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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department re;eased body cameras (3) of Lancaster Station
deputy-involved shooting that occurred on December 4, 2023.

On December 4, 2023, at 6:08 p.m., Lancaster Station deputies responded to an
apartment in the 2100 block of East Avenue J-8 in the city of Lancaster, regarding a
domestic violence call. A female called 9-1-1 and reported that her boyfriend would not
leave her alone and then screaming and sounds of a struggle could be heard. The
female was later identified as 27-year-old Niani Finlayson of Lancaster.

Upon arrival, deputies approached the apartment’s front door, where they heard heated arguments and yelling inside. While attempting to gain entry, a female adult opened the door wielding a large kitchen knife.

Finlayson told deputies she was going to stab her boyfriend for pushing her daughter.
She then retreated back into the apartment toward her boyfriend.

As deputies entered,Finlayson,bstill armed with the knife, grabbed her boyfriend an apparent attempt to stab him, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred.

Gunfire struck Finlayson, causing her to fall and drop the weapon. Deputies provided immediate first aid until Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics arrived and continued medical assistance. Despite efforts, Finlayson was pronounced deceased upon arrival at a local hospital.

An approximately eight-inch bladed kitchen knife was recovered at the scene.

Finlayson ‘s boyfriend became combative after the deputy-Involved Shooting and was subsequently
arrested for child abuse and assault on a peace officer.
He was later released from custody pending further investigation.

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43 thoughts on “Niani Finlayson Fatal Shooting by Deputy of Lancaster Station. December 4, 2023”
  1. Emotions. People do not act rational when emotions take over, especially women and ESPECIALLY when it is about their little children. She was ready to do anything for her daughter and a fact that there was still fresh romantic connection between them added even more to it. Just extreme emotions. US law enforcement totally ignore it. That is your law. I cannot imagine how this could be not justified, but I also cannot imagine what will BLM and others do when it happens. Lord, watch over US…

  2. Makes me wonder if he was even the aggressor at all. When they go in she has the knife and he is cowering on the ground.

  3. She thought she could call the cops there, and then be allowed to attack the man she claimed was attacking her ? It boggles the mind, trying to follow their logic.

  4. Just watched that show BEEF on Netflix. I like the way it demonstrates how people can have a poor outlook towards life and how this outlook can lead to a cascading of events that reflect their outlook . Perception is reality. Think well and live well

  5. Imagine someone is trying to stab you and you get mad at the police for shooting them and saving you… hopeless mentality.

  6. Awful but lawful. Doesn't matter that she's the one that called police, you can't attempt to stab or murder someone just because you called the police.

  7. How do people still not know how to act around police?? All she had to do was come out with her hands up and tell them what happen. Smfh

  8. this happend in my town, we are the last north la county city and we get alot of the downtown la trash moving up here and bringing there broke activites here.

  9. She probably thought the cops would tackle her, and it would all be very dramatic, and she would be the hero, but no she got shot.

  10. Yet another pearl from the "no impulse control/no personal accountability/no intelligence/perpetual victimhood" demographic.

  11. Another colossal black moment that is now a moment in hood history. Black chick becomes victim of her own tradition. Fired up hood chick wielding a blade at home with a deadbeat dude. Nothing to see here folks. Just hood life at its finest.

  12. Crazy how the family is suing the city for police killing her in front of her child, when she literally was about to potentially kill someone in front of her child. So the police were supposed to just say “WHELP. Good luck bro. You got this.”??

  13. This is sad.
    Please, TRY YOUR BEST to keep your mouth shut and DO NOT do anything stupid & awkwardly violent when Law Enforcement arrives at your phucking house.
    This is an awful lesson to learn from all the BIG MOUTHS out there. Your yelling does not help or resolve anything. In fact, it will go in the opposite way that you want it to be

    Poor little girl😢

  14. thankfully i havent dealt with calling the police a lot… are all dispatchers like this? you want to spend time telling her not to yell as shes being attacked?? what kind of moron woman is this dispatcher?

  15. What a stupid woman, holding a knife and grabbing her boyfriend in front of police. As soon as police arrived any person with a modicum of common sense would have dropped the knife and let police handle it from there. Now her daughter will be scarred for life and have to grow up without a mother because of her mother's own idiotic choices.

  16. So much for the claim by those denouncing the police that the woman was sitting on the floor holding the knife and was no threat. Despite being told to drop the knife, she walked back to the man stating she was going to stab him and pointed the knife right at him. Police did the absolute right thing. I just feel for that kid, this was so preventable had she simply dropped the knife and walked out with her daughter.

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