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Albuquerque, New Mexico — On June 29, 2023, around 9:23 p.m., Albuquerque police responded to a 911 call of a stabbing at a McDonald’s off of Lomas and San Pedro. Officers found a man who had been stabbed multiple times in the neck and face while in the drive-thru lane. The man told police he picked up the suspect, 25-year-old Jeramiah Salyards, and wanted to help him by buying dinner. The driver told police it’s something he’s done for others. The suspect reached over said, “Sorry” and stabbed him in the neck. Salyards then fled the scene. Officers responded within minutes and rendered aid to the victim. He was transported to a local hospital to treat his wounds. He has since been released from the hospital. Nearly two and a half hours later, officers found the suspect was down the road on Lomas and Louisiana. Officers say he matched the description of holding a colored knife and wearing a pink-like backpack. Officers went to the area and spotted Salyards, telling him to drop the knife.

Salyards crossed the street to a bus stop where three men were hanging out. Salyards moved toward the men, who appeared to be attempting to flee as multiple police officers shouted for him to put down his knife. Bodycam footage shows Salyards waving his arms rapidly toward the three men, apparently holding a knife in one hand, before officers opened fire. Police continued firing as Salyards goes toward one of the men who fell over, having apparently been struck by officers’ gunfire. Police say Salyards died in the shooting. One of the bystanders hit by officers’ gunfire was shot in the knee. He was treated and released that night from the hospital. The bystander in the blue jacket was shot several times and suffered serious injuries. He was treated over several weeks at the hospital and is still going through rehabilitation from those gunshot wounds. Salyards was previously sentenced to three years in prison for the stabbing of a Albuquerque bus driver in 2020 and was released just over a month before his death.

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0:00 – Victim Stabbed at McDonald’s Drive-Thru
0:15 – Bodycam: Officer Christian Cordova
1:07 – Bodycam: Officer Brenda Johnson
1:52 – Bodycam: Officer Violeta Baca
2:39 – Bodycam: Officer Eric Wilensky
3:22 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “Two Bystanders Get Shot as Albuquerque Officers Fire at Suspect Armed With Knife”
  1. What a shit show. Sorry but those cops need to be fired, if not charged. They did more damage to innocent bystanders than the POS with the knife did. How the f*** did they pass firearms training? Horrible decision making and can't shoot for shit.

  2. He was not so dangerous that they couldn’t have waited till the civilians cleared out! Someone could’ve got stabbed, yeah, but at least we know where the knife lands & a knife wound is often much less harmful than a bullet wound can be cuz you don’t know where the bullet lands. Could’ve been in their hearts, guts or heads

  3. Usually the suspect says they ran because they were "scared" her for instance the by standard should of ran because they were SCARED!

  4. The officer with the second bodycam had no right to fire considering the bystanders were the backstop and there were other officers with a more advantageous angle. The third camera was the same but not sure if that officer fired.

  5. Picking up homeless crazy people and buying them dinner? Bet he won’t do that again. SMDH.

  6. Prosecute these dumb B*TCHES fire them then arrest them… these women don't deserve to be cops put them in the kitchen or waiting tables at IHOP

  7. Like wtf no officer or anyone was in immediate danger why fire at all let alone when innocent bystanders are in line of fire. Police are out of control and way to much immunity nowadays.

  8. “Hey, let me protect you from this man with a knife by shooting you several time. Glad I could serve and protect my community. I really wonder why the public hates us so much.”

  9. this officers fear for theyre life from someone who is armed with a knife …and didnt care the safety of the three bystanders while shooting at the suspect …unprofessional police officers !

  10. Thanks, Biden, for allowing pieces of illegal sh!t to cross over the US border by the millions and terrorize and commit violent crimes against the American Public !!

  11. The guy who was badly hit as a bystander needs the city to cover the rest of his life. Every shot accounted for..see who f'ck'd this one up.

  12. The first officer, who had clear shot at him is excused, but the other ones, who had civilians in the cross fire lack braincells to operate firearms.

  13. Albuquerque cops really went from firing 45 shots at a suspect with an insane number of people around, hitting only the suspect…to shooting 2 innocent bystanders?

    Evens out? I guess? Wtf.

  14. The shooting of the two bystanders should not be considered as covered by Qualified Immunity since the multiple officers did not follow the law or policy when firing a gun.

  15. Please tell me half of these morons got attempted murder charges for intentionally shooting someone who wasn’t a suspect. Fog of war only applies to military yet not watching your background is a personality flaw. Don’t blame it on the heat, fog of war is out tell me how officer two who blind fired and continued to hold on civ in purple let alone officer three who was looking away while emptying the mag are in the right? I’ll wait. Please tell this three time combat veteran and police officer for 15 years how these fuck stops are correct. It’s a slow night and I need some moronic police simp answers

  16. Why was this guy even out on the streets to begin with, he only served 3 year for stabbing a bus driver? Maybe if did a lot more time he wouldn't think he could get away with stabbing someone again, this country is getting worse by the day

  17. The last 2 videos show a lot of, if not all, Albuquerque police officers need to receive proper training. They need to fire their training officers, the people that put them in place and everyone that shouldhave known how bad they are. And they need to change their qualification protocols so officers shoot more than once or twice a year on a square range. Take every officer in the last two videos off the street till then. Get the guys from Fieldcraft to come and train weekly. Seriously, very scary to officers this bad allowed on the street.

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