DEBUNKED: Why cops touch the rear of cars – former cop explains this myth

They are Mini miss that circle the Internet this is one that circles law Enforcement.

The myth goes like this. Officers on traffic stops or investigating suspicious vehicles will touch the back of the police car in order to leave a fingerprint on the car

This is never been proven there is no videos or evidence or any fingerprints I have ever been taken from the rear of the car and submitted to prove an officer was with the car.

If you have any videos that show this please submit them to

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31 thoughts on “DEBUNKED: Why cops touch the rear of cars – former cop explains this myth

  1. I suspect the former cop news host is lying because he knows, if the public knows why they do that, and it's just a scare/diversion tactic, it becomes useless. Then again, two of the most lying-est careers to ever lie, so who knows.

  2. I was trained to leave prints on the car to positively identify the vehicle through prints or DNA if they flee. It's good evidence particularly if the car plate is not for the vehicle involved. Don't know where this guy got his training.

  3. Well that makes a lot more sense than the fingerprint most likely the average criminal would know to wipe off at fingerprint…
    I don't like how road pirates touch your car everywhere else they're leaning on it scratching the paint disrespecting your property acting like they're just your best friend. I think a lot of them lean and touch all over our cars because it's a territorial thing and showing us there in control and there's nothing we can do about it and they're hoping to get a rise out of a lot of people and set them off so they can drum up more business….. I'm not referring to the tail light though I'm talkin about everywhere else they put their little oinking hoofs at

  4. Well they are telling me a cops fingerprints on your dirty car just in case something happens
    Have your dirty work truck broke into and have thousands of dollars in tools stolen and have the cops show up and not fingerprint because it to dirty

  5. Totally agree with you as it relates to the fingerprint. I spent 20 weeks in the academy and we trained extensively in officer safety to include traffic stops. As it relates to traffic stops, we were trained to check the trunk of the car for the sole purpose of protecting against ambush as you explain. Additionally, every traffic stop goes out over the air with vehicle information and location. When a plate is not visible/present the phrase "negative plate info" is stated and the vehicles description goes is broadcast. Officers in the area recognize this and will swing by to ensure the officers safety. In today's environment body cameras put the officer at the scene in the event things go south

  6. If your first amendment honestly and asked if you're detained and you're not, you do have to add well that if I'm free to go that I'm free to stay. But yeah I totally agree with the traffic stop yeah yeah get out, get out while you still can!

    And that brings me to a thing where I was talking to an officer about him writing me a ticket in a parking lot because I was parked in front of an embankment that was blocking off parking spaces for use as outdoor seating for a restaurant on private property. So it's a private road it's not a public Road technically it's a roadway if the parking spaces are blocked and what's their blocked you kind of create an automatic right of way there to that side for people to walk by because the sidewalk is covered and so is are the parking spaces

    Becomes the shoulder of the road if you will.

    So then I meet up with him about 4 minutes later on the other side of the parking lot I meet up, other side of the parking lot we're talking and something triggers him and he immediately says well I can write you a ticket right now for that, as I added well no it's been like you broke away let me move didn't give me a ticket you can't now decide later to give me a ticket for that. And he absolutely cannot. Once he has broken from an infraction detention or a traffic stop and has completed it he's done he can't go back later and say oh by the way you weren't wearing a seatbelt I'm not going to give you a ticket for that he has to do that at the stop.

    Am I wrong?

  7. I like hearing this answered by officers who were taught this in the 80 -2003 era. They know why they were trained on it and the class films they had to endure.
    This goes back way further though. So the answer is always based off of the individuals training or his experience.
    Both reasons were taught throughout the country but this is the first time you hear it from a pre 2003 officer. The emergency releases were in cars (not mandated ) in the 80s.
    As a kid we would "prank" other drivers at stop lights by having a guy jump out hands tied and run then someone in the car would chase him.
    Dumb childish prank that a decent officer admitted was funny but caused too much concern so we stopped doing it.
    The officer asked how we got out of the trunk and we showed him the modification to the trunk release latch.
    Oops I disclosed I'm a dinosaur.

  8. Yeah, this is total horseshit. As a cop for 24 years. I was taught to make sure the trunk was closed so I wouldn't be ambushed from behind. In 24 years it only happened once. But that one time could have killed me. I love good cops and I hate bad cops.

  9. Once a member of the blue brotherhood, ALWAYS a member in good standing of the blue brotherhood, therefore, since a pig is authorized to LIE, one has NO reason to believe ANYTHING a member of the brotherhood of the badge, past or present, chooses to oink about.

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