Europe’s war on refugees | The Chris Hedges Report

In their book, ‘Map of Hope and Sorrow,’ co-authors Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan trace the stories of five refugees trapped in Greece’s brutal refugee camps.

Helen Benedict is a novelist and journalist. Her previous books include ‘The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq’, and ‘Wolf Season’.

Eyad Awwadawnan, formerly a law student from Damascus, Syria, is a writer and poet currently living as an asylum-seeker in Reykjavik, Iceland. During his four years in Greece, he worked as a cultural mediator, translator and interpreter for various NGOs.

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44 thoughts on “Europe’s war on refugees | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. You didn’t stay to fight and protect your country because you didn’t want to pick a side, how could anyone expect these cowards to fight for the DEMOCRATIC country that foolishly accepts and able bodied adult male. They only refugees should be women and children!

  2. This woman must think we are stupid. Greece was overwhelmed by them while their own citizens were suffering under austerity they had millions of them marching throughout the greek islands.

  3. Chris you sympathize but go live on samos next to that camp and then you will know the truth. Only then you will know the violence and brutality these invadors are capable of.

  4. Europe can’t even take care of their own people. Europe is doomed. I live in Switzerland, one of the richest countries in the world. Good luck finding a doctor or a nurse. All services are in decline. Overpopulation has killed Switzerland and is killing Europe (and the rest of the planet).

  5. You can't create peace and prosperity in your own country. Europe took in millions of immigrants. What do you expect? That we will take in the whole Middle East and Africa? That we will endlessly support self entitled immigrants coming from totally different cultures? Recently I have read statistics from Germany. 70% of immigrants do not work. They have children, receive social support, so they do not need to work. But we have to pay for their support and work longer, harder, and pay higher and higher taxes. Why it has to be European responsibility to take care of the immigrants, particularly that majority of them come to Europe just to better their economic situation? Why, rich Muslim countries, do not take them in? I am sorry, but our culture has value for us, and we don't want to change it and replace churches with minarets. No. Enough is enough. Make these movies in Arabic and address them to Saudis and other Muslim countries. Our compassion has its limits. We are just used and furthermore I perceive it as a war against the West. If we as citizens do not take a hard stand against woke government's immigration politics, we will be finish soon both culturally and economically and Europe will be ruined. Already we almost are.

  6. Loook at coutriesz like Ukraine, Poland, and Eastern Block in general, they wanted to change and they changed, Arabs, Africans and Asians are not willing to do anything, but just relocated and in thousands, or immigrates illegally to Christian-Western countries and critisize them. It is unnacceptable by any civilized standards. Go back to you own country and fight for your freedom, or ask Muslim brothers to help you, but as the matter of fatc Muslim don't care about own people. Among Syrians in France among 100 "refugees" one was qualifiyng as a factual refugee, and all men!

  7. Thank you so much.. Mr Hedges for high lighting this… tonight I spoke with a Greek on this matter before I saw your report..I my self help refugees or for economic reasons..

  8. TBH, and I'm sad to say that the west doesn't want a lot of these immigrants because they bring their own heartless, morally bankrupt and corrupt cultures with them.

  9. The refugee do not want to go to other Muslims country's that do not have welfare like Europe they can easily go to Muslim countries the Ukrainian go to Christian country's and have no problem to assimilate not having or wanting to spread their religion because it is the same so why take refugees that can't or won't assimilate and hav nothing in common with Europe

  10. Do we need another commie propaganda machine? Will you ever do a story on why Nigeria is so anti diverse has such high institutional black supremacy?

  11. Open the door to your own house to the homeless and let them live there Forever (because they won't leave). Only then you will have any fucking moral authority to criticize.
    And don't believe them. It's been proved there are many good places to live in Syria, and the majority of these parasites want to take advantage of Europe's welfare state, and way to many of them want to do there part in the Islamification.

  12. Its understandable that many innocent people come to safe places and seek a peaceful life. The problems are mostly with those imigrants who brings their values and tries to implement it at the countries where they should treat themselves as guests, and should behave appropriately

  13. Poland is not heartless nor it refuses to accept refugees. We accepted the highest number of refugees from neighbouring counties in Europe in the last 2 years, people who escaped war and authoritarian repressions for whom we are the first safe country and the only hope: Ukrainians, Georgians, Belarusians. We have the sharpest acceptance increase of visa applications among all EU countries for people who decide to come to EU legally and are subjected to safety screenings. We refuse to accept illegal migrants from countries with no war or economic migrants who are no in danger of being prosecuted for their beliefs, religion or political standing. Those people can apply legally to stay in the EU. Poland cares about safety the most. We border Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. We have a war on our Eastern border and we are the first line of defense. Russia and Belarus are conducting a hybrid warfare against us and they use migrants from Middle East and Africa who are misinformed, used, exploited. They pay human traffickers and Belarusian regime to smuggle them into EU. We can't let them in. That's against the law. Also, don't get fooled. Watch this first: or this:

  14. There's no war on refugees. However there's definitely a refusal to house people who hate or reject the host culture.

    As we speak there's hundreds of thousands of refugees in Poland and Hungary as well as most people are welcome there. Why? Because there's a very narrow section of outsiders who cause problems. And, well, pattern recognition is an evolutionary trait that has been vital to our survival.

