Ex-girlfriend Testifies In Travis Rudolph Trial, “I Was Upset”

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Author: phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “Ex-girlfriend Testifies In Travis Rudolph Trial, “I Was Upset”

  1. True simps….ready to kill a man off her word of mouth. I never seen a person more worthy of Donkey Of The Day!

  2. If she ever lied on the stand, she can be charged with committing perjury (that’s up to the prosecutor though). Now, if Travis wants to file a civil suit for emotional distress and defamation, he might have a case. This is one of those situations where you might not get a big payout, but it’s the principle that matters. Someone died because she lied. She’s evil.

  3. Wow. This is absolutely terrible. She is wrong and needs to be in prison. Cheater. Liar. Responsible for someone's death and willing to let someone just rot in jail. Pathetic.

  4. She got her own brother killed, this B** should be locked up on some charges. She instigated the whole damn thing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  5. Wow!! She still believe she was in the right. This Bih was on the stand cocky Af like it was a no brainer 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. All im saying is: redpill talking points are going mainstream not because of men pushing them, but because of women proving them. Every. Single. Day.

  7. This man career is tainted and have a record due to the scorned of this lying jezebel spirit and all the enemy of darkness legions that has been strongholding her mindset to her intent and plot plan to caused harm because she was bitter, hurt, rejected, and had resentment

    Plus her testimony was, he didn't asked whether she was married; so she kept that secret to herself and continued with their affairs of the flesh and entanglements

    Stay faithful and follow God's word, rules, laws, principles, precepts, statues, ordinances, commands, and walk upright in all things do and say

    Devious wicked spirited lady

  8. Anyone watch the trial? This female has such a nasty attitude considering she got someone killed. Yea she didn’t actually shoot dude and all that but fact is if she didn’t act up none of this would have happened

  9. Put her in PRISON. She is very dangerous.

    The state attorney needs to charged this jezebel and she plotted and lies.

    Plus she is married and cheating. All this are spiritual warfare strongholds.

    He was acquitted and better thank God for giving him another chance and spared him from and leave other people's wives alone and VET VET VET everyone.

    More importantly, STOP STOP STOP all these unfruitful affairs and entanglements;

    stay faithful and fruitful to one women and stop sleeping around.

    The enemy of darkness is at work and has stronghold her mindset to and due to rejection, resentment, and bitter

    That husband of hers sought that divorce attorney asap and set boundaries with her lying tongue that is an abomination

  10. I think before speaking on a case he should know details..bcuz he would’ve known that Travis didn’t even know she was married

  11. I don’t know how many times we have to see a man lose their income, go to jail, or get their shit peeled back over a woman’s “honor” before we realize that theirs probably a much more intelligent way to settle those kinds of issues. Motherf*ckers watch too many movies. In real life you don’t ride off into the sunset. You suffer the consequences.

  12. She needs to be under the prison women like this are dangerous to everyone they will get people killed over nothing I had a personal experience with this my cousin was killed in 2015 by his ex girlfriends brother because she told her brother my cousin beat her when all he actually did was break up with her and kick her out of his house

  13. My Cousin BEAT THAT CASE!!! I Just Hope He Can Get Back To Playing Football!! and This FEMALE Needs To Be Put Away! She's the PURE Example of a female Who Wants To See The Downfall Of A Man By Any Means!!

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