20 thoughts on “Court orders prisoners eligible to receive stimulus checks denied by US Treasury

  1. If your loved one is a prisoner and their stimulus check was sent back to the IRS by the prison – you can have them fill out a 3911 Form
    (just enter 3911 form into the computer search)
    it may be easier to mail them this form and the inmate will have to fill out a separate 3911 forms for each stimulus check they didn't recieve.(1,200.00, and the 1,400.00)
    There is also the option to give a short term financial power of attorney to a family member for this one action, so they can speak on behalf of the inmate and receive their stimulus check for them – to be deposited into their inmate account.

    Some of the Prisons like Utah State Prison will not allow inmates to call the IRS number on their stimulus letter. they can't even put the IRS number on their call list. This means inmates who are without family or disabled cannot receive these checks without help, even when they were employed at the prison during the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

    Many inmates are suffering with side effects after being exposed to COVID-19 at the prison and jails. some have even had blood clots leading to a stroke or even death. They have to pay their medical bills which vary on income and rentals of equipment like walkers.
    please spread the word to all families who have
    incarcerated family members all over the United States.

  2. Will the stimulus check go into there account for commissary
    Would help out the single mothers who have a child in jail or prison because there losing ass father's aren't worth a shit.

  3. My brother is in prison. The virus is affecting them so much! They are humans. United States is a joke when it comes to incarceration. Rappers and killers out in less then 4 years and my brother got 12 years for stealing cellphones when he was 18 . 5 years in now

  4. 48 hours is as long as the government has for a judge to show up for work.

    Cops do not have 48 hours to hold you for a hearing

    If a person is incarcerated, the cop has to do an arrest report or something for the courts, and can not just hold a person 48 hours.

    If a judge is available, the incarcerated person has to be taken before the available judge or the institution (or person responsible) violent the accused personal right to a lawful incarceration.

    .I done lost why I was mad but ……,. You people better straighten up.

  5. I smell BIG TROUBLE with this STIMULUS stuff. I think I'll discourage my loved one from applying then just use MY stimulus to care for him….whenever we get it….Remember, "Money is the root of…..most evil.

  6. OK…
    I'll be kind and throw everyone this piece of advice.
    If all of you truly want to end the prison industrial complex as we know it once and for all.
    If all of you truly want forced prison labor to end, forever.
    By all means.


    While at the same time…


    By doing that.
    By Forcing mass mechanization in the workplace. Which will dramatically decrease labor costs via lowered cost of machine labor.
    The price of prison labor will go through the roof. Especially if full minimum wage and benefits are applied to prison inmates.
    Making the cost of prison labor so prohibitively high,
    To the point where it'll be totally uncompetitive and unprofitable for the state and private companies to continue using.
    It's not rocket science folks.

    Gave you the best practical solution.
    Solved your problem.
    Your welcome.

  7. …Here's the WORD; The Masses.. refers to regular folks — the common people of a society. If you're super-rich, you ride around in a private jet, THE PERSON IS STILL COMMON, while the take crowded buses. Excluded include celebrities, rich, royalty, banking officials, or law enforcement / political leaders.

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