    I'm sympathetic and feel for good people seeking refuge. We immigrated to Canada in the early 80s when people like my father could disappear for disagreeing with The Party. But we acclimated to our new homes instead of asking our hosts to cater to us. I know plenty of excellent Muslims and they'll all tell you they have people within their own communities who have ill will towards our way of life. This isn't disputable. So what's a people to do? Welcome those with animosity towards them into their homes?

    This isn't as simple as refugees good and those resisting them bad. The area near the city of my birth saw over 400 000 uninvited guests roll through in 2015. And many of those visitors were outright hostile to my family who tried to help them. Just as I can't blame people for seeking refuge I can't help my former countrymen for protecting themselves. Life is messy and we all need to do better.

  15. There is so much false information and bullshit and lies, Europe is not big enough to house all muslims in the world, our way of life is getting worse and worse, cause of all these migrants. We are getting higher and higher taxes, and our Elderly is not getting the care they need. And since 2015, and before our minority communies has been shattered, by the influx of migrants from the middleeast. Sweden invited alot of ppl from the middleeast, and they now have the 2nd highest rape numbers in the World. Only a Very small number of Europeans welcomed these migrants, it was forced migration on the European people, except in Gernmany and sweden, where they was invited. NGOs, worked with the smugglers to get em into greece and Italy, and the NGOs earned heavily on this. But when the formentioned countries rejected the Ngos and the ppl they ferried, the migrants got frustrated and lashed out on the Ngos on the ship, which made it dangerous, so the ngos stopped ferrying them, so now they all drown. The Migrants which they are according to the UN charter, shattered people lives and buissnesses, on all the small Greek islands, where they flooded them in the 1000s. Your video is incredible one sided, its appauling to see.

  16. I’m sorry I have no respect for military age men who flee instead of fight for their homeland. I understand woman children and old men. But you leave for freedom but then ask for help when they wouldn’t help themselves. Of course the Greeks don’t want them their with that mess. Freedom has never been given, somebody has to fight and die to get it

  17. I live in Cyprus and am witness first hand of a lots of problems and disrespect from those so called "refugees ". Their refusal to integrate and obide the rules of the host nation. So spare me the woke liberal propaganda. What I see around me is not what you're trying to convey.

  18. What a lot of Arabs “refugees” has been doing in Europe? No respect of woman, illegal activities and aggressive behaviour are common in the main cities. Go and ask anyone. So don’t play victim

  19. So the men pd Syria and Afghanistan etc have no problem with violence as lomg as its only directed against women. Then, they are big strong men and eager to assert their power to aatisfy their honor
    But when abother man with a gun confronts them, takes up arms against them, even when their aggressors are ISIS, as worthy a fight as the figgt against the Nazis, then those men-who are manufactured for violence by their culture, violence against their daughters and wives and sisters and even mothers, then those same men throw down their arms and renounce violence and declare that they only want peace, that they dont wish to fight their "brothers" the terrorists. They demand our sympathy and avow their love of peace. And they want 'asylum', they present themselves as victims, and they expect the taxpayers and citizens who build great civilisations, to care for them in perpetuity. They demand that we forget that these men practice chattel slavery, that for their wives and daughters and sisters they have always been petit despots, jealously gaurding their power.

    Middle Eastern Muslim men are petit despots. The deal they have made with the strong men of their countries is that they accept rule by despots, and in return they are vested with absolute power and authority over half the population, and the individual female members of their family.

    They are slavers. They hold human property. They can never be refugees.

    And increasingly, the West is waking up to the savages among us, posing as refugees.

  20. Europa got nothing to do with war in Siria ,why Europe as to take them in ,,It’s they government problem
    They not taking no responsibility of they own people , we have enough of this!,

  21. I am a UK citizen and I cannot even settle in Greece without significant amount of money. I would love to leave the UK for a country that is protecting it's own people and country, unlike our own. We have seen more rise in violent crimes by asylum seekers, beheading of gay men, rapes of very young girls, theft and knife crimes to name a few and this is in a country that gives them money, food, hotel rooms, medical care, dentist all free! The tax payers are supporting hundreds of thousands waiting for their visa's and those granted to stay still living off tax payers money. This is costing millions every day. Where is the appreciation, just to be law abiding would help.

  22. It is impossible to control. The problem starts in our home countries, It is natural to want to escape but the way to and the pressure on the country that we are heading to is too much.

  23. The Russiagate interview has 23k likes in 3 months;
    This Plight of Refugees interview has less than 2k 5 months in

    My fellow working class Westerners are a lot of pro imperial pig, a lot if not most of the political resentment polling is misrepresented as ‘our anti establishment allies’ ;
    Humanitarians are not a popular majority, labor dreams of hedonism, to be rich and lazy as they imagine their imaginary idols

  24. How come no asks 6 of the worlds Richest Countries The GCC Countries like Qatar or Saudi Arabia don't take Refugees at all, An Arab person from Syria or Iraq has more in common with Gulf Countries

  25. Don’t we have a moral obligation to keep these poor deluded lemmings out of this racist capitalist hellhole. Why would they even want to come here when they have countless socialist paradises to choose from Nicaragua, Venezuela, the new Marxist non racist South Africa ect. Wouldn’t indulging their delusions & victimizing them with slave wages be the true war crime?

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