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James Freeman does first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. Since Live PD and Cops was cancelled, James Freeman does LIVE STREAMING COP WATCHES. It’s like Live PD, except actually live, and without the “cops can do no wrong” bias.

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43 thoughts on “Did I Catch A Dallas Police Officer Stoking A Fire!?”
  1. Since Nazis hide their faces like cowards the comments identify possible Nazis keep it up James they will not be able to hide like a snake in the grass anymore

  2. terrorist rioters,,funded by leftist groups,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just look,,who is out buying million dollar homes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,terrorist leaders,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Im a fire spinner. If it was a soaked or if the fuel puddled and you kicked it this would happen. Fact if you pour fuel on sand and lite it looks like a small fire on surface. Because the oxygen is only in contact with top layer. But there is still fuel inches below that is still wet like a wick. So when he kicked it the lower wet fuel instantaneously combusted. He could have set on fire. And I dont wish that on anyone. Leave the fires to the firemen.

  4. I don't think he was fueling the fire. I do think your narrative spreads hate towards Police and that's a shame.

  5. firebugs coming all forms we had a chief fireman who went around and set the country on fire just so he could get called out because he was part of a volunteer fire department and each call he got was $25 and he needed to pay bills they ended up arresting him and charging him with 50 separate counts of arson

  6. Plot-twist: Protesters/rioters are offduty/plainclothes cops. Bigger plot-twist: Uniformed cops are actually disguised protesters that are sneaking up/about to call out the fake rioter cops. 😂

  7. The police are nobody's friend these days unless maybe you're a part of the government overreach and suppression of our freedom hey maybe then they have a friend in the police right

  8. Looks pretty suspicious to me, if I was accusatory type of person I might make the leap that that cop was destroying evidence, if this was a man trying to just do the right thing what's the odds of a cop rolling up and that good civilian being charged with arson and having to prove he didn't do it rather than the prosecution proving he did do it… that is today's just-us system. If James Freeman did the same kind of investigation that the police do on the same prima facie evidence that cop would be in handcuffs either sitting on the curb or in the back of a squad car… and that of course would happen after his pockets were emptied, for police safety of course. And that's at the bare minimum of what would happen, a few scenarios different like that man does not cooperate as they like to say or even reject being manhandled and being given directives with threats that goes against his beliefs, or the man tries to take the can opener out of his pocket before being ordered to the ground and pop pop… then all sudden it becomes about the man's alcohol content and that he attacked an officer with a sharp deadly man killing can opener. The things I've witnessed the police have no integrity or honor I'm curious to know the substances in that dumpster there could be a dead body in there for all I know. He certainly wouldn't be the first and only cop to ever burn a body lol.

  9. Freeman going solo during that time was bold.

    I support LEO's that abide by natural law and maybe some common law but those don't exist, so the whole thing needs a dismantling to correct the sick Luciferian system of locking individuals in cages for non crimes.
    That being said, to me it appeared that the "foot soldier of the bank"(cop) kicked dirt or more than likely gravelly sand onto the fire and that created a plume flame type effect. Powdered coffee creamer thrown on a fire has that same effect.

    Now I don't know if he did that to put it out or did this to create a bigger fire but because of the earned horrible reputation of ALL OF THE oathbreakers I'd have to say there is a very probable chance his intent was sinister in nature. 🤷

  10. In ancient Rome Cesar owned the fire brigade if you didn’t pay your taxes your neighborhood would burn to the ground. I the Roman Cole to use his fire a lot after all our police revenue collectors or tax collectors. Benjamin Franklin was a 33rd° Freemason he started the first fire department in the United States in Philadelphia called the bucket brigade. MoreFires happen in the month of July then any other month statistically in the United States July was named after Julius Caesar he was born Friday the 13th

  11. He kicked a already burning bottle full of crap trying to put it out james thought you were smarter and better then this

  12. In any war zone there will be destruction of property…the Dallas police would burn down their grandmother's house if ordered, so much do they covet their mercenary pay.
    Why one side handicaps itself by failing to arm does illustrate the brainwashing instilled by the armed side (Government).
    By punishing the businesses who weild most of the control (funding) of the terrorists, the rioters are kicking the ball back into their court. If they continue refusing to control their terrorists, they could in time find themselves a target of said rioters.

  13. I dont really no what caused it to get bigger but I dont think he did harm it's in a concrete over pass not much to to spread too so it seems fine to me

  14. Fun fact: this is around the time when I found ur channel. U told a boot licker to go de-escalate on the Dallas PD d🍆ck!! 😂 u had an instant follower at that moment.

  15. Fire fire fire I have created fire,! Either way great way to get rid of lots of trash that they leave around,, As long as they do it in the open…. The cop just kicked dirt to the fire , While doing so he added more oxygen to the smoldering flames… Stop with the click bait

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