Dear Overweight And Out Of Shape Cop

Dear overweight and out of shape cop isn’t just about cops. It’s about those interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement and really for anyone who wants to be better prepared in their own lives, no matter their career path, to be the best version of themselves they can be and ready to take care of others if and when the unexpected time comes.

Being physically and mentally fit is a benefit for all of us, especially those in a position where they are regularly called upon to use those skills.

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29 thoughts on “Dear Overweight And Out Of Shape Cop

  1. Good to see a cop with this mindset. I dont see how police are allowed to be physically unhealthy. Its not a job. Its a responsibility to be better than an average civilian. A responsibility to protect the community. Because you have the authority to not only assert power over civilians, but sometimes make split second decisions with others lives.
    Yeah cops are still people, but they're people who should strive to be the impossible. Strive to be the best person a person can possibly be.

    Mental and physical evaluations should be every month. No excuses. No exceptions.
    In fact, all government officials with authority should be held to these standards. Only the best of the very best should hold government authority. Being overweight shows a lack of discipline someone with power cannot be allowed to display.

  2. food is no excuse
    because in France as everywhere in the world the cops play sport every day it is an obligation
    but in the USA you are lazy
    You can no longer even run from the blows you draw and shoot for nothing at all ends of the field
    Shame on US cops

  3. I think there's also a basic pragmatics angle here.

    Let's say I'm a suspect being questioned by a cop. If the guy is one type of stereotypical cop (obese donut-gobbler whose giant gut is hanging over his gunbelt), I may run, because my odds are pretty decent that I can get away while he's gasping for breath, palms on his knees, after a few seconds of pursuit.

    If the guy is another kind of stereotypical cop (the jacked up guy who obviously is at the gym for most of his off-duty), then I'm not going to run, because I know he's going to catch me. Hopping obstacles and wrestling me into submission won't be a problem for him, and I know it.

  4. Two cops showed up at my place because they were lost and looking for weed; I pointed them in the general direction, but wanted to politely add "hey, I've seen those weed growers, and you'd better bring sprinters or dogs, not diabetes or a heartattack waiting to happen." They were only young too. 😬

  5. I got really fat while in the military, ending my contract at 6"3 240, since then I've packed on an additional 20 pounds. I have just applied at my local police department and have my test coming up on the 25th, I've been working my ass off to drop the weight seeing that I could at least pass the APFT while at 240. If I can get back down to that weight, I know I can pass the police physical exam, and then I plan on continuing to drop until I'm comfy around 220

  6. Departments can start by giving on the spot bonus or time off award for completing the PT test annually or more regularly. It may not motivate everyone, but it helps to change the culture and over time more will feel the pull as others around then are getting in shape.

  7. Why did most police dept’s get away from having 2 cops to one car? Obviously budget is a factor, but with the political climate being what it is I would think the partner system would get a second look.

  8. I think Donut Operator has a video of a VERY overweight cop who was sloppy with leaving his long gun propped against a civilian car – and he waddles with a limp, slowly to retrieve it, and carries it by the barrel on his way back to his patrol car. The officer could never ever hope to give foot chase to anything but a turtle. He was out of shape in his body and his friggin brain – lol.
    I agree police doing the job police do (unless its a permanent desk job) should be required to pass annual physical fitness tests and basic policing skills but with a midterm lite version of the annual tests. No officer should ever be allowed to be a Land-Whale that can barely walk. Unless of course said officer wants to be a desk-jockey and potentially end up in the cardiac unit at the hospital. But that's just my opinion.

  9. Why there are so many overweight cops in usa? 🤔 In my country I have literally NEVER seen overweight cops, they almost always are quite muscular and fit. So it's always very weird and absurd for me to see some chubby American Police officer 🤔

  10. I knew a State Trooper whose last assignment before retirement was as an instructor at the State Patrol Academy. People are still talking about how he would take the class out for a run, and lead from the front running backwards. Quite a guy.

  11. I think they should give over weight officers paid time off to focus on physical fitness. Since on the clock they will be busy working to serve the people. Since the fitness is needed for the job duties. The military trains while they get paid to protect the country. From what I hear police have to work out on there personal time to protect their areas.

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