Disgraced politician Joel Greenberg gets trespassed from his in-laws’ house

On February 28, 2021 officers with the Jupiter Police Department responded to the home of Joel Greenberg’s in-laws after his mother-in-law placed a frantic call to 911 while hiding from Joel in her bathroom and then under her bed.

Once a rising Republican star in central Florida politics, Greenberg has experienced a precipitous fall from grace since he was elected tax collector of Seminole County, Florida in 2016. In that election, Greenberg defeated Ray Valdez, an incumbent who had held the office for 30 years — in a reportedly self-funded campaign.

On June 23, 2020 Greenberg’s house was raided by federal law enforcement agents who arrested Greenberg and executed a search warrant on the residence. At the time of his arrest, Greenberg had two fake drivers licenses in his wallet, each containing the personal information of a minor whom he had met online and paid for escort services… but with Greenberg’s photograph. Greenberg had used his position as Tax Collector to facilitate the production of the fake drivers licenses.

In addition, Greenberg used his position as Seminole County Tax Collector to embezzle and divert over $400,000 to benefit himself, including purchases of cryptocurrency, operating a business selling cryptocurrency mining equipment, mining cryptocurrency, and purchasing personal items, such as autographed sports memorabilia. Greenberg was indicted on 33 criminal counts. On May 17, 2021 Greenberg accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to six charges and agreeing to cooperate in what is widely believed to be the investigation of Matt Gaetz.

Remember Keith Ingersoll? The “Drunk Driving the Rolls Royce” guy? He, too, benefited from Greenberg’s largesse-with-public-funds. An Ingersoll company by the name of KI Consulting won a $48,000 contract with the Tax Collector’s Office from September 2017 until September 2020. Auditors who reviewed the contract ultimately concluded that there was “no evidence of work” performed. When questioned, Tax Collector’s Office staff stated that they were “unaware what [KI Consulting] did.”

Ingersoll was reportedly also involved in a real estate deal wherein a bank building was purchased privately for $680,000 and then resold to the Tax Collector’s Office the same day for $810,000, with another $132,000 for the furnishings… that had been explicitly included in the original $680,000 purchase price.

When Real World Police broke the story of Ingersoll’s DUI arrest, we also introduced Aaron Miller, a longtime associate of Ingersoll’s and the reason for Ingersoll’s termination as a Belle Isle Auxiliary Police Officer.

Aaron Miller’s full name is Aaron Christopher Miller, and he has an extensive criminal history in both Florida and Nevada. Using the name Chris Miller, Miller played a prominent role in a shady cryptocurrency operation allegedly funded through embezzled tax collector dollars.

On Miller and Ingersoll, there is much more to the story than we originally reported. Due to space constraints and a preference toward keeping the lights on, additional information will be posted to Patreon and to /r/realworldpolice, but in what remains, some select quotes:

“Mike went on to state that Keith and Chris had committed a fraud case on an older woman in
Brevard County and when Chris went into the house to get the check from the woman, the police moved in and arrested him. The only reason Keith was not arrested was because he stayed in the vehicle while Chris went inside the house.”

“…as recent as a couple of months ago, Chris and Keith and a third person went to a woman named Lois and tried to commit a fraud on her involving a pharmaceutical company owned by Lois. The deal was to get Lois to set up business in the Villages in Lake County. Mike knew this because Lois called Mike the next day and told him what had transpired.”

“…Ingersoll advised Bauer, “You can’t put him [Miller] in jail, he is making money for me” and “I talk to him every day.” Bauer then stated that his mother had been at a Bridge game where she overheard a conversation that John Tegg was doing favors for Ingersoll…”

John B. Tegg III?

City Manager of Belle Isle at the time.

Did I mention that Ingersoll only started his police academy training more than one and a half years after his start date as an auxiliary police officer?





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  2. I’m noticing that he is not questioning why the cops were called to the home. He’s not asking his in-laws, “Why did you call the cops on me?”
    He’s just kind of playing dumb.

  3. why would I wanna watch a video thats nearly all blurred out. Its public record. They're not delta force operators. ffs.

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