Trump Threatens Military Force If Violence In States Isn’t Stopped – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


37 thoughts on “Trump Threatens Military Force If Violence In States Isn’t Stopped”
  1. Trump said "Justice will be serve, and he will not die in vain" WTF If there was justice, George wouldn't have died!!!!! Problem to me seems like people have two definition of justice…. this is so frustrating…. this shouldn't be so hard

  2. Regrettably, the struggles of the 60-70s proves former advocates were not radical enough. Instead of a compromise there should be calls for increased agitation and organized civil disobedience.  Every State capitol should be marched upon with demands for radical change.  All police departments must come under State and Federal oversight. A national standard of policing must be established. Rogue departments like Brunswick, Georgia, Ferguson Missouri and others should be decertified and defunded and the officers fired, investigated and prosecuted. As if to make my point even when confronted with proof cop leaders deny, evade and make excuses.  Most importantly, America must strip police chiefs of the power of kings in ruling their departments. Each department is like an empire subject to the whims of their chief who wields the power of life and death over the population.  To his subordinates the chief offers power, wealth and recognition that become a cop’s ultimate’s prize.  While seeking approval cops compete for attention in any way possible. The social status enjoyed by cops is absurd as viewed by those attending police functions. You’d be amazed at the trophy wives of the police brass. You’ll not often see such bling, sexy low cut dresses and high heels as those they sport.

  3. Lmaoooo I’m done. These fools are doing everything they can to keep us divided. Trump is the beacon of TRUE change. Never in the history of this country has there been a president more hated and lied about. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! The time to think for yourself is NOW! Stop letting the media lie to you and do your own research and fact checking because people like Charlemagne are manipulating the narrative eto you to fit their agenda.

  4. Charlemagne is on some bullshit…👇🏿

    1. Trump said nothing wrong, he vowed to get justice for George Floyd.

    2. He said he is an ally for peaceful protesters.

    3. He's the one allowing you to stay strapped via maintaining the 2nd amendment right, whereas, the democrats wanna take your guns, pump you full of mandatory vaccines, and leave you defenseless of an imminent take-over by the deep state.

    4) Trump is referring to looters and violent protesters… Wouldn't you want someone to put a stop to your mom n dads shop being looted? Or a loved one caught in the crossfire of two violent and angry sides?

    5) Lastly… Trump will be the 2021 president. Martial Law will be implemented and elections will be suspended to carry over his term. It's already in there plans… It's done already, and you should be happy about it.

    Don't let the lying news spin the truth and make you hate the man truly trying to save the country. He's not perfect, but the alternative would be way more bleak.

    I dunno how he does it… It must be hard to fight for people that spit on you every day. History will tell it though… Stay tuned.

  5. You are a leftist sucker . Your job is to divide people , hopefully a lot of people don’t get hooked on your trigger words. Jesus Christ bless us all. Idk who your god is but I have an idea. Human lives matter.

  6. Everyone needs to stop listening to fake celebrities media news. If you really want to know the truth, Go watch Young Pharaoh you tube channel, He really break it down with real truth and facts. The breakfast club is the real celebrity donkey. They never back up there view with actual truth content. They are no different than main streams news media. The donkey of day and everyday goes to drum roll please…..The Breakfast club. LOL!

  7. Soooo… the kkk can "peacefully protest" with AR's and AK's and still the cops don't shove them on the ground or shoot rubber bullets, tear gas…. but I don't even wanna think about what would happen if the peaceful protesters fighting against racial injustice and police brutality carried around similar weapons…🤔🤔

  8. It's a Shame How these so called rich do crimes and they take there time Making devil's like Crookbama to pay for there Crime.

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