Department Violates People While Fueling Propaganda Machine At Your Expense

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They spent all their money on “copaganda” instead of training, so they violate again

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42 thoughts on “Department Violates People While Fueling Propaganda Machine At Your Expense

  1. This police department should get telephone calls daily and tell them how this has got to be the most incompetent police department I have ever seen in my whole life.

  2. So, um…he supposedly was able to get through the fence if a 'Highly Secure Facility' Riiight….this cop and PD is a nightmare.
    Hernandez: I have reasonable suspicion of reasonable suspicion.

  3. When I pick up my camera, absolutely all the laws on my side, 1 on 1, let's see who is better trained combatant.
    I'm not trying to disable. I fight to cripple or kill. I've broken dozens of bones in my life, none of them mine.
    I've never killed, but not from lack of taking their weapon and finding out it wasn't even loaded after pulling the trigger.

  4. Revenue generators. Got a speeding ticket for $175.00. Went to court there were nearly 150 people pleading not guilty. They run traffic court 4 days a week in Monroe la. Average fine $175.00. You MUST show up at 9:00am it might be 5pm before you get to plead. Then you get to come back next month for the trial. There will be 150 people that day too. Mind you these are just the ones that are fighting the often fraudulent ticket. Led me to think how many just send in a check. If it's less than 10% show up to dispute the ticket. That's more than 1.5 million dollars a week just in one city.

  5. Propaganda over training see they don't care about their training. When people say they need more training to deal with people to the cool situations down to deescalate etc etc etc etc etc . COPS / TYRANTS DON'T CARE THIS IS HOW THEY ACT THIS IS WHAT THEY DO THIS IS WHO THEY ARE. So yes I am all about defunding an abolishing police and sheriff's departments I mean even if you would defund them they got civil forfeiture they can fall back on the normal Joe don't know about that. We need somebody to police the police. I'm being serious it can be called constitutional please they go out on calls with the police and if they violate somebody's rights they take their badge on the spot. And they have the authority to do it I mean if you violate somebody's rights you don't get your badge taken you get cuffed and stuffed on the way to County. The constitutional police will be citizens no former law enforcement can get the job. I know it sounds like a joke it's wishful thinking but wtf. I MEAN IF ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION ACTED LIKE THIS THE GOVERNMENT WOULD SHUT THEM DOWN.🤔

  6. JetA is anything but “highly flammable.” You can throw a lit match into an open bucket of it and it won’t even ignite. It’s highly combustible but it burns every bit as slow as the (refined) Diesel fuel that it is. Who trains these people??

  7. These repeat offenders need targeted for huge lawsuits.
    Cities shouldn't be willing to employ cops who have already caused a losing lawsuit.

  8. I love how all these cops remember what RS stands for but always forget that RS is the beginning of a sentence and that the rest of the sentence is more important than the first 2 words.
    "Hey everyone RS is the shortest law in United States of North Korea it ends after the second word Suspicion. Hell the first word we can also ignore if we want and just make up shit! Fuck the public and their rights because I'm to stupid to read the rest of a sentence!!"

  9. So very few of them know the very basics of the job.
    No crime, no detainment or ID.
    How F'ing hard is that to understand?

  10. we the people need to replace those in charge and not allow this shit anymore issues is no normal person want to be in government. so we are left with this and those that enable it

  11. How? How can they be this stupid? If anyone else in the world did their job, so poorly, they would be fired….. These people are unbelievable….

  12. You know how many videos I've seen with cops harassing someone taking pictures especially pictures of police departments and the cops say " well its suspicious because we had someone try to blow up the department a few weeks ago a month or 2 ago" I'm pretty sure if a citizen tryed to plant explosives in a police station or a court house or a city hall people would hear about that. I am pretty sure that would be big news. The blue lives matter people would be eating that shit up. After 9/11/01 policing agencies have been using that propaganda the harass FREE CITIZENS on what SEEMS to be a daily basis. With NO PROOF OF ANY OF THESE SO CALLED DOMESTIC ATTACKS TAKING PLACE. THE POLICE are far to dimwitted to realize if a person was to take pictures for nefarious acts they wouldn't be standing on the side walk with a camera. They would maybe use a drone or they might use a Hidden camera ( easy to get on line) in fact if they were serious about destroying a fuel making Facility I would think they my try to gain employment in said facility and have access to the whole place as a janitor. The mantance man could have a pin in his pocket that has a camera he might wear glasses with a camera. Mantance staff usually have key access to most if not all the facility. These domestic terrorists would NOT be COMBATIVE they would be pleasant and and as unintrusive as possible so no one look at them twice. They maybe need to get the FBI,CIA, TO GIVE THEM COUNTER TERRORISM SPECIALISTS TO TRAIN THEM ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ONLY FALLING SHORT BUT FALLING FLAT ON THEIR FACES. RACKING UP LAW SUITS WE HAVE TO PAY. NOT THEM US. THIS WHOLE THING JUST REEKS OF CLOWN SCHOOL .

  13. Cop acts like he’s some sort of expert. Jet fuel used for airplanes? I thought jet fuel would be used for jets. Highly flammable? Is filming jet fuel going to cause it to ignite? What about filming a gas station?

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