44 thoughts on “Donkey of the Day – Bob Costas (8-15-16)

  1. What's wrong with what Bob Costas said tho? He just stated his personal opinion. I mostly agree with your donkey of the day choices. But not this time around. CTG you actually deserve donkey of the day on this go round.

  2. Ctgay hates the fact when somebody else is opinion is different from his lol all these American's butt hurt that Usain Bolt is the most famous athlete on the planet, everything else Ctgay named that's more famous than Usain is only famous in u.s.a – all these weave hair black girls in new York city may not know, but the world does

  3. Red Stripe was and is licensed in the UK. UK corporations have made money by marketing it as a Jamaican beer so it seems more exotic. The UK owes Jamaicans a huge cheque. A cheque for Red Stripe beer and for money made from "SLAVERY".

  4. Bob Marley could be bigger than Mandela even…not saying what Mandela did was not big but everyone in the world knows Bob Marley, everyone….and if they don't know his name they recognise his face.

  5. You realize he was solely talking about his fame in Jamaica, not the world. Jamaicans do not rep or brag about Bob Marley the same way they do Bolt. You could not get that same amount of people to crowd Kingston square to watch Bob perform, that were watching Bolt.

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