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Palm Desert, California — On Sunday, December 10th, 2023, at 2:45 a.m., deputies assigned to the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station were dispatched to the 49,000 block of State Highway 74 for a report of a burglary in progress. The reporting party told dispatch she was hiding in her bedroom because there was an unidentified man inside her residence whom she believed was armed. Deputies arrived and located an open door to the residence. They announced themselves and made entry. Once inside, deputies encountered a compliant male who was detained without incident.

After detaining the male, a female, armed with a knife, walked out of a back room and into the hallway. The female suspect was instructed to drop the knife, but instead she threw it at the deputies and a deputy-involved shooting occurred. After the suspect was struck by gunfire, deputies rendered medical aid until paramedics arrived. She was then transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect was identified as 53-year-old Kelly Lynette Cronn, a resident of Palm Desert. The suspect was arrested for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. Cronn was armed with a knife bearing an eight-inch blade.

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0:00 – 911 Call
0:23 – Bodycam Footage
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Woman Gets Shot After Throwing Knife At The Deputies”
  1. police activity disabled comments on the next video he posted, thats about as FAT of an L as the girl in the video

  2. The Riverside County Sheriff's Office later confirmed to News Channel 3 that Kelly Lynette Cronn, the one who was shot, was the person who called police about the possible break-in.

  3. I'm usually one of the people defending the police for shooting events…. but WTF??????????
    Let me get this right… she disarmed herself of the only weapon she possessed and she missed the officers while throwing the knife.
    The police are uninjured by the act of throwing the knife and now shes completely disarmed……… but the officer felt the need to shoot her anyway?

  4. Just because you turn off comments doesn't mean people suddenly will have different opinions. People are going to say dumb stuff in comments, its not anything new and especially not for this channel. L move. Its not like the video won't be up elsewhere either. Don't be a puss.

  5. This woman was the biggest fan of Gordon Ramsay. She just wanted to teach police officers how to cook yummy meal. The only job they had was to handle that knife.

  6. The police didn't say they were police when they had her at gunpoint (they announced loudly earlier). Just like yesterday's video, part of me wonders if she didn't know/believe they were police. Or maybe it was meth.

  7. Anyone else confused as to why the comments are disabled on the Longview shooting video. Every other video allows comments but I feel that because it was a Su*c*dal woman Police Activity doesn't want any negative comments but there are multiple videos with su*c*dal men that have comments enabled?

  8. The fact that she lured the officers into this situation and then attempted to assault them should come with additional charges

  9. Down to your knees, on your stomach, arms out like an airplane, point your toes on your left foot at an 30 degree angle, keep your right foot perpendicular to your left, do the worm, roll over on your back, flip yourself up like the rock, back to your knees, hands up, face one hand away from me and cross your eyes

  10. We really need a better description of what happened here. Was the man an actual burglar? Was the woman an accomplice? Was she the person who called 911?

  11. I wonder what the calculus was with the non-lethal. Multiple orders were given to drop the knife. I can't imagine any subsequent action by the women that shouldn't resort in tasering and more likely shooting. So why wait to taser if she is non-compliant?

  12. Since comment are blocked on the bf gf video after this one, I'll comment here. If that dude, had been a real man, he could've controlled his suicidal gf, like any real man would've. Instead he complained she was hurting him, and now she's gone. Men need to step the f**k up, and act like men. It didn't have to end like that for Katelynn Rose Smith.

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