Courtside Karen Ejected After LeBron Confronts Her For Unmasked Heckling

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Author: phillyfinest369


46 thoughts on “Courtside Karen Ejected After LeBron Confronts Her For Unmasked Heckling

  1. 1) What?!
    2) She must be 5'7" in the highest heels. He's 6'8" with no shoes. What are you seriously gonna do?
    3) Why would he sit down when he's the one playing the game you came to watch? Would you be watching the game if Lebron wasn't there?
    4) Why would he talk to your husband or you? Few people in ATL are worth more than LBJ, and they certainly were not watching that game in person that night. He's not checkin for you, stop cappin
    4a) He's been a pro athlete, playing nationally televised basketball since age 16 (ESPN had one his high school games starting Sophomore-Junior year at St. Vincent St. Mary's). That's 20 years playing for packed out stadiums and arenas and NEVER once has he attacked or verbally assaulted fans (2011 would have been the year to do it and I don't recall that ever happening). 100% she's all cap.
    5) You just admitted your husband doesn't like Lebron… so he in other words he heckled him? Ya played yourself admitting that one.

  2. Guilty as charged Ms. Karen. You admitted your husband doesn't like lebron, you admitted you INSERTED yourself in the situation, you admitted you were drunk, you admitted a threat to lebron. Should I continue. And also you violated the COVID rules. This is why men end up hurting each other because of women like her. Straight Toxic. IJS 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Hey Breakfast Club let's get down with the smackdown but I want you to pump your brakes for a moment and open up your ears not to hear me but to hear the most high we got to get out of this foolishness I guess show if I could ever get ahold to LeBron James one-on-one and all the other celebrities they've been having us serving the wrong God did you not know that you can't mention other god out of our mouths and so much the church has been against us for so long is so many people going to want to change their skin color just to be like the children of Israel but I speak not to feosol proud of myself but I give all glory and honor to the most high God who gave me this wisdom to understand what I am dealing with when we deal with Esau's children then we know Breakfast Club can you tell me the scripture what God is talking about Jer 10 :2 sadly that Kobe Bryant had to find out in a bad way and Sally Michael Jackson had to find out in a bad way okay let's deal with Kobe Bryant first Deut 3–4. Neh 13 :3 Neh 13 : 27. Ezra 10 :10–19 now this is where their churches and the preachers and the pastors like to tell us that we can live and breathe in the same habitat and a heart can't help who it loves now if you are black and you don't know who you are and they love to call us African American no other race in America is hated and who are the hidden ones when you talk you have to know what you talkin about and where would I be My Brother's Keeper if I did not put this out McCain killed his brother because the most high was blessing him he told the most hide that is he his brother's keeper yes you are but let's get back to the task at hand for so-called black people but we really are copper color people this is who the most high God compared us to. Amos 9 : 7 Rev 1 : 14–15 and if most people don't know what this scripture is telling you this is our hair and this is our skin we are copper color people and if you have a black pair of shoes or shirt put your skin up against it when this verse describes Christ it's describing all the 12 tribes of Israel if your hair is fine and wavy are you look like a mixture then you shall see in this text that why God had to separate us it's because of your bloodline you have a pure bloodline and a DNA with the most high God and if you remember about the Everett boys when they shot down mop with diseases and what you see now is Pandora Box is open do you know in Scripture the most high said to hide yourself for a little while you have to remember we in modern-day Egypt we still in the land of our captivity to this day this is why you see Trayvon Martin and George stinney Emmett Till and many many more have been murdered until now we are at the end of the NPR age and it's time to saddle up for the real deal do you know what Saturday really is is really the Sabbath the most high day that God set for no one to work or to move and guess who switched it up and I would show you other details that God say about swine how is stinks and his nostrils but I'm going to get you look Tit for Tat what the most high want me to give you now I just showed you and to text that we are the true Children of the most high God and imma show you what they're been worshipping when you call yourself Jewish are Israeli these people are not the children of the most high God let's go into Rev 2: 9. Rev 3 : 9 shall I go a little bit