22 thoughts on “Donkey of the Day – Ben Carson (7-22-16)

  1. I don't agree with this one uncle charla.. He was trying to say being spoiled is a disadvantage to the child as a person. They won't know how to cook, definitely can't fight, they will be soft. You trying to paint the picture Ben forgot where he came from but in a nice way he just called Trump and a bunch of other people kids SOFT. He don't get the donkey for this

  2. I think Charlamagne misunderstood what Carson was saying but at the exact same time, Carson is completely wrong. You can work as hard as you want, break your back doing it, but if you don't have some of the connections that your competition has, in this world how it is you will lose every single time. Those kids grow up among dozens and hundreds of connections that can provide them opportunity and will choose them over the hard worker who the connection doesn't have anything personally invested in. It doesn't matter how hard you work when you know the right people you are priveliged with a much easier life and you will succeed regardless of how spoiled or easy your life was for you. It's the nasty truth of any organized society, it's just human nature, tribal mentality leftover from the primal days. Personally I don't have a strong opinion on it cause life is too short to worry about what won't change, but Ben Carson was short sighted, not thinking realistically, and overall just plain wrong about this idea he came up with about disadvantaged rich kids. It's the exact polar opposite, the rich children in question are actually spoiled, sometimes not as hard-working or driven, but also overly advantaged with a road full of opportunities ahead of them at the same time. That's America for you, not to mention the whole rest of the world to. Who you know trumps how hard you work.

  3. He means that being that rich would be a disadvantage. They are given everything. My dad always told me that when I was ALWAYS in need of things, him being of service would be a disservice because I wouldn't feel a need to have morals or values. It makes sense. Being that rich and in need of NOTHING doesn't build character.

  4. Disadvantaged compared to who? I might expect this from someone who was always rich, but Ben Carson came from nothing. So he feels that growing up Ivanka, Tiffany, Eric, Barron, and Donald Jr. had it tougher than him, Curtis, and Fairell… Come on man…

  5. the poverty charlamagne is talking about is exactly the poverty that Ben Carson grew up in. Ben Carson's views may be controversial but Tha God didn't read up cuz this man has seen some very dark days and made it out by hard work and education and perseverance. We credit rappers for having a hit record that only speaks of the same 'ol we always here in rap records, they get rich and buy material items to make them feel as though they've made it in the white man's world, and then tell others they don't have money. Carson made it out of extreme poverty by hard work, and he did it doing things that matter and help others. He's said controversial things for sure, but this man deserves much more credit than he gets, especially from the black community, regardless if you disagree with his views.

  6. well sometimes when kids grow up very rich they become spoiled brats like my brother lived with our grandma and she was by no means a millionaire but she bought him damn near anything he wants and here he is today asking here for many selling drugs about to have a daughter and he has no job… so I kinda see what carson is saying and I think he grew up very poor too so he can see both sides of the spektrum

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