fine work by two great representatives of the Left: Wilson and FDR
    1913 December 23, 1913, the Senate passed and President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act.
    1917 The Banking Relief Act amends the TWE Act in such a way to now include all citizens of the U.S. from now on, equating the people of the U.S. as an enemy, and all legal and commercial intercourse became illegal. The only way to do business in the U.S. thereafter was to obtain permission from the state through getting a license. From this the Uniform Commercial Code would spring. Furthermore, the EBR Act created the whole paradigm of licenses, drivers license, etc. The government (Washington DC) in this way protects itself from the people (enemy). 1933 FDR redefines State of Emergency to include any national crisis. 1933 FDR declares a National State of Emergency. 1933 FDR issues Executive Order 2039, March 6, 1933 and Executive Order 2040 on March 9, 1933.The now belligerent United States (federal government), acting under the TWE/EBR Acts just established, seizes title to all lawful constitutional money (Gold), and takes possession of the Gold, leaving the American people, forever enemies, without lawful means to pay debt. From now on, people are forced to mortgage property. All debt cannot be “paid,” but only “discharged.” The people become captured chattel property of the U.S. to “secure the debt.” Former states become “political subdivisions” or occupied territories of the belligerent corporate United States. Americans are ordered to turn in their gold coins, bullion, other gold resources. During this period, over $114 million in gold was taken from banks for export, and $150 million in gold was withdrawn for hiding purposes. Gold at $20.67/oz. 1933 FDR announces decision to devalue the dollar by announcing that the government would buy gold at an increased price. Currency is now in the form of Federal Reserve Bank Notes (War & Emergency Currency) and not Federal Reserve Notes (warehouse receipt for gold on deposit). 1933 Former judicial Courts of Justice take silent judicial notice of International Maritime Law In Remjurisdiction and assume the role as Executive Officers (not judicial) to enforce the Federal and State Statutes in all cases. Judges become executive political hatchet men to enforce public policy statute enacted by Congress and top enforce performance on Federal Reserve Bank Notes in order to give it the appearance of value. 1933 The citizens of the United States, now declared enemies of the United States, find themselves with unlawfully suspended rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights no longer apply. American people now have no unalienable rights to life, liberty, or property. 1933 Citizens of the United States come under the control of the United Socialist States of the District of Columbia (U.S.SA).

  9. I just love Lulu and hate Bolsonaro, Trump and Bannon. I am married to a Peruvian who is a majority indigenous decent from the slums of Lima. I found this video looking for what is happening in Peru today. This didn't feel like current news or even well analyzed opinion for February of 2023. Brazilia was a success story compared to Washington. The fascists attacked when no one was there, unlike the US where they took over most of the Capital while the congress was in session. They made immediate arrests in Brazilia of the fascist leaders. The poor, primarily indigenous people in the slums of Lima did not vote for Castillo. Castillo got less than 19% of the total vote in the first round of the election and a tiny bit more than 50% in the run-off against the much hated Keiko (who got less than 14% in the first round). The 50% that voted for Keiko were primarily on the coasts and the 50% that voted for Castillo were primarily in the mountains. Castillo was incompetent and could not put together a cabinet with Ministers who lasted more than a few months at a time before they were fired, arrested for corruption or quit. He could not get anything past with a heavily fragmented democratically elected congress. He decided to dismiss congress and the courts and become a dictator. He did this without any planning and all his ministers quit and he was arrested. I've hated the Imperial President ever since Nixon wanted to be one. Yeah, the people in the mountains need more attention. Same here in the USA. We loved our NY Senator Bobby Kennedy going to Appalachia to talk about the poor people in the center of the country–and then he was assassinated and no one did anything and Appalachia is a crazy mess politically, culturally and economically. The poor people in the slums of Lima, like Callao and Barrios Altos, are shooting at the protestors from the mountains to get them out of their neighborhoods. I may not know that much about Latin America, but I didn't learn anything from the 1/2 hour watching "The Real News".

  10. I own a Dominion voting machine operating manual, and I have read it from cover to cover. The voting machines have only a mains connection plus a USB,for use via a thumb drive. Wireless connection is made with a smart room thermostat,thus internet connectivity is accessible,enabling foreign election interference. Internet fraud is very real,it's happened Worldwide for decades. Internet voting manipulation is a fact. All lies will be revealed.😯

  11. What is happening in Peru and Bolivia is completely different from what happens in Brazil or the USA.

    In Peru and Bolivia it's entirely a racial matter. The white/light mestizo elites have benefited hugely from contracts with transnational mining companies like American Lithium (a Canadian company, actually) that go and exploit the minerals while poisoning the land with lead, the waters with mercury, and the air with sulfur.

    The Native communities have been kicked out of their own lands, or are being forced to try to survive in contaminated lands that no longer produce enough food. The situation in Peru in particular is one borderline ethnic-cleansing, including campaigns during the Fujimori regime when Native women were sterilized against their will.

    It's no surprise that the white/light mestizos on the left don't say anything about what's going on in Peru. The people revolting are their racial enemies too.

  12. That far right front is actually the US/CIA. The US knows the world is shifting away and going towards BRICS and is now realizing it needs to do every dirty trick in its CIA bag of tricks to keep South America (its backyard) under their control. Peru / Castillo was about Peru’s resources and stop them from being nationalized and US corporate control being stripped away (Iraq, Libya, Syria)

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