It’s a very common concept on social media that “if you were really a good cop you’d expose bad cops.” Despite having content and an approach to being unafraid and unashamed of calling it like I see it, for better or worse among cops, this should make it clear 🙂

I still expect trolls to be unsatisfied because they wouldn’t be happy without being miserable.

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Author: rafael.nieves


28 thoughts on “EXPOSING ALL BAD COPS!

  1. I like how he's putting the onus on everyone else who isn't a police officer to humanize police officers, as he sits in front of an altered American flag allegedly meant to represent camaraderie he has with his fellow officers. You know why people don't humanize police officers? You want to know why it's difficult for the general public to humanize police officers? It's because from the moment you all walk out of the academy, every interaction you have with people turns into you asserting more into a situation then was actually there or more than what needs to be there.

  2. Thank you Mike!!! You are saying exactly what I have been saying to other's who have been blasting the Officer's of this country…. Thank you again!! 🇺🇸🦋

  3. Why are all LE officers and applicants not required to take the Psychopath test? Any who test as being narcissistic, sociopathic, or psychopathic get fired or rejected on the spot. It's inexpensive and readily available around the country.

  4. The violent cops, the 17 yr cop arrested for human trafficking, who do you think arrested them? Cops! That's so great. Let's not act like the day of the incident resulting in their arrests was the first time they acted in such a manner. How many times were they violent or abusive, how many years did they traffic humans, when they had no consequence at all? How long did they get away with those behaviors, BECAUSE other cops either did nothing, or because other cops shared in the behavior?

  5. One thing i think is, although i do think that of course most of the cops are good and are just trying to do a good and honest job. There are are too many bad cops out there then it should. And worst theres too many people in power that support them or protect them. And there is a lot or racism mostly institutionalized racism in the police (once again i think the majority of them ain't like that but there's still too much that ate and people that protect them). There's is a lot of shit especially to do with racism and police brutality that have to change. And for that to happen i think that there should be a better training and mental test and those officers (the minority of them i know) thay do those things need to suffer the consequences for their actions allways instead of just sometimes. And for that all to happen we can't have people in power that protect those officers, ignore the problem and are not willing to do any change. And we also need more and more good officers working instead of that minority that unfortunately stills too big of bad ones. Other then that good job

  6. A bad cop is someone who is corrupt and abusive, or could be someone who sits back and lets the misconduct happen and not do anything about it. A good cop would try to stop the misconduct or report them to a superior. Preferably stop them in the act. Like with the George Floyd case. That Asian cop just standing there not doing anything to stop that cop from killing George. They are both bad cops. A good cop would have pulled him off of Floyd and reported it. So its not about exposing every single bad cop in the country, that is totally absurd but doing something about it in your own department.

  7. I appreciate your content. Off the cuff is hilarious, and its clear that you put in a bunch of effort putting out good information. I got pulledover by a lady stater. I remembered what you said. She was so thrilled she let me off. So you are rad, and good points.

  8. Hey Mike, a survey years ago said that if you buy a good car you will tell 4 people. If you buy a lemon you will tell 14. We need more channels like your that speak positively about the profession and exposes the human side of cops. You need to have 4 times more video than there are about bad cops.

  9. Ok I'm late coming to this, but if you spent all your time TALKING about bad cops, when would you ever have time to actually arrest them? Or anyone else for that matter? Good to know you're not feeding into the keyboard commandos. Keep it up Mike!

  10. I think it's idiotic for people to say "if there were good cops there would be no bad cops"
    The thing that makes me mad is when you see YT videos of cops getting arrested and they are treated differently than a civilian would be
    They should be treated just like anyone else being arrested
    They are a criminal at that point

  11. This is the bad cops that got arrested… What about the ones that got off with "professional courtesy"?
    There's about 680,000cops in country. If 6800 are bad. Well, if one percent of babys got dropped by the doctors…well I'm certain that the feds would be looking into this.

  12. Hey wait instead of making a new channel just make a specific playlist within this Mike the cop channel, and make that playlist all around the bad cops, and then BOOM, even people who hate police but watch those videos would be forced to see your other videos in the "suggested for you" section, and eventually I'd hope they'd just get curious about your other videos and watch them too, and you may win some hearts man.

  13. That got you riled up. Screw the keyboard warriors. I have challenged them to fights. My name and phone. Not one responded. A waste of time. Good or bad cop if I stay calm and behave things go fine. That's why we have courts. Tough, tough job. Being polite works in all cases. Gets a better result. I am wild by nature and have told cops, prosecutors and judges off. How I have a clean record and a permit in CONNECTICUT is beyond me. I can tell you are one of the good guys. Hate breeds hate and is useless. Good job Mike.

  14. when the supremes decided that cops could legally lie to anyone anywhere, that is the moment that cops lost all respect….. who can respect someone that lies to your face.

    no excuses, don't even try………….

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