Farmington Officers Fatally Shoot Armed Homeowner After Responding to Wrong House

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Farmington, New Mexico — On Wednesday, April 5, at approximately 11:30 p.m., Farmington Police Officers were dispatched to a report of domestic violence at 5308 Valley View Ave. The footage begins when three Farmington officers arrive on Valley View Avenue. They approach the house located at 5305 Valley View Ave. Why officers approached the wrong address remains part of the ongoing investigation. The footage continues, showing officers approach the door at 5305 Valley View Ave. An officer knocks on the door and announces himself as Farmington Police on three separate occasions. The officer also requests confirmation from dispatch on the address. The three officers can be heard discussing the address. Officers begin to back away from the door. Approximately four seconds later, 52-year-old Robert Dotson opens the screen door, and points a firearm at the officers. Officers draw their firearms and fire their weapons, fatally striking Dotson.

About a minute later, a woman, later identified as Dotson’s wife, appears at the front door with a firearm and begins firing at officers, but she stops upon realizing that they are police officers. Officers shoot back at her, but she is not injured. The contextual footage ends following the conclusion of shots being exchanged. The raw footage ends as officers meet with a supervisor to give their statements. All three officers fired their weapons during the incident. How many shots were fired by Farmington Officers is part of the State Police investigation. Two of the officers have been with the department for approximately five years. The third officer has been with the department for approximately three years. All three officers were placed on paid administrative leave for the length of the investigation, per department policy. Farmington Police later responded to 5308 Valley View Ave., the location of the original call. Officers spoke to occupants and made a report of the incident. No one was hurt and no arrests were made in that incident.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Officer #1
3:34 – Bodycam: Officer #2
4:51 – Bodycam: Officer #3

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “Farmington Officers Fatally Shoot Armed Homeowner After Responding to Wrong House

  1. This is 100% on the homeowner it wouldn't be legal to do that to someone knocking on your door regardless you don't go outside and aim guns at people its dumb especially when they knocked 3 times and even announced themselves granted they could have done it more and it probably would have prevented this but regardless you can't open your door and kill someone for simply knocking on it.

  2. The old man f**ked up by opening the door and pointing the gun at the cops. They announced themselves as Police. He should had never opened that door. The old woman screwed things up too by coming out blasting her gun. Keep your doors and windows locked. Do not open the door. Blast them at will, if they force their way in your house. Do not go outside. Always have a plan where to hide in the house if an intruder breaks in. Rehearse with your family at all times. We live in a world of shit folks. I see a big lawsuit coming up against the city of Farmington. It is going to be ugly.

  3. The guy came to the door, about to shoot the police. Wrong house or not, what were the police supposed to do at that point? The dumbass got himself shot.

  4. Are we really that surprised these cops absolutely bamboozled this incident? I’m not, from everything I’ve seen this is your average law enforcer in America. Absolute F policing

  5. For all the people saying "don't answer the door to police", how about answer the door but don't point a firearm directly at them?

  6. This is completely messed up, i back the blue but I also think they should be charged for this one 100% to the law. They killed a innocent man trying to protect his home and children.

  7. Someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night. You grab your gun, go to the door, look out, see who it is and ask what they want. You see the police and they say, 'Farmington Police'. You put your gun down and talk to them. This moron came out shooting and so did his wife. No different than driving your car off a cliff.

  8. I know it’s a dangerous world and all, but I just don’t get why someone would just start firing a gun without knowing who is at the door. It’s fitting that this is uploaded on this channel the same day that there was a kid shot by the homeowner when he accidentally went to the wrong address. Stupid people owning guns. So unnecessary.

  9. I can't believe these assclowns still shot at the lady after knowing that they were at the wrong house.

  10. I think it should become S.O.P for agencies to respond to night calls with their lights on. So that way the people inside the house know that it’s the Police knocking on their door and not some burglar.

    Also, this video shows why it isn’t smart to answer the door with a gun when you don’t know whats out there. Stay inside, you’ll have the advantage in your own house.

  11. Can you imagine the other house they're probably saying if we would have never had an argument this guy probably would have been dead it's our fault

  12. Couple things we havent thought about in a situation like this.

    From LE POV: 1.Yes wrong address was indeed the biggest factor. But was this the responding officers fault for wrong address? Or a case where the caller gives the wrong address to the dispatcher? Or simply dispatch themselves provide officers the wrong address.

    2. Domestic Violence are at the nations top for shooting and violent outcomes on both LE and Civilians during these calls due to nature and most callers already on a crazy mental state. So for officers responding so quickly to seeing a firearm pointed at them is not out of the norm.

    From Civilian POV: Not that you have to, but most gun laws, you cannot just come out ready to shoot unless your life is not in immediate danger and can be avoided or if someone (in this case police) is not currently attempting to enter or break into home; can allow you to use your firearm.
    2. Owner (if he did have suspicion) could have asked further details and confirmation and or let officers know he is armed and explain his worry on not being able to confirm if they ARE police.

    Either way tragic situation.

  13. For a country that has 2A, police departments do not have a standard of procedure that acknowledges armed citizens. And the right to answer the door armed.

  14. Who the hell rushes out pointing a gun when someone knocks on the door w/o looking out first or consideration for what they are putting themselves into? You're safe inside and if someone crashes in, then take action. You can't blame the police for shooting someone coming out pointing a gun, that's pure stupidity. Doesn't matter that they went to the wrong address, they (the Police) still have to deal with whatever comes at them.

  15. What a terrible world we live in when u r sleeping and ten minutes later u r dead. U can't even protect yourself nowadays. What a shame. I feel really sorry for the children

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