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Albuquerque, NM – On March 7th, 2020 Heroic Officers entered a chaotic scene where a drive-by shooting had just occurred during a birthday party.

According to police reports their were at least FOUR shooting victims. Officers originally responded to a “fight in progress” call involving around 20 people. As Officers went on scene they actually heard shots still being fired yet still went in to help anyone possibly injured.

Watch as responding Officers locate a seriously injured male suffering from at least two gunshot wounds to his chest area. The Officers are quick to apply their life saving training skills to the victim.

***WARNING THIS VIDEO IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and shows an actual shooting victim***

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TdyF16OSA8 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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25 thoughts on “Quick responding Heroic Officers save life of shooting victim on lapel video”
  1. Idk if this kid was into any bad shit or he was purely innocent bystander but i appreciate this kids work ethic if he is shot up that bad and trying to make sure he can make it to work on monday. Not even tryna laugh but im sure when he is all healed up they will chuckle a little. Sad this kind of shit happens over stupid shit. Hope they caught the dickheads who shot him

  2. These police officers are amazing! So heroic, brave and well trained. They risk their lives and do so much for our communities. Love our men and woman in blue….💙🇺🇸

  3. They need to train officers more in trauma if they are going to be applying any seals. Things get hectic and adrenaline runs high. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 but having worked overseas in high stressed events where severe trauma has occurred and a seal needs to be applied for anyone out there remember to talk to the casualty. Have them if possible exhale then apply the seal.

    Check for an exit, which can be painful when they are log rolled but must happen in order to apply another seal. Check to see if there is any clotting and how they are doing(respiratory wise is their chest rising)? Since it is highly likely a pneumothorax clot can occur. Burp the front and re-apply on exhalation. I heard the officer stating he was not sure if he burped it right, which more training can come into play since that can be your brother in blue that was shot. Talk to the patient name, birthday, location, and so on take their mind off the incident and also keep them alert.

    There was such a long pause in communication, and sometimes said things to possibly made things harder. Tell the turds that are screaming and acting a fool that the more they raise the heart rate of their buddy the faster he bleeds out. He needs to remain as calm as possible and slow deep breathes if possible.

    Do not get me wrong I think they did a great job, but these are just fine-tuning some things I saw. I am still trying to figure out what happen did they say the homeowner shot first inside the house to stop a fight? Then the fight continued outside. Someone started shooting outside. Then someone started firing into the house. The people inside ran and closed the door and locked it to keep the shooters outside. Finally, the guy who was shot was initially trying to kick the door in and got through and was shot by the homeowner who was in a kneeling shooting position?

  4. This was really incredible to watch… Taking care of him, comforting him, holding his hand and his head.
    So sad to hear him crying and talking about not wanting to die and his Mom.

    Kind of crazy to know now that this guy could've been one of the instigators… "Long history," according to the officer. Hopefully this will help him to change his ways.

  5. This guy was EXTREMELY lucky… If those officers hadn't gotten there when they did he definitely would've bled out. He was in a horrible situation!!!

  6. What makes me furious, is the young kid telling the cops not to take him to the hospital because "I can't afford it". America really needs to do something about the pathetic health care, or lack of.

  7. I want to let you know I fell asleep with my TV on and I woke up hearing this young man screaming for his life I started to well immediately my God Lord have mercy! I pray that he did survive it says he did I pray that that’s the case it is an important message however it’s extremely graphic and very very very traumatic for any family members who may see it. God be with us and our families for all eternity God bless all of the angels that surround at this young man he’s just a boyIt was too graphic however I understand that it’s the truth I noticed everyone inside of the it looked like a party had no emotional reaction whatsoever wow. God bless and be with our families for all eternity that was torture watching that just torture!

  8. am I missing something here? The police roll up while shots are still being fired but no one from the main shooter is pursued or injured and uh no real descriptions given or car given a bullet is found deep deep in the house just seems a bit weird that poor boy was so scared bless those officers for offering him comfort

  9. There are a lot of good police a lot who care a lot who protect I remember breaking down on the side of the road with my kids and my elderly cousin 3 mins later a police officer showed up we didn’t call we were waiting for a tow that never came he stayed there with us for over 4 hours played with my kids commended me on being a good mother and dropped us off at home on top of all that he gave my kids money for being so well mannered I will never forget that officer he was amazing I even took a picture of him and my kids he will always have a place in my heart

  10. Am I wrong or shouldn’t Edgar come forward himself from jump to talk to the police and tell them
    He shot back to defend his friends just to clear his name ?

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