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The NYPD is releasing today body-worn camera footage from an officer-involved shooting that occurred on April 13th, 2023 in the confines of the 50th Precinct.

According to the police, body camera footage depicts the officers responding to a burglary call on Lewis Avenue made by the 78-year-old Caesar Robinson’s nephew. It was revealed later that the nephew was a friend who called Robinson his uncle.

Upon their arrival at Robinson’s residence, he opened the door and, shortly after, brandished a gun, aiming it at the officers and advancing toward them. In response, the officers fired multiple shots, tragically resulting in his death.

Police reported that one of the officers, who had joined the force in July 2013, discharged their firearm four times, while the other officer, who became a part of the force in July 2014, fired three shots. According to police, this incident marked the first instance of either of them being involved in a shooting. The police revealed that Robinson possessed a Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver loaded with five rounds, which was unlawfully owned.

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49 thoughts on “NYPD Fatal Shooting 78 Years Old Man. April 13-2023”
  1. Why does the commentator state that that guy did not deserve to die? He clearly pointed the gun at the officers and ran in their direction. I guess he doesn't want to upset the PC YouTube algorithms or some bs.

  2. Neighbor lady says "He didn't deserve to die." [23-12-27 Wed 4] Neither did the cops. Seems to me the man knew perfectly well they were cops and he forced the issue so he could be done with it all. He had the gun "illegally"? Sounds like maybe he was a felon?

  3. The reason that pistol was “unlawfully owned” is because every handgun in NYC is pretty much unlawful… unless you’re LEO, FBI, ATF, HSI, or <insert 3 letter government acronym>, you’re not allowed to have one. No winners here. Honestly feel bad for everyone involved.

  4. The okd man did not deserve to die….and the cops do not deserve to be charged either.
    This one will just be chalked up to a split second tragedy with some lessons to be used in training or police policy regarding police announcing themselves when knocking. Seen similar situations before. Sad all round. 😢

  5. Why did he point his radio at the old man like it was a gun? He's eyesight probably isnt 100% Arent these cops trained properly? Rookie policing right there, you have the right to bear arms and defend your home, unless its a dumb ass cop at your door? Im so glad i live in Australia, ill never visit America, its 99% 3rd world

  6. To all those saying "they didn't announce themselves": Officers are only required to announce themselves and their intent before using force to enter a dwelling. Otherwise, they are not required to do that.

  7. Don't point a gun at the cops. They teach you that at 5 years old. Somehow this guy forgot about that fact after 73 years. Still doesn't make his judgement any more sound or more lawful. He put a quarter in the jukebox so he got to hear the tune.

  8. This is one of those tightrope knife edge situations. What is commonly called "lawful but awful". So sad for the old man to go out like that but devastating for the officers too. What else could they do?
    My guess is no charges for the cops and a payout for the man's family is how this will end.
    And possibly some riots sorry, peaceful protests.

  9. You know what's annoying and asinine? The delay on the body cams when they turn on. That first 30 seconds of footage would provide a lot of information that we don't get. Could be good for the cops or the people they deal with. They need audio to record when the video starts.

  10. Two points

    1) the police were justified in their actions
    2) this is why American gun lust is such a problem. In literally every other first world nation (example Canada), the police dont face these situation very often…. because there are very few guns.

  11. So this guy’s nephew thought he was being robbed the police show up don’t announce they are police officers even when he opens the door. This is the kind of police you get in cities where you guys defunded them.

  12. The police should know that he hadn't learned in 78 years to not point a firearm at armed uniformed officers. They need to go back to the academy and be retrained.

  13. Oh my God, the gun wasn't legal in New York. He must have been such a criminal 😂 No reason he's shouldn't be able to own that gun. If he's too dangerous to own a gun He should be in jail.

  14. 6:00 "That old man did'nt deserved to die". Wait, what? Of course, no one "deserves" to die, but he pointed a gun at someone with a gun. Are the officers "deserved" to die?

  15. What this seems like to me… is someone talked an old man that didn't want to stick around anymore, into committing sewiside by cop in order to cash in for the family. This was sad and tragic but justified. And yet it seems like there is something going on here that isn't normal beyond being a confused old man making a mistake…

  16. For all the people who want to blame the cops. Please tell us what you would have done in that situation? "Put the gun down, pretty please?"

  17. So, they were called there to help the elderly man and killed him without ever announcing themselves as police. They could have yelled that before the door was even opened and this could have been a completely different outcome.

  18. S&W 5946 used by the first officer… one thing I don’t get about many NYPD officers is 1. The radio why don’t they use speaker mics…? Now there is even Bluetooth wireless mics now… they always have their radio in their hand this 1980s practice has to go away… I see it in almost every NYPD video

  19. Those to officers over reacted. I'm ex-cop. Old man was not an imminent threat and both officers had cover available. However, the way we have been treating cops for the last three years you can't blame them for being jumpy. This is the result of Biden (Obama) and his Woke lefities; they killed this old man.

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