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By phillyfinest369


40 thoughts on “Exercising Your 1st Amendment Rights Is More Powerful Than ANY Election”
  1. @5:57 I'll bet the real crime is that this son-of-a-bitch has probably been sitting at home sipping Mai Tais and going fishing and doing all kinds of things on the taxpayers dime somehow someway.

  2. Southwest harbor looks like its what, 90 min away? I dont see how the people in southwest harbor would be ignorant to Strout's misconduct. Seems to me the people of southwest harbor need to rise up & let leadership know this type of choices will have consequences. Way to go people of Southwest Harbor. So proud of people choosing to be American

  3. Now the person or people who hired him need to be fired from the department. They obviously can't be trusted to make rational decisions.

  4. the sad truth, they didn't fire him because he was a criminal cop, they fired him because of back lash. he shouldn't have been hired to begin with.

  5. Call me Capt. Obvious, but I think a lot of cops are just crooks and immoral people that want to boss people around and bust them up. They still get away with it way too much. I don't think it'll change. Everything will be f'ed up until Jesus comes back. It's been 2,000 years. It's going to be f'ed up for a lot longer.

  6. Gotta give kudos for the department for firing him on the basis of Facebook comments. However, I dont think that outweighs the fact that they thought it was a good idea to hire such a person in the first place.

  7. Bad cops are the least of our problems. We have a country taken over by corrupt politicians and a corrupt president. Stop diverting attention to small issues! Obama started this mis direction against law enforcement to further degrade society. You voted for it so quit your crying!

  8. Speaking out against the government doesn’t work, especially with a dirty justice department, corrupt politicians and fixed elections. The media is controlled by the corrupt left so what good will it do?

  9. Whoever hired that pos should quit or be fired. Then someone with integrity should go in and fire any remaining members of the blue line gang. Keep the career killing camera on.

  10. I'm glad he isn't there anymore, but… I feel like the tax payers got f'ed if you know what I mean. I mean did that cop get some type of severance package for his 2 days on the job? Some type of contract break fee that the city is paying him? etc. AKA did the city put him on a 3 month paid vacation cuz that is cheaper than breaking his contract and fire'ing him? LOL. I'd be surpised if the police union let him just go without getting some type of pay day for this.

    The person(s) who hired him/approved his hiring really needs to be punished more IMO as well. Thanks for the story 🙂

  11. Great vid James. Mark Twain “IF VOTING MADE ANY DIFFERENCE, THEY WOULDN’T LET US DO IT.” People who say wait and vote just sound like sheep waiting at the slaughter house door. It has gotten too old having to repeat over and over that our congress members are "Representatives" and shouldn't make policy on their own.

  12. Dirty cops are like dirty priests, they're fired from one place and shuffled around and hired somewhere else. The standards for hiring cops are so low it's insane. Qualified immunity needs to end everywhere. Always film the police.

  13. James look up the USC definition of "gang". Next time your in court put the nazi thug on the stand and start asking questions that fit the USC definition. Then attach the crime of rights violations and you have met the legal definition of "gang".

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