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To get a copy of this form, reach out to your local city in Florida and ask for the form six.

You can juggle search town name, space, public records request, and that should land you in the clerks office

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40 thoughts on “Cities are in a panic! Council members QUITTING!”
  1. You are the best narrator. Whoever pissed you off for you to choose this work made a huge mistake. Just like the cops that first turned on Lack Luster. Don't give people a reason is the lesson there

  2. This isn't going to have the results you think it is. I would submit taking those 87,000 IRS agents and focusing every politician to an annual audit and punishing the results. What someone owns is irrelevant, how they got the money is. Just picked up a few new appliances, now I'd have to list my refrigerator=rator and clothes dryer? It's good intentions gone array. This will not end well. It will produce even more corrupt politicians.

  3. I don't think this is going to have the effect of honesty and decency you think it is. The only people left will be unsuccessful people who can't run their own lives trying to run ours. I agree there needs to be more financial transparency, but $1000? Come on. There's better ways to go about this. It's too intrusive and will deter good people. We'll end up with high school diploma politicians who live on welfare making decisions, to give themselves more welfare. A small business man isn't going to lay bare his personal and professional positions. They'll say fuck it, I'm out.

    We're going to end up with Tiffany Henyard types running government. Look her up, lots of videos on her. That's a problem. This reminds me of the Patriot Act. Good intentions fraught with short sided vision of the results.

  4. Transparency and accountability in government is systematically met with a culture of threats, disdain and contempt for the public. Which they are sworn to serve. From the White House to Dog Catcher..

  5. I gave this some thought and I have a few questions. Hundreds of towns and cities will no longer be incorporated. They will now belong to counties. Decreasing the lower level politicians while consolidating power to the few. So no local police? will it be Sheriff's? Will all public utilities be from the counties? All Ems and Fire will be from the counties also? So nothing local…does the state or the county get to take over all city properties? What about taxes? Surely the citizens are no longer required to pay city taxes since they have no city council/services providing them with services right? Interesting that they set a 1k amount vs a 10k amount. A television, washer, dryer, a disabled family members medical equipment, etc…is a bit petty and highly invasive. I hope the cities and townships are smart enough to file a suit or something to change this law. This is all about corruption, yet has nothing to do with stopping corruption. The more I think about this, the greater the threat appears.

  6. It's not they have something to hide. It's about them having All of their assets or anything of value made into Public Information, you know, open to the public. And why doesn't this apply to All of the government workers, like judges, representatives, senators. Why not have their entire property value open to the public.
    No, You wouldn't want your information in the public, just for a job,

  7. But these public officials have private lives too, I see what they are trying to do by stopping corruption but how would you like it if everything you owned over $1000 is now public record? On the flip side of things you are now making your public officials a potential target for robbery. It’s like firearms registration, criminals don’t register and good citizens give them up because of the hassle. I wouldn’t say just because the person resigned it’s because they are corrupt, they might just not want to make themselves and their family a target.

  8. $1,000 😂😂😂 wtaf is the point ? The public doesn’t need to know every little thing a politician owns over $1,000…

  9. No way in hell I would ever take a job that required me to disclose all the valuable piece of property I possess to the public. Every guitar, piece of stereo equipment, amps, tools, cameras, jewelry, antiques – would you list every single valuable thing you have in your home for the public to see? Not to mention that there is no way I could inventory every possession I own with accurate appraisals and not miss any single thing that might be over a thousand dollars, meaning most everyone who has to fill this out is going to be guilty of failure to report on something, somewhere in their possession.

    Transparency is good, but this is a ridiculously high burden to audit your estate, and provide a free list for every criminal of every valuable thing they could expect to find in the address you have to publicly list.

  10. It's no more intrusive than the cops they let get away with all the wrong doing from qualified immunity or telling us it's just easier to ID yourself… So come on it's just easier to tell the people!

  11. The government is not doing this to hold themselves accountable, this is the first step in implementing this to all people. The people in power know what they're doing and they will tax every citizen for everything they own. When the government does something look beyond the surface and you will see their underlying motive, and it's not to benefit the people.

  12. Many of the comments show a bias, as well as hypocrisy. Just because you are elected doesn't mean you should have to list out all of your assets worth over $1k, that is a major privacy issue. Many items that I own I don't know the value, so to generate such a list is absurd even though I don't like politicians, plus I think it is likely unconstitutional.

    You should support what is right and be against what is wrong, even if it is in regards to someone that you don't like and based on what is said in the video, this is very wrong.

    Now if you want to require that they list everything that they are given, regardless of value, that would be a good thing. Then the next thing is to require campaign donations creating a conflict of interest such that they can't vote or do anything related to that. An example of this is where I live the city council prevented another tow company from getting any city tows, Every single council member got a campaign donation from one of the two towing companies. The city attorney said that campaign donations don't create a conflict of interest.

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