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Longer Body Cam (7 minutes) was released that bring more lights on what happened.
If you already seen it, Only the 7 minutes body cam footage is different.
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The Phoenix Police Department has released a Critical Incident Briefing video from an officer-involved shooting at an apartment complex near Desert Foothills Parkway and Chandler Boulevard in Ahwatukee.

The May 21, 2020 incident claimed the life of 40-year-old Ryan Whitaker.

The incident began around 10:18 p.m., when the Phoenix Police Department received a domestic violence call at the apartment complex. According to the 911 call, a woman and a man, later identified as 40-year-old Ryan Whitaker, were involved in an argument.

“I have a domestic dispute going on,” the caller told 911 dispatch. “I can tell they’re just at each other’s throats down there.”

As the first two officers were arriving on scene, a second 911 call was received at approximately 10:44 p.m., indicating the incident had become a physical altercation and the call was upgraded to an emergency response.

“It’s getting really loud and they’ve been doing it for the last hour,” the same caller told 911. “These guys have been noisy constantly. Every time I come back, these guys are noisier than hell. Always fightin’. I hear slamming of doors. I don’t know. Somebody could be getting’ thrown into a door for all I know. But I hear all kinds of banging.”

The information was relayed to the responding officers. The first two officers arrived at the apartment at approximately 10:52 p.m. Both officers were wearing body worn cameras. The two officers approached the apartment door. The first officer knocked on the apartment door and announced themselves as Phoenix Police. He then stood next to a wall on the left side of the door. The second officer stood to the right side of the door.

Shortly after the officer knocked on the door, Whitaker opened the door armed with a handgun, and stepped out of the apartment towards the officer on the left side of the door.

Believing the other officer is in immediate danger, the second officer fired his weapon, striking Whitaker. Whitaker did not fire his weapon, which was recovered in the doorway. This entire encounter between the officers and Whitaker lasted just seconds.

Ryan Whitaker was pronounced dead on the scene. No one else was injured.

Conclusions about whether the actions of the officers are consistent with department policy and the law will not be made until all facts are known and the investigation is complete.

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45 thoughts on “LONGER Body Cam: Officer Fatal Shooting of Man Respond to the Door with A Gun Phoenix PD May 21 2020”
  1. just looked it up, the family got a 3 million dollar payout in compensation and chose to not pursue criminal charges. Im not sure how I feel about that but it seem his life did have a value, 3 Million.

  2. From all the videos I have seen on this channel, I can say 99% of the shootings are justified. However this one belongs to that 1% category I don't think is justified. This man was trying to surrender, 100% no doubt about it. Of course the police officers don't take chances these days because let's be honest, you never know what someone is up to, like the traffic stop where officer Darian Jarrot was shot and killed with an AR-like firearm.

  3. I will always back the blue, but this was a very bad OIS. At no time in split seconds did he ever raise or point the weapon at the officers, in fact his movements clearly showed surrendering jesters and discarding the weapon into his own apartment. I backed them (Phx PD) when they unloaded on my nephew which was justified as hard breaking as that was, but this I don't see it the same way. Sure there's gona be a lot shoulda, coulda & woulda, but that's just my observation. Peace out!

  4. THIS is STUPID… He should HAVE not COME to DOOR with a GUN… KNOWING it's the POLICE… DUMB knowing how TRIGGER HAPPY… COPS are these DAYS! 😡

  5. Dude swung that Door open with his Gun in hand, like he was on a mission, i wonder who he expected it to be.

  6. Crazy. These white cops shot and killed a white man. What happened to white privilege? Is CNN lying to me? All sarcasm aside, that was a terrible OIS. The guy put one hand up and reached down to put the gun on the ground with the other. Clearly did not realize it was the police. That neighbor who claimed there was violence involved is complicit in that mans death. Very sad.

  7. Trigger happy cops should be held accountable like anyone else. The waybhe describes his fuck up is like he ran a red light. "Blue lives matter" and apparently those are the only lives that matter to these idiots. "Protect and serve".. lol

  8. So it wasn't physical, and the caller said "Yeah, sure. Whatever makes them come out faster" and someone got killed. If police hadn't showed up, it would have been an argument between a couple and that's be it. Cops escalate the situations just with their presence. Man was dropping the fun and they still shot. What a bunch of pieces of shit.

  9. Worst police shooting I’ve ever seen. How is the country not up in arms over this? Oh because the guy was white that’s why. Those cops are garbage. Guy was going to his knees with his hands going up and he was surrendering.

  10. That stupid neighbor got that man killed. What a dick hole. "I could say its physical if that will get somebody here sooner"…wtf?

  11. NO-NO-NO, he shouldn't have burst out with a gun and if he realized it was the police he should have dropped it and raised his hands. He thought it was a nosy neighbor and was prepared to kill them. Offender: 0/10, Cops: 10/10

  12. The dispatcher sucks. First he leads the caller, who by the way said "building 12" . The officer mention dispatch telling him caller just said yes to all the questions.

  13. The guy was blinded by the flashlight and once it went off his face he seen the police and back down and went to put his hands up. He just didn't realize the other officer was behind him. Tragic. Hopefully that neighbor never gets another peaceful night of rest.

  14. Everyone talking about him dropping the gun, but how come nobody is talking about how they did not perform cpr or medical aid to the man they just murdered.

  15. Not that I want to see anybody on the ground bloody and fighting for their lives, but why is it that you block out or pixelate the image of most white people after shooting them, but you show a full-length, extended, gory replay of black people who get murdered?! The scene even fades to pitch black immediately after shooting whites, but, again, it goes on and on in heavy rotation when it's blacks! Just show each video in its entirety minus the edits to those you favor! 🙄

  16. why was the guy making grunting noises after he was shot? Other than that, these police officers should be fired and sued. the male suspect was clearly leaning back to put his firearm on the ground, and that is exactly when the other officer shot him in the back. tbh that officer that shot his service pistol should be shunned and hanged. The other one should just be sued and give up his badge.

  17. I dont think this is justified. The man noticed it was the police and put his hand up and got down to the ground and appeared to be surrendering his firearm and then he gets shot. If they were playing video games then there is no way he heard the officer announce himself.

  18. I hope their neighbor is never able to sleep without hearing those gunshots and and the screams of his girlfriend

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