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By phillyfinest369


50 thoughts on “Asking Code Enforcement To Hurt People For Me – Roswell Code enforcment part 1”
  1. I drove through Roswell once and it looked like everyone in town got together and sold everything for meth and Bibles/fossils stores so clearly these codes could use more enforcing.

  2. Accepting recommendations?

    I think you should start listing previous and subsequent parts in the description so it's easier to jump to the next and or previous videos.

  3. Although I agree with your stance on this I also believe these people are only doing there job. Even they may not like the rules, if they didn't do it someone else would.

  4. “”” Can you go do something violent for me please !!! “” lmfaoo man this man trolling on another level 🤣🤣😅💪🏼🤟🏼🤴🏻

  5. Interesting view, I get you're point.
    This could just as easy go the other way.

    What if you're Fictional "scum bag neighbor" does not like you perfectly manicured and beautiful lawn.
    using their theory he could do the same thing you are doing. Goto code enforcement and demand you do something. They write you a letter. You refuse the letter. You goto court (and loose). The judge orders you to goto the junk yard and buy a few scap cars and put them in your yard to please the neighbor. because it is apparent you're ficional neighbors do not like a nice neat yard🤔🤔🤔

  6. How do they know what’s a cut lawn and what’s not? Is there a certain length? Do they drive around with a ruler and measure?

  7. Simply by you mentioning federal reserve notes, you are in the 4% who actually know what the fuck is going on. I’d like to help you. Please PM me.

  8. We never own any property….because we basically buy land that is held in a municipal corporation……you can still buy land in Afghanistan …only

  9. Did I just hear you go to court if you don't cut thier lawn right…OMG that's out rages… people actually allow this???…

  10. How are public officials so isolated from the public? Also those are the jerks that prevent people from building green; cob cottage, straw bale, earthship, etc…which further increases peoples mortgage debts and increases wage earning income taxes, they are really not on the people's side.

  11. Seriously?! Did any one else catch the chick in the doorway putting her phone at the edge of the door frame and starts recording, lol. What for, haha? 14:48

  12. @James Freeman Usually it's the females that initiate the Tyranny, Just because they're ashamed of their own physical appearance. So when you go in there "Kicking around the Hen House" more times than not the bad guys are summoned. And you're absolutely right, We're under the illusion of owning the land of which you're maintaining, For them until you DIE. And Ding, Ding, Ding that's what we do to each other when we call these thugs out to do our biding.

  13. James does not understand how individual liberties and legal codes are not contradictory. He's like a child with an active, but undisciplined and impoverished, intellect.

  14. Hello James. I have watched numerous videos of yours and have finally subscribed in order to communicate with you. My name is David W. and I live in Roswell N.M. I watched your videos that you made here and I would like to speak with you in a more private forum concerning things happening in my community and other communities in New Mexico. I really like what you are doing and would like to help you and myself. If you are interested please let me know and I will give you my email. Thanks.

  15. What Freeman doesn’t quite get is that even the enforcement of laws that he would agree with are ultimately backed by “violent force”. If the cops pulled over a reckless driver and then arrest him for DUI, with the driver’s blood subsequently showing .25, Freeman would support the arrest, or the use of “violence”, as he calls it. If Freeman’s neighbor was blaring horribly loud RAP music on his own property, at 2:00AM, keeping Freeman awake night after night, Freeman would FULLY WELCOME the government’s use of “violence” to stop it from happening.

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