Exclusive Interview: Ex-President Manuel Zelaya – The Crisis in Honduras

Former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a coup d’état in 2009, talks to Laura Carlsen about the origins and consequences of the crisis in His country.

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26 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Ex-President Manuel Zelaya – The Crisis in Honduras

  1. Como le dan oportunidad a ese henemigo de ese país si el es el promotor de toda la desgracia de ese país el metió las avionetas de todos esos corruptos el es el causante de tanta gente que murió en ese gobierno hombre corrutto odiado por ese pobre pueblo honduras asco da ver cómo. Le siguen dando vuelo a ese traidor .Celaya hombre más orrible enemigo del país .igual a ese que tienen de Juan horlado ese Celaya ni sabe hablar porque es un burro no tiene estudio traidor.no se conforman con todo lo que le an robado a ese pobre pueblo de Honduras

  2. Ese corrupto fue el que abrio las puertas de par en par, para que los narcos
    colombianos y venezilanos entraran como pedro a su casa a Honduras. Gracias a Dios
    ya se extraditaron mas de 30 narcos y politicos corruptos a los Estados Unidos, y los
    que faltan como ese vago internacional de Zelaya.

  3. Zelaya’s increasing minimum wage by 80% resulted in 60% of the unskilled labor force being laid off. A whole host of other programs and corruption drove Honduras deeper into debt. Previous presidents weren’t good for Honduras, but Zelaya’s policies are what brought the current problems. The right wing party in control now is in control because Hondurans were so put out with the failures of the left wing party. The right wing party corrupt too can’t fix things because it is virtually impossible to role back laws regardless of how bad they are, once they are in place.

    Zelaya was attempting to replicate policies and changes in Honduran law to replicate what was happening in Venezuela. Just was Venezuela is collapsing under those laws, so is Honduras.

    Massive unemployment caused directly by Zelaya's policies is why Honduras is having so many problems with cartels right now.

    If Honduras would do the following, it would go a long way towards fixing the country
    – Pass and enforce Statutory Rape Laws
    – Pass and enforce Child Labor Laws
    – Pass and enforce Truancy Laws
    – Pass and enforce a VAT Consumption Tax
    – Pass and enforce reasonable Corporate Taxes
    – Pass and enforce reasonable international telecommunication taxes.

    As far as I can tell individuals pay no taxes in Honduras. Small businesses (pulperia, second hand clothing stores, etc) pay no taxes. Large companies like clothing manufacturers and agricultural export companies pay exorbitant taxes.

    Honduras's politicians have set up a country that keeps the poor, poor and the rich, rich. Insiders like Zelaya remain rich. Zelaya has done nothing to help the poor other than a dramatic increase the minimum wage, which resulted in huge numbers of of jobs lost.

    Honduras needs reforms and they will not listen to anyone that really wants the country to do better. No one wants to listen though, because no one wants to pay taxes, everyone wants cheap young labor, and men love young girls.

  4. He does not realize all life including humans will be extinct in well under a decade, perhaps just a few years after an ice-free Arctic triggers and abrupt spike in temperatures. They have already seen 140F in the Middle East and these temperature spikes will rage through Central America and Africa. Crop losses and famine will be everywhere, and it is already exponentially accelerating all around the world. No se da cuenta de que toda la vida, incluidos los humanos, se extinguirá en menos de una década, tal vez solo unos años después de que un Ártico sin hielo desencadena y un pico abrupto en las temperaturas. Ya han visto 140F en el Medio Oriente y estos picos de temperatura se desatarán en América Central y África. Las pérdidas de cultivos y la hambruna estarán en todas partes, y ya se está acelerando exponencialmente en todo el mundo.

  5. President Zelaya I am here to assist you when you have come to the conclusion that peaceful, nonviolent protest his not going to ever get anywhere and that the only remaining option is lucha armada.

  6. NEED VERBAL TRANSLATION. I'm definitely not interested in trying to read a bunch of sub-text, or whatever it's called, that flies by too quickly. This video is of no use to me.

  7. This guy was a total criminal during his pre-political days. He illigally deforested protected forests, managed businesses like a mafioso and put hits on people and their families that got in his way. Everything that he is criticizing about the current president he did the same if not worse.

  8. Can the United States of America get an exorcism? I'm not qualified, I'm not even religious, but for the love of God. IT IS GOD HIMSELF WHO COMMANDS YOU!

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