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Baton Rouge, Louisiana — On December 8th, 2022, Detectives with the Louisiana State Police Force Investigation Unit (FIU) were called to investigate a shooting incident involving a uniform patrol Trooper. The incident occurred on Interstate 10 Eastbound near the Washington St. exit, within the city limits of Baton Rouge. Preliminary information indicated that on December 8, 2022, at approximately 10:02 p.m., a Trooper conducted a traffic stop on a Chevrolet Suburban for a traffic violation on Interstate 10 eastbound, west of LA 415 in West Baton Rouge Parish. The vehicle was driven by 52-year-old Jose Reza-Navarro of Spring, Texas.

During the course of the traffic stop, Reza-Navarro fled east on Interstate 10, which resulted in a high speed vehicle pursuit. During the pursuit, Reza-Navarro caused multiple hit and run crashes as he continued to flee Troopers. Due to the enhanced danger to the public and excessive speed of the violator, Troopers terminated the pursuit. Shortly after terminating the pursuit, Troopers encountered Reza-Navarro’s vehicle, which had become disabled after crashing into another vehicle on Interstate 10 eastbound near Interstate 110. Reza-Navarro was observed leaving the scene on foot. For reasons still under investigation, a Trooper discharged his firearm shortly after coming into contact with Reza-Navarro.

Despite contacting EMS and rendering aid, Reza-Navarro succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The incident scene was processed by Louisiana State Police Crime Lab Technicians. While processing the scene, a search warrant was obtained and executed for Reza-Navarro’s vehicle. Subsequently, detectives located approximately 83 kilos of suspected cocaine [pending scientific analysis] concealed within suitcases in the vehicle. The estimated street value of the seized narcotics is $2.5 million. In accordance with LSP policy, the Trooper involved in the deadly force event will be placed on administrative leave at this time. The investigation remains ongoing with further information to be released in coordination with the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office at the appropriate time.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Louisiana Trooper Shoots Suspect Who Was Reportedly Transporting Drugs”
  1. It's way too easy for law enforcement to give people the death penalty. Are they willing to be held up to the same standards publicus? And used to be the cops had a higher standard. Standard for cops is no less than what you would find in an Arkansas inbred family

  2. I wonder if this guy ever had any real choices with his life? Was he a victim of circumstance? Or did he chose this life style? Either way it seems sad to me? To give his life for this drug so some others can live rich on the other side of the border is disgusting. The fact that he never actually pulled the weapon on the cops tells me he MAY had some decency, although he did put others lives in danger with the reckless driving. Who the heck knows?! This is so messed up all the way around. Just wish this guy had better opportunities or had made better choices.

  3. I guess transporting drugs = a capital offense now. The cop shot him for "reasons still under investigation" Basically another scared kid out on the street with a badge and gun, who has been told they are operating on a battlefield against enemy combatants, instead of protecting and serving people in a community. Absolute fuckin disgrace to the profession and needs to be arrested and charged

  4. We should thank those officers for stopping the spread of the thousands of people that would of been poisoned.

    When we make manufacturing, transporting, &/or dealing illegal drugs a death penalty offense, we will finally put an end to this epidemic.
    We are sick & tired of criminals selling poison to our citizens & getting away with murder !!!

  5. So sad that the old guy transporting 83 kilos of cocaine didn't realize that cocaine's not the choice drug anymore that was back in the '80s! He died literally for nothing!

  6. Um not showing your hands is not a deadly threat. If the suspect has any family at all they have solid grounds for a civil suit. When will these cops learn?

  7. For those that don’t know, state troopers rarely stop vehicles for minor infractions, they use infractions as the excuse to stop vehicles they believe are involved in major crimes. Hardly a coincidence that they happened to stop the drug car, they had intel on it.

  8. Sometimes one has to wonder if something this stupid is really worth your life?🤔
    This guy thought it was.
    Really they were dealing with a grown @$$ 4 year old
    Officer: Show me your hands.
    Suspect: NO!
    Officer: Hands!
    Suspect: NO!
    Officer: Stop moving towards me
    Suspect: NO!
    Wow 🤦😁

  9. These oath breakers crack me up. They shot an old man who was unarmed because they were scared. Poor little delicate oath breakers 😂

  10. Well, now we know why he wanted to die! He just lost $2.5 million of the cartels Coke!! He was dead either way!! He knew the rules of the game!!! Just another POS drug smuggler!!! Good riddance and good job!!!

  11. So at what point did this man endanger either of these tyrants? What the fuk were they shooting at him he wasn't at any point before they shot endangering their lives or attempting to harm them . This was not a good shoot and I hope they go to prison for this

  12. None of you know about how drug mules work obviously. First of all they are desperate as hell, most of them are illegals or people down on their luck who lost their privilege to drive a long time ago. With the amount of drugs this guy just lost him and his family are as good as dead. Probably thought if he died by the police the drug lords would spare his family. These drugs are not produced in America I can tell you that right now. If you grew up in America not Mexico you have never seen the horrible shit I have.

  13. Sad that he would rather die than face the consequences of this tyrannical bull crap organization that rules his life. I pray for the day the cartels get taken down hard and heavy.

  14. this was bad police work. If you're too scared to wait until you see a weapon, you shouldn't be a cop. You are praised for taking a minor risk. Not being pussies.

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