Conservative Columnist Struggles To Define “Wokeness” After Speaking On The Dangers Of “Being Woke” – Everything Law and Order Blog

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By phillyfinest369


34 thoughts on “Conservative Columnist Struggles To Define “Wokeness” After Speaking On The Dangers Of “Being Woke””
  1. These people are hating on something they know nothing about, promoting fear about something they know nothing about, and people following these fools. I guess the people who follow these fools would be woke too if they realized they don't know what the hell they are talking about.

  2. Shoutouts to the lady who asked to explain the definition of that word. I bet if you asked 50 conservatives what "woke", "diversity", or "equity" means, you'll get 50 different answers. But if you asked all 50 of them if these terms benefit them, all 50 would say "no". Which is the point!

    Gotta start asking everyone to define the things they are against.

  3. Man I been saying this forever. When I think of woke I think of MoS Def, Blackstar, common, public enemy, learning about Fred Hampton etc. white conservatives stole the word and use it to describe the lgbtq community and diversity in media. 2 totally different meanings.

  4. No, no, no! You can't hate what you don't know and clearly don't know how to define. You are a part of the problem. Not the woke people. She stuttered real bad.

  5. When Republicans complained about people being woke, the only hate when you oppose racism, they're just letting you know that they're racist that's all

  6. How come we talking bout a white person being racist yet you refer to white people as mayonnaise isn’t that racist

  7. She said it's because Bryanna said something means about parents on a hot mic 5 mins earlier … Thats how republicans take accountability ..

  8. Woke is black people realizing how much wealth, power and virtue they have been robbed of throughout history. They fear black pride and empowerment.

  9. Krakkas' version of woke means to not go along with their bullshit. Simple as that lmao. Krakkas want all black people to join the KKK lol

  10. Charlamange ties anything legal he doesn't like to republicans, like democrats dont use woke in the same context.

  11. Woke has become a catch-all term for anything that goes against what they stand for. You’d get the same reaction if you asked a MAGA Republican to define CRT, explain the “deep state”, tell the difference between the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare, and SO many other things. They hear people on TV say shit and they run with it.

  12. Charlemagne flip flopping. Not too long ago his masters at the DNC considered defunding the police as being "woke" and a bad political strategy. Biden pledged to give billions to law enforcement in defiance of the idea. There's video of Charlemagne complaining about this or that being woke. Don't switch up now. All sellouts, like the NAACP recently, are being put on notice.

  13. The Trumpublican party is engaged in a Culture War on America. They've been at this war for decades. They don't believe in anything except turning back the clock on all the freedom and rights that certain groups have gained in the last few decades. The Republicans have embraced MAGA ideology because that's what they've been fighting for since the Civil Rights era and Women's Rights. The Democratic Party has failed to challenge this. They mostly don't know how to challenge MAGA. Instead of debating the MAGA believers the Democrats avoid them.

  14. Crha the God, how could you not give Briahna a clue’s bomb drop for putting her on the spot and then informing her that she can take her time with the answer?!

  15. Should’ve been happened but you definitely gotta give your boy Tax donkey of the day man’s ruined his whole career

  16. Honestly, majority of people who complain about "Wokeness" have zero definitive definition of what it is and even a clue of how to describe it…😐

    My advice to those people:

    "Cause you know who you are…" when you get upset about people talking about them being upset with their own grievances or their opinions about the country they themselves pay taxes in your just the opposite side of that coin and you just wanna write it off as "Woke" 😒

    Just admit you hate progressive society and move on, stop using the word Woke as shorter way to describe how close-minded of an individual you truly are. It's honestly pathetic. 🤔

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