DOT INSPECTION LEVEL 2 * **Must See**** Part 1

Utah/ Arizona I-15 South bound port of entry. If you’re a trucker and you plan on rolling through here in the AM be prepared to deal with this. Make sure your logs and paperwork is in place. These hybrid human robots are out here to create that income for their state, under the false disguise of safety.

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49 thoughts on “DOT INSPECTION LEVEL 2 * **Must See**** Part 1

  1. when they want to do inspection on my truck i read them my fifth amendment cant be held to answer for a capital or to incriminate myself they cant do anything else can be on my way hahahahah

  2. Well, if the "officer" knew what he was doing, he could pull up the details and see for himself instead of asking the driver. He's digging, hoping you'd incriminate yourself…lol. what a boob

  3. The government fought so hard to get these electronic logs in these trucks so we can be easier for them but I think they find it to be annoying to them because everything is legal and up to date now if you had to paper log he probably would have wrote you a citation cuz it looks like it to me that he can't find any violations at least try and hard to give you a ticket

  4. The law officer should go back to get his education from preschool and redo the rest of his education because what respect did he the driver because the officer just kept on wiping his nose plus the computer all ready did his so called job and to keep asking a question when the answers where on the driver elog plus the driver was Not in any shape or format in any criminal for body harms way except the law officer spreading germs which is body harm for transferring bacteria on another person property…………..

  5. Not sure what the big deal is. He looked at your paperwork and logs. Did you get a ticket? Did he shut you down for 8 hours? I started trucking in 1979 and have been thru many dot inspections. This dot guy looked cool to me.

  6. There, you are guilty until proven innocent.
    But why are you answering his questions without a lawyer present? Since you are detained why not exercise the 5th and remain silent?

  7. He's doing his job. If you don't like it change professions. By law he can take a fine tooth comb over the truck if he wants and keep you there for hours. You wanted to get your CDL but don't want to be tied up, I get it but you're under a different law now so stop whining and respect the people doing their job or like I said CHANGE PROFESSIONS!

  8. that cop, whom ever hired him and whom ever hired that person as well, should all be fired and banned from public service for being to damn stupid to be useful to anyone.

  9. I know I made a few comments but this dumb dumb doesn't even know what he's looking at you can see the confusion in this face he's just looking for something to write a ticket about like I said gang members and Bullies hiding behind badges

  10. I guarantee you it's hard as he's looking at that log book I bet if you gave it to him and told him to start doing it legally he could tell you how I bet if you gave him a pen and a logbook he couldn't fill it out but he can write you a ticket for not doing it right he couldn't do it himself

  11. Typical gang members hiding behind the badge. Tickets for things they don't even know what they're talking about most. Cops the only time they've been in a truck is to write a ticket they know nothing about a truck door how to drive a truck and nothing about the lifestyle they wake up everyday deciding how much of an ass they want to be

  12. Your mother didn’t love you enough so you had to go get some fakeass tattoos become a truck driver and hassle this cop. Tell me what truck stop you are at and see if I let you take that “tone” with me (think before you answer)

  13. Even worse is one that thinks he knows something about law enforcement. Question to them////What are you doing driving a truck? Go be a cop and stop pretending to think you know even a tenth of a percent of what it takes to put those usdot manuals together.

    Go back to driving trucks!!! And stop using “sleeping birth” to watch and comment on YouTube videos off duty / not driving

  14. Nothing worse than an entitled tattooed Millennial truck driver that lies on his sleeping birth time. If it had been “i” …you would have been sitting there for the next 10 hours and you would have been lucky if “i” would have even let your lying ass even keep your keys to run the a/c….probably would have even had your psych professionally evaluated…had the fire department come out and watch you from a distance…(officer involved) Code 10

  15. I've researched this again…..I'm more certain than before this DOT STATE AGENT needs to resign or retire…..or be recycled 100©
    And buy himself some common sense and a new attitude, and a new personality…….oh yeah learn how to read e.log.books correctly…

    If he can't pass the test……. he's gone..!!!!

    Brother Daymond Chief Jones

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