Florida School Massacre Gunman Identified As Former Student Nikolas Cruz

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Author: phillyfinest369


43 thoughts on “Florida School Massacre Gunman Identified As Former Student Nikolas Cruz

  1. Give him second chance, it does take a lot to start shooting people, I believe wrong doing was uppon him aswell. Any ways it takes guts to plan something like this out and kill people. If he shows any quality in learning or perhaps having high IQ I believe this young man deserves second chance. what for are guns good if not for killing, gun service(party) should pay this kid for advertising industry.Earth rules!

  2. One of things I hate about the situation is that everyone hesitates to call kids like this…EVIL! CTG is the only person I've heard to use that word. Everyone is quick to talk about gun control and not the problems with evil fucking kids. Quick calling all these white kids "mentally ill" and people who "need help". Satan will help then just fine, just go on with that death penalty

  3. Its wild that i went to high school with black kids and spanish kids bringing guns and knives and not once was there a school shooting. I Just thing its a white kid issue. Am i crazy for thinking that?

  4. Prevent bullyinh, change the "No child gets left behind" Bs, more funds towards education. One of the main things that need to change. Gun laws , cant change the action of the ruthless.

  5. All u can do is pray? NO u need to take control. ONCE this happened in Scotland where I live. In 96! We INSTANTLY changed school security, banned guns and its NEVER happened since.
    The solution is easy! If it happened again here we would refuse to send kids to school until we knew it was safe. The entire universe is looking at Americans mentality and just cry and shake our heads. This is the fault of every one of you who endorse guns, and those who are ignorant enough to think owning arms makes u anything other than a pussy! Donkey of the Day goes to America as a whole, from the rest of the world looking on! Shame on every one of u who accept this as your reality! And ur president we all knew was scum, now you're gonna allow him to sit on his hands even though more kids are dead! Absolutely despicable, senseless and as ignorant as it gets!

  6. Idc what nationality , religion or race. A child, a teenager or ANYONE with a mental
    Issue should NOT be able to obtain a weapon at all. And if interested in guns, should be evaluated by psychologist. I hate this. He has to have monster tendencies. BUT!!!!! At the same time —/ everyone "knew he would be the one to shoot up the school " did he know these thoughts of others?! Was he bullied? Did he honestly try to fit in and couldn't because of stereotypes?! What do we know and how do we know?! He iS the guilty and responsible party regardless.. but imagine .. autism, complete loneliness, grief of a child losing his last parent?! My heart hurts for the victims so bad and their families! I pray and pray and pray. But is it So bad I feel for and pray for this child (nikolas Cruz) as well? Maybe. Maybe not. I confuse myself with these feelings!!! God BLESS ALL

  7. Just so y'all know in American federal laws assault rifle could be bought at the age of 18 but handguns are bought at the age of 21. Do you see how garbage America is ? It's a disgrace to mankind

  8. Where are the parents?! I want to see his school records! Did he smoke weed? By the way has the media called him a terrorist yet? I'm waiting america……………………………

  9. This event shouldn't even be on donkey of the day for the simple fact of the seriousness of this crime. Donkey of the day was originally started because of the dumb things people do or say that makes them look like a jackass to themselves but it was really to others. This is a serious matter which involved people , kids actually losing there lives and a another disturbed kid on his way to death row. You should have let Angie handle this one on her news .

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