Texas Dad Strips Down At School Board Meeting To Prove A Point About Mask Mandates – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


26 thoughts on “Texas Dad Strips Down At School Board Meeting To Prove A Point About Mask Mandates”
  1. So why does he get the donkey of the day..I'm talking about the guy who stripped..He made a point.. People keep saying it's pro choice.But there are hundreds of laws and guidelines that needs to be followed every day by people.So yeah u need to take him off

  2. Stripper dude was spot on in his explanation. A bit over the top but point well received. He didn't run lights or any of the other things he said, just making a powerful point. He should not be Donkey of the Day. People are dying.

  3. Awesome good point, you can make choices, and there are consequences to making bad choices. You don't want to wear a mask, you get sick. You took your clothes off in a school, and now you are on a sex offender list. Good job.

  4. He's definite not a donkey of the day, this needs to be retracted and reissued hero of the day… He drove home his point masterfully

  5. These people done GONE CRAZY!!! Those 45ers are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES IVE EVER SEEN!! For law and order…. Attack the Capital (too many reasons to go into HOW HYPOCRITICAL THAT ONE STATEMENT IS), support law and order …. Attack the Capital and …… DONT WANNA WEAR A MASK AND NOW, WERE gonna get to the point where they don’t follow ANY LAWS OR RULES BUT ARE FOR LAW AND ORDER ANDDDDDDDD can’t understand or follow The Constitution 😳🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  6. Half mfs not wearing their masks properly plus if u can smell a fart thru a mask then Im sure a virus can seep thru also ijs lol

  7. So explain to me why Sweden hadn't had mask mandates or lockdowns and has the less cases on Earth tho? This an issue that needs to be talked about less in the media

  8. White people wearing shorts in the winter can’t be a much different feeling than when the young African homies walk around with their boxers out in February. Don’t cap like one layer of boxer is keeping you warm.

  9. The point that he was making is that the ppl that are against the mask and about their kids wearing them are the same ppl that had a problem with him taking his clothes off so how can u tell somebody that they can’t take their clothes off when u are doing the same thing when ur not wearing a mask how do u have the right to tell someone else to do something when ur not doing what they are asking u to do it’s a 2 way street

  10. I don’t understand why ppl are making such a big deal about wearing a mask it’s not that big of a deal and if ppl don’t want u to come in there place of Business without a mask on u should respect their wishes bc ppl wouldn’t like if they had a rule that u had to take off ur shoes before entering their home are u going to be happy if they told u to stick ur rules up ur ass and just come in ur place with dirty shoes all they are trying to do is protect other people that’s like me getting mad because I have to wear a mask because I not vaccinated but I still respect their point and I respect the fact that I need to wear a mask and u need proof That you’re vaccinated to go to concerts and certain venues and I’m ok with that it their right to not let me attend

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