deeper you remember the Atlantic slave trade and the most high God tells you in Scripture now we was running from the Romans and the Africans sold us into slavery and we are always thought that the motherland was Africa Africa is hamites and we belong to Jason and Sam had the colder regions but let's get back to the task at hand these Jews came from Russia and if you understand you would read the book of Daniel chapter 7 verse 4 and when you see the light in there you should know what country and people who God is talking about what are instance the UK is England and it has a crest of a lion's head and the lionhead and the people that who are there Esau's Sons these are the Dukes. Gen 36 : 19 and keep reading down and this is why this is the the son of Esau and did you not know why they hate us so much now this is Esau and Isaac talkin Gen 27 :38–41 a lot of people think that Jacob have stole Esau's blessing and we can go back a little bit father because he saw gave up his Blessing what God gave him and do you remember do you remember what Esau said said to Jacob he promised Jacob his Birthright and many people don't notice that the most high give you something you give it away because you think it's nothing and the promise wasn't never given to Esau Gen 25 : 34 so now you know the truth and maybe you have been seeing the truth and was afraid to speak out about the truth and maybe many of y'all will pump your brakes and get out of your feelings if you feel like your pimp player are you just want to the bee girls this is why we are going to have so many of our loved one that passed on from this do you know that God got us in a separate pattern holding our spirit one is man and one is Beast and this is why in the other scriptures that I showed you that even the levite had to leave their wives and children because of God didn't like mixture of the true children of Israel did you hear what God was telling Moses now we all know what leprosy is but they say is a pigment of your skin do you remember Michael Jackson when he died he tracked yourself all white to be like Esau's children he gave up his Blessing what God gave him and he did not do what God wanted him to do to help the poor Israel people but instead he gave all of his money to Esau's children and the same went with Kobe Brian Kobe did not like to deal with his people and look what happened when he flew with all of them and how many of the blacks which are copper color people was in that helicopter this is why we should tread lightly and what we do Exod 4:4–6 num 5: 2–4. Num 12 :10–15 can any of Esau's children which are call Caucasian dude this what God told Moses and what he did to Mario's damn this is the norm but this is God's anger there's no snow to repent when we get into this whiteness they use Jim Crow laws to justify that they had the purest white skin and that day was better than the dark skin in the dark skin was a curse and it was evil but let's wait and see as Katt William would say let's wait and see what God does I can't wait I can wait and let me help you with one other thing they said President Obama was black but his mother is white and his daddy was a African and the only true one is Michelle Obama but she chose her faith to not to look and what is Kamala Harris she is not a black woman she is mixture her daddy was black and her mama was Indian that's what you call mixed truth you remember I showed you in the text that even the Levites had to leave their wives and children what hand America they don't teach you this if you take time out to hear what God has to say then you would know the truth what is standing in the way from you knowing the truth pump the brakes for a minute is your feeling that's in the way and how quickly we forget if you take back a little bit and look at gator bait what day did to the Israel children they taught a noose around their necks and when the alligator swallow them whole they can pull in the bull and sometimes the baby survive and they do it again with their little bodies now who do you think is Curse some people say that the Indians are us but what do you think God says and the text what I showed you are we are the Mexicans are the Puerto Ricans are any of the races all Races was Confederate against us and hitting us for centuries and years in decade ps 83: 3–5. Skip to verse 12 now do you dare to not to count up what God has given you all would you hold it and consideration what God has shown you or she'll you do like Esau did give up everything Fort Lewis Park to ball and to have fun all praises and glory and honor belongs to the most high God who created the heavens and the Earth and their true children of Israel Anda Heavenly angels

  4. People in Atlanta think that shit don't stink it does just like New York the virus is fucking us all straight facts y'all know the vibes to be thinking their immune their states immune where they live with immune bullshit

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