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By phillyfinest369


47 thoughts on “School Resource Officer gets a Hero’s sendoff”
  1. How do you talk on the radio in a helicopter with headphones on?? For those who don't know, you can't hear a thing in helicopters so that was fake.

  2. Well would you look at that, pigs really can fly after all? Or does it not count because he is retired? Oh by the way I like you all, other than that one guy!

  3. The cops delivering food to a door dash or Uber eats drivers customer after they arrested the driver was one of the blatant pieces of copaganda I have seen covered by legacy media in the last couple weeks! The schools are the places they park the worst of the worst cops no one else wants to work with!

  4. When the cops are too stupid to understand just one of theses corrupt cops over his career creates thousands of people who are way more likely to research and find out that hey they aren't the only ones getting traumatized by cops… Congratz on ever so slowly helping us change the cops for the better… in the most convoluted, brutal, and inhumane way….

  5. Screw the cop, what about that nice curvature of our planet Earth? Beautiful! Where are all the flat earthers at? 😋

  6. The ultimate softball question by the pilot, and the petty little cop tells his favorite story about beating up and humiliating a school kid. What an asshat – typical cop.

  7. Hey Johnny the helicopter guy got 4 million likes, wow, and in the comments not 1 asshole said anything about the kid he almost killed.

  8. As a grown man that's the first thought that came to his mind on how to control the situation with a child was throw a trash can on a kid true hero Did they play the song eye of a tiger afterwards.. sickening

  9. WTF is a gun being brought onto the campus of a public school on a daily basis? This is where you separate the men from the boys and you recruit your biggest officer to work among children (yes I said children) with no weapons. This would be a start to getting them to work with adults on the street.

  10. You say Matty is a good guy. I don't know Matty, so I won't say. What I do know and will say, is sometimes ignorant good guys are used to peddle propaganda. Interesting however, is that a supposed "good guy" laughed when he was told that his government stuck a child in a garbage can, presumably to teach the child a lesson–the lesson being We are not People, we are trash that the government will take out with impunity while claiming a moral high ground? When Matty laughed at this, it left his vulnerable audience believing that when police put a child in a trash can, it is not only humorous but a merciful thing to do since he didn't do what he could have done which was to lock the child in a cage.

    FTP and Matty. We don't need them.
    Cherán 04/2011-present

  11. This average looking school probably doesn't even need a security guard on site. Having an armed officer patrolling the building while the administration has total control over where the students go and when they go there just conditions the kids to accept that cops can do anything they want to you and you have to obey. If that cop wasn't there, the mentally disturbed kid could have never "gone for his gun" and wouldn't have ended up stuffed into a trash can by the worst bully in the building.

  12. When I was in High school (late 60s), the LEO assigned to my school would pull anti-Vietnam War activists out of class and interrogate them about upcoming anti-war demonstrations. No parent present, disruption of the class they were in, &etc. GESTAPO at work.

  13. all things considered, id rather have nasty trash on me than being shot or tazed at SCHOOL. kudos to the officer for de-escalation

  14. What a colossal waste of money, and for WHAT? Because some school cop is retiring? Who gives a flying (pun intended) f**k?

  15. Meanwhile in the real world ….. I worked for 27 years for the town where I live . Many of those years I was active in the Union . Six of those years as President of the local . Many times I went up against the management because of them violating the terms of the collective agreement . Many filed grievances were minor , some were very serious such as wrongful dismissal . Because of my activism and win record defending the rights of my coworkers the day I left it was just a matter of handing in my keys and company phone , saying goodbye to my coworkers . Not a single person from management had enough class or style to show up and wish me well , bid me a found farewell or even a heart felt Go f*ck yourself . They couldn't rise above their resentment for me for not kissing their asses and bowing down to them over the years .

  16. He didnt have a story about helping a strung out kid get off drugs or help a kid who was being cyber bullied or drove a kid to school every day because his single parent was passed out on the couch or bought school supplies for a poor kid or,or,or.

    This turd burglar didnt help anyone do anything and i can only imagine how many kids lives he RUINED along the way 🙁

  17. I find it strange that schools in America have police that are members of staff, he also looks like a small child he is tiny

  18. I don’t know much about helicopters and am severely afraid of heights. Is it normal not to be enclosed by doors/windows of any kind?

  19. 90 percent of cable tv in the U.S was propaganda. Every MSM program, a Cops marathon on 15 different channels at any given time, Live PD, America's Worst/Dumbest/Dangerous/Funniest Criminals, Lockup, 60 Days In, 48 Hours. And don't even get me started on the network dramas like Law And Order/Blue Bloods, I'd be here forever. And I see the same trend happening on Youtube, at least half of the videos I'm recommended are just pro cop propaganda. And if I ever clicked on one, I'm sure my feed would be eclipsed forever with DonutOperator and Sheriff Grady puff pieces.